Saturday, February 28, 2009

Should Prophecies Have Definite Settings?

This lesson is in reply to Lucio's comment that challenged the prophecy of Samuel Percee on bases that he gives a definite setting. Actually the Bible teaches us to use dates and fixed time. That is why it is stated: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccl 3: 1). I want you to take time and read this verse again “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only” (Mt 24:26). While we may not know the day and hour we could know the seasons (Mt 24:32-33).

Abraham had a son at the fixed time that God had spoken to him (Gen 21:2). Moses prophesied unto Pharaoh: “..To morrow the LORD shall do this thing in the land” (Ex 9:5). Tomorrow connotes a fixed timeline. Here is another example: ““Behold, to morrow about this time I will cause it to rain a very grievous hail, such as hath not been in Egypt since the foundation thereof even until now” (Ex 9:18). Elijah told the married woman of Shunem: “About this season, according to the time of life, thou shalt embrace a son. And the woman conceived, and bare a son at that season that Elisha had said unto her, according to the time of life” (2 Kings 4:16-17). That is a distinct time. It would have been preposterous or presumptuous for the angel, Moses and Elisha to prescribe precised periods in which their prophecies would be fulfilled, but when God is the one charging the prophet to say whatever they say, they have no worry because He watches over his word to fulfill it (Jer 1:12).

Now let us look at another exact prophecy again: “Then Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the LORD; Thus saith the LORD, To morrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria.. And it came to pass as the man of God had spoken to the king, saying, Two measures of barley for a shekel, and a measure of fine flour for a shekel, shall be to morrow about this time in the gate of Samaria (2 Kings 7:1; 18).

Actually, prophecies where the prophets shy from giving approximate or definite time could actually be the false prophecies. I think that you should take time and reread the Bible fully so that you will be abreast with its content. The fact that there are no more précised prophecies today should worry the Christians than bolster their unbelief that only false prophets give precise time. There are many examples of time specific prophecies like that of Daniel (Dan 9:25). Habakkuk endorses the idea that God does not give prophecies with indefinite settings(Hab 2:3).

When the Bible says: “Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth” (Prov 27:1), it simply means we should not brag about our future plans because though a man proposes in his heart it is God who disposes (Prov 16:9). Who knows if you will be healthy next year to build the new house as you planned? God alone knows for you could incur a stroke and stay homebound.

One other thing to take note is that if the time was indefinite the incident was clear from the onset like the case of Aqabus and Paul. Agabus had already prophesied almost like Samuel Percee that there was going to be great dearth which came to pass during the days of Ceasar (Act 11:28-30). Since it was not a prophecy to send them away from God the disciples rather prepared to send succor to those areas. Later Agabus came down from Judea to meet them in Philip’s house at Caesarea. He took Paul’s belt and bound his hands and feet, and said: “Thus saith the Holy Ghost, So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owneth this girdle, and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles” (Act 21:11). That was definite and precised.

Christians who hear about a prophecy of doom and start to deny it are actually carnal Christians who fear prayers. There is nothing bad in taking extra precautions if threats are made against your life.

Until then, indefinite prophecies should worry us most.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

