My Wrongful Arrest

Hamilton Ayuk

Ladies and gentlemen,

Since many people still keep asking me why my mugshot is on the internet, even though it has been more than 2 years (August 20, 2010) that I was wrongfully arrested , I am taking the pain to satisfy their  curiosity. For those of you who felt betrayed and disappointed, I will plead with you to hold your fire. First and foremost, being arrested does not translate to guilt. In addition, even if convicted, it does not in all cases mean guilt still as we have seen many people wrongfully convicted.
 I was wrongfully arrested on August 30, 2010 and transferred to another county: Fulton county.  The warrant did not have my name on it. It was a bench warrant for




, BK, 12-FEB-1964, EYE: BR, HAIR: BK



They said that Mr. Ayiam made a wrong U-Turn, drove without a license and without insurance. 

I just don't understand how the police looking for someone who is 6.4 will mistakenly arrest another person who is 5.9, if it is not bias and prejudice. Looking at the pictures, it is without a doubt that Mr Ayiam (picture below) does not possess my handsomeness, so there should not have been any mistake. Look at his oversize head!  

Furthermore, take for instance, the driving with no license could not apply to me because I had a valid Georgia license issued on 11/07/2006 which was to expire in 07/-/2016. I had my wallet and other particulars to clearly show that I was Hamilton Ayuk and not Ayiam Luke. To them, Ayiam and Ayuk look the same. I am not going to make a run around to get the picture removed . I know I cannot explain to everyone out there, but to those of you who read me, you should rest assured that it was a wrongful arrest.
Finally, the case was dismissed. Unfortunately, I have applied for them to remove it, but they seem to take all their time to do.

One thing you can be certain about is that I like for the photo to be there so that I can embarrass them to a level. Cobb and Fulton Counties which arrested and detained me are racist counties; otherwise, why would you keep someone for two days to ascertain their identity? Cobb held me for 2 days for Fulton which also kept me for 2 days because according to them I was wanted. How many days would it take to compare fingerprints that they kept me for 4 days? They had previously arrested Mr. Ayiam a couple of times, so they had his biometrics and just had to compare them with mine. It was just the normal schadenfreude to lock up another negro. 

America has a very chronic gangrene; it is called racism!  It is sad that Racism is being buttressed by African Americans. I wrote to NAACP, but they did not even reply me. They merely kept my email address which they have been sending me useless mails. I told the little gatekeeper: Theodore Jackson (sheriff) that he is not different from me. He is merely a gatekeeper to the slave master. He can despise and ignore me as he wants. I will give them some time before I start to write to United Nations and every other embassy in this world to make sure that people know what is really in those counties.  

The church must lead the way of racism to abolish or at least make it an uncomfortable lifestyle. The younger generation and the non-Christian whites are building a country where people are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Travel anywhere in this country, the non-Christian whites will welcome or hire you first before the Christians, young white males will accept you before the older white males, and you will make friends with ten white girls in a non-Christian setting before you will make friends with half in a church. These “Southern Evangelicals, senior white males and upper income Protestants” are the people who do not want to let the past pass. Christianity upholds the dignity of all people; no matter the color of their skin. If you are a true Christian, you should too!
My arrest is a symbol of the blackman's meal in the so called America, the free country. It is Jim Croyism at its best! It is racism in its apogee. I have never been without a driver license and have never been illegal. Isn't this what churches should be fighting?

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