True Friendship

My friend asked me to write a story on true friendship and I felt the best one would be about my best friend and I. We met in Full Gospel Tsinga church, solidified our friendship while in CLUC and living together. When my term in A2 Ngoa Ekelle hostel was up, I moved to Bonamoussadi to join him. Coming I brought along another friend Njoh Divine (who is now a pastor too). We (especially Divine) disagreed 90% of the time on doctrinal issues.
Other than our doctrinal differences we never had problems. There was an entente that we would close our ears to rumors and slanders about us. Envious people who knew we were like bone and marrow did not like that. I was a leader in church and both of them were not. I was a young leader; in fact the youngest of all the deacons and elders in those days. My detractors felt that they could use him as a bridge to the youths to dwindle my influence. But he refused to be cowered into being a turncoat. Each time they made their bundles of fabrications to him our friendship bailed me out. Take note: constant communication was our secret. He and I went to the field to pray every morning and other youths later joined us. The gendarmes picked us up twice while interceding there. Our greatest yearning was to trust each other always.
Benjamin is stooping beside me on the left front row with one leg in the hole. I am stnding by his side with a blue pant during one of our university leaders' retreat.
When he graduated from Ngoa Ekele, he went home to live as a farmer because he could not find work. It broke my heart! The day I was preaching, I rebuked the church for neglecting young people like him. An Elder: Claude Tchamda volunteered to help me financially too. Immediately I cashed in on my first job, I took the salary and went to bring him back. I did not tell him I was coming and had never been to his village before. I bought a bag of salt and carried some other necessary things that his mother will need when he left for the city. We then left for the city but not as Absalom Kumalo.
He buoyed my confidence as a trustworthy friend who defended me in truth though we had philosophical differences when I fantasized having him back in town. He was very faithful. His village does not have a motorable road so one would have to walk for at least three hours. You caught a car from Yaoundé to Bot Makak. Then you walked to Mbonde: his village. I asked the driver and he told me that it was just a stone throw. I did not know it was an understatement. After Bot Makak, I walked for one hour but did find the place. I asked the next villager who told me in French “C’est ne pas loin. Continue à marcher et des que tu traverse la petite rivière tu serais déjà la". By this time I was sweating from the weight of the salt and the other bags I had all over me. Villagers inquired whether I was going to pay the dowry because in their tradition one of the things you need to knock the door of a lady’s parents is a bag of salt. I told them I was going to see a friend who lives in Mbonde. Darkness threatened and the rain menaced. Don’t we say if you carry salt don’t walk under the rain? So I prayed and asked God to hold the rains until I reached. Then I increased my pace.
On arrival, he had gone to the farm. I sat there and waited until he returned. Then I told him that I had come to take him back to town. He resisted that the city was hopeless without a job especially because he does not like to be fed. He prefers here as a farmer. You know he meant subsistence farming. His calling as a great pastor and excellent teacher had made me weep everyday. I felt bad losing him. I explained to him that he will go to school and become a pastor; that the church was going to support him.
I was already admitted in the Assemblies of God Bible School. I went to Jim Lemons: a friend and a great missionary that I highly respected. He admitted Benjamin though the initial stages the school was meant only for English speakers which exempted Benjamin as a French speaker. Our Church: Full Gospel Nsimeyong II had accepted to pay his tuition. A new dawn has begun for my friend.
So let me ask you this? Are you a friend that someone can count on? Can your friend leave you with his wife or her husband and still not feel threatened? Do you have a friend you really trust that you know what he can say behind your back? If Benjamin said anything behind my back it was just praise and nothing but praise. If there was something he did not agree he waited until we were going back home or at home then he said “mais pastor; toi même la tu as tort”. He will never join your adversaries to crucify you. Nunca! We never loaned each other anything. We gave to each other according to his or her needs. We did not really differentiate clothes if not of the fact that my clothes were a bit bigger for him. I could wear his and still look a bit descent but when he wore mine he was like a little squirrel.
When one of us is sick the other went to look for medicine. I was really sick in 1994 or 92 and so he and Divine carried me to the hospital. But the doctors refused to treat me because they could not buy a ticket. So they brought me back where he prepared some herbs until I recovered. That was the last time I ever went to the hospital because I was sick. He kept joking with me that this one that you are sleeping in bed all day means that fever is really beating you. We were always there for each other. We respected our appointments (I Sam 20:35).
After some time I left and came to the US. Benjamin continued and went to Togo where he graduated and pursued his graduate studies. He was strong in house work where I was really weak. But I knew how to make things happen. We visited Christians together, went to church together, ate together, and slept together (not the other type now). The day I was toppled from the University group while in Douala, I came, met him but he did not say a word. That is how confident he was about me. He knew that I will definitely face it so why worry to tell me. When I went to the meeting and they told me I laughed as we walked back home. He told me I told them that that man would not even bother about it. Indeed, I did not. If you came to the house to ask for a favor he knew what I will do and what I could not do. At times he spoke my heart in my absence. We went to help Christians with their farms together. Today he is married with children and a great district pastor with the Full Gospel Mission. Please meet my humble and trustworthy friend: Benjamin Noumba.
In this picture is Alain, Benjamin (white shirt) and myself (blue suit)

Don’t worry that you don’t agree in everything. Even if you were born in the same house you will never agree 100%? Do you have a true friend: one that you know can put their life in jeopardy for you? If not then you can start by having Jesus: a trust and faithful friend. He will teach you what true friendship is. If you are a Christian but are allergic to faithfulness then you should ask God for the fruit of the spirit. One of them is actually faithfulness.
Until then, be a faithful friend.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Tales of Georges Kelong and Vandoline Mbeng

Mr. Kelong Georges Pontwe is the name which made rounds in Cameroonian and African internet forums for spreading HIV/AIDS to ladies and especially to one: Vandoline Mbeng. When my ears came in contact with the story, my heart had questions. I interpreted it as an irate girl that wanted requital because she was dumped. Vandoline like Ishtar sought revenge on Kelong Georges: a CRTV journalist for turning down her love advances. She is out to destroy him if she cannot at least destroy his home. Kelong took time to narrate the genesis of his embarrassment. Kelong in his plaidorie alluded to Mrs. Kometa Marcelline Gitinyui (237-77 4- 98082): a biology teacher at LBA Yaoundé Cameroon as having insulted him for sleeping with the younger sister. They colluded with Earliness, Gitinyuy, Keeye Timothy Mbombo to sabotage his marriage with internet libel that he was HIV Santa Claus.

The humming of the waterfall is the only way it proves to its vilifiers that it is not dead. Kelong then fought back in grand style by providing his HIV test for 2009 which exonerates him. So if he is negative how did he distribute HIV to more than 89 women and that Vandoline Mbeng was the latest victim?

It is schadenfreude when single people fall in love with married people; worst still with kids. Vandoline Mbeng knew well that Georges was married with kids, yet she felt it was the only straw she could sip ambrosia from. Just by imbibing the nectar of a married man destroys her entire credibility that her positive HIV test comes from Kelong because there is no guarantee that the latter was the only man to the guest table. Knowing that Kelong was working at CRTV, it is cynical that he will boast that she was the 90th victim.

The phrase “Welcome to my world” is a mythical story of a guy who slept with ladies and wrote on their mirrors ‘Welcome to my World’ after infecting them with HIV. If it was true that Kelong had infested her and she wanted to retaliate, then she was doing a great disfavor to herself because vengeance belongs to God.

Furthermore, her plea to the traditional hierarchy to intervene seems to create some exclusive powers for the traditional leadership. That approach may lack sufficient checks and balances because the Fon, Lamida or Chief may become autocratic and episcopalian.

Vandoline claims that her life is finished when she contacted HIV. Your life is not finished just because you contract HIV. That is why it is expedient to test yourself regularly, so that you can enter into treatment earlier. Your life is finished if you sleep around like a dog and want the health of a cat. The truth about it is that one man cannot kill the entire world with HIV. Though HIV is a pandemic, it is not an epidemic. Therefore, people should refrain from equating HIV with Lucifer coming in person to live with us. What we should fear is the way we treat people when they reject us.

Nevertheless, a man cannot get wet without water touching him. It cannot be refuted that Kelong swam in Vandoline’s swimming pool, but it can be refuted that he is the author of her HIV because he is not positive. He is even lucky coming out negative after enjoying Vandoline's theobroma cacao!

This rigmarole reiterates our need to curb our appetite for quick condemnation based on canards. It is always advisable that after hearing an accusation, we weigh the facts and then make an equitable judgment. Most people are used to convicting without due process. Those who are quick to criticize and crucify others live a life of debauchery and think everyone else wears their pants. Outwardly they carry a sanctimonious banner that reads: “crucify him first and the evidence will come later” but inwardly they hear a voice: “let him that is without sin cast the first stone”.

Until then, Vandoline should learn how to take rejection.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Monday, February 23, 2009

I will be in Abeyance from Feb 28- May 31

Dear Readers,
Thank you all for reading and for all the questions you have always sent to me. I will be in abeyance in all my forums till the end of the month of May. In case you write me and I do not reply, do not think I have ignored you. Not at all; I am sorting out certain things and will be back very soon. However, if you have an urgent question don’t hesitate to send it my way. If I cannot reply I will ask any other person who can do that. My hibernation from forums starts Feb. 28 and ends May 31. There are many articles that you probably have not read in this blog. Please go through and check them out.
Until then, may the good Lord bless you.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Thursday, February 19, 2009


To get a better perspective and definition of the term Christian, I will make a study on Acts 11:16-26. The people they saw were preaching the Lord Jesus just as Jesus himself was doing while on earth, and many people believed and turned unto the Lord. When Barnabas too came, he exhorted them to cleave to the Lord; many people believed. The people were called Christians for behaving like Christ: preaching the gospel and exhorting multitudes to God. Consequently, a Christian is anyone who imitates Christ.

The passage does not show the characteristics of being a Christian. King Agrippa after hearing Paul’s plaidorie says that Paul had almost persuaded him to be a Christian (Acts 26:28). In his defense (Acts 26:1-32), Paul had explained what happens to them who want to imitate Christ; in short Christians. When you are called by Christ, you are called a minister and a witness. How are you called a witness on something you did not experience? It is through experience that you are able to mimic the originator. That means, you have had an encounter with Christ, and you will go to the gentiles (non Christians) to deliver them, open their eyes to turn them from darkness unto light. When their eyes will open to their sins, then they will confess with their mouths and believe in their hearts that God had raised Him from the dead. They will be cut away from the power of Satan unto God because they will be redeemed by the blood of the lamb through whom they receive forgiveness of sins. At that moment they receive the right and power to be called the children of God with rights to godly inheritance by faith.

That does not mean as a Christian we will always have everything 100%. That is why Peter says that: “Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf” (I Pet 4:16). This verse runs against those who say that Christ did not die for us to suffer. What is the Christian's suffering for the gospel? And indeed every Christian must suffer for the gospel because to imitate Christ’s righteousness entails a lot of suffering.

Going to church is part of imitating Christ because he went to the temple regularly (Lk 2:46; 19:47; 20:1). He did not go to church to show his ostentatious clothes or to look for blessings from the pastors. He went to church to minister. That is why people should go to church to assemble and exhort one another (Heb 10:25).

Looking at the way some people live, it would seem they are not imitating Christ. If you live like the devil then you are imitating Lucifer and not Christ, so you cannot be called a Christian, even if you go to church.

Until then God bless you brother.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Mamfe Ekok and Kribi Campo

This is what our parents go through everyday.

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

The Mystery Men and Women of our Forums

Most forums have more ghost writers than real writers. If people will be that insane in a place where nobody is pursuing them; how much more when they are being pursued? I know each of us has a little madness in him or her but there are those whose madness is a chronic disease. You do not fight a ghost writer; you place imprecation on him or her and time will tell. They write untruthful and damaging things that likeminded madmen and women like them believe with ease. Such is the inexplicable nature of humankind; always tilting towards the wrong side and the evil majority.
These mystery people have robbed most forums of sane discussions because reasonable people have been cowered. Look in most forums you have 2300 members but you see only perhaps 20 people who post regularly and 7 of them are ghost writers. That is about 0.6% of genuine participation. So how would any people advance?
Ghost writers are not only in Camnet; they are in every forum and every public place. But why does anyone want to have two images though? Why do you want people to say you are good meanwhile you are really bad? As I visit places like yahoo, AOL, MSN and see the discussions, I realized that there are terrible people out there who do not want to be known for who they are. They write mean things in private and secret and say kind things in public. They take pseudonyms and conceal a diabolical doppelganger.
A few of them I have figured out but do leave them for God to fight those battles. They operate in the shadow of their evil. How do you fight an invisible enemy? I will encourage the Christians to take their cases to God. I have made it as a principle no name no posting on my blog except when I know who posted because they do not want to register for an ID. After all when no one posts anything evil there is nothing to worry about. But if you post libelous information you should be bold enough to affix your useless name to it so that the law and others may deal with you sparingly.
The known mad people in our midst are sure of our mercy because we know they need help. But the unknown mad people may die without obtaining help because they did not reveal themselves. People easily revert to evils that they were caught in. And the Bible puts it this way: “the sin which doth so easily beset us” (Heb 12:1).
The way I talk and write; usually should not win me many friends. Surprisingly, I have many friends because every human being wants an honest person beside them. They want someone they know will not fear their forehead when dishing the truth to them and calling them to order. If I was a doctor people will say I do surgery without anesthesia. That is because the type of operation I do does not need anesthesia. Truth when diluted is a lie because while a lie needs brothers and sisters, truth does not. It does not need a walking stick for it can walk alone and complete its journey no matter how long it takes. Truth does not need a fork stick for it can stand alone in the heat of the moment.
Therefore, I want to encourage all to stand for something or be silent for nothing. But how do you stand for anything in a modern world without revealing who you are though? Perhaps you may say you do not want credit but the society needs decorum and probity though. You will never lose or lack friends; perhaps shallow ones because you speak the truth. It may be bitter like Nivaquine but since it cures, people will still drink it.
Until then, I adjure you all to be yourself at all times.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are You A Quitter or Go-Getter?

The Bible does not encourage Christians to be quitters. When you are faced with a disappointment stick in there; for even your mockers will sympathize with you. Always turn your disappointments into opportunities.
There was a young woman from Canada who was invited to sing the national anthem: Star Spangled Banner in a hockey game. She first forgot the lyrics to the song,went back, recollected herself and as she came out, she stumbled on the staircase.

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First she would have recognized that it was a one time opportunity for her not being American to be given the privilege to sing the American National Anthem in such a ceremony. She was not the first one to have botched the anthem neither would she be the last. She was not the first to fall neither would she be the last. She would have converted her disenchantments into serious blessings: a story of courage and persistence and next time who knows who might have invited her back for a bigger occasion.
If this young woman had finally taken out a paper from her pocket and sung the national anthem she would have been the heroine of the ceremony. But she allowed her drawback to reign over her. After all, there is no law that says you should not read the national anthem from a paper. After all, there is no law that says you should never fall? After all each and everyone of us has fallen once in their life since they were born.
On the contrary there was a young woman who was running a marathon. Close to the finish line she colapsed. But her determination to complete the race made her crawl to the finish line. Crawl to the finish line.

Why should you feel so disappointed that you want to give up your dream opportunity? When you succeed in a trial like that you have taught others a lesson. Those trials that you overcome further the gospel, and the people in similar situations wax with confident and become bolder. You have just turned your disappointments into blessings.
My friends, learn to turn your disappointments into blessings. Stop carrying your problems on your head as if you are the only one with problems. Everyone has problems; they just don’t carry them for you to see. Rather than carry them on your head, convert them into beautiful staircases.
Until then, only stop when you achieve your objective.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Monday, February 16, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a man called Akikereh in the Ntenako Kingdom. The chief had sent the town-crier to inform the people that everyone should come and take yam heads from the palace for the planting season. Many people went, but Akikereh felt that it was belittling him as a man to go and take yam heads from the palace like a newcomer to the village. A law was passed in the village that when the harvest season comes, everyone will only eat what they planted. People planted a lot of yams. The harvest season too came, and they harvested a lot.
Akikereh did not have much to harvest. He was ashamed to even beg. His neighbors realized he was only getting thinner and thinner. More so, the chief had warned them that anyone that will give Akikereh food will be skinned alive, so he could not benefit from the largesse of the people. Hunting was not one of his skills; meanwhile, it was the last resort for him to survive. Akikereh starved until he died. Do you know people who are too proud to even help themselves?

Until then, beware too much pride will make you die a premature death.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Kefurungri and Nnemmemu

There was a man who had a knife that cut anything. The village every year competed for the best cutter. The winner will castrate his opponent. Bheyeiku won many competitions in the village and everyone sang his praise. He walked and drummed his chest in the market square where he nicknamed himself Kefurungri (meaning; never forgive). When he won, he castrated his opponent there and there.

He had won and castrated many men. On the day he was beating a gentleman: Ntiso, his son stood by and saw his father humiliated. For the next three years, nobody wanted to challenge him because he has castrated one quarter of the men who challenged him. Ntiso’s son: Nnememu made up his mind to avenge the humiliation of his father. Even a weak child will always seek revenge when the father is humiliated in front of him. Ntiso's son made a cutlass that could cut on both sides. Beware how you humiliate the weak; Jehovah Nissi; the Lord their fighter will avenge their loss.

He challenged the village hero. A day was set for the competition. People came from all corners of the village, including neighboring villages. The drums of the young men vibrated every corner of the village. The women with makandi gyrated them, and the young girls danced and shook their breasts. This was once a year event that you missed or you died.

Nnememu was present when his father lost; his cutlass quickly got blunted and so could not more cut until the champion quickly cut the log into two. He saw the blood from his father’s manhood spill to the floor. This time he was ready for his opponent. Those who win and castrate others should know that one day they will lose and will be castrated too.

The signal was given and they began to cut. They cut the first log, cut the second and cut the third. Usually by the third log, the opponent’s cutlass will dull, and  Kefurungri will cut the last log. This time around, they went to the sixth and on the seventh his cutlass could no more cut anything. Each time he hit the wood, his machete bounced back at him. At this time, Nnememu had turned the side of his cutlass and then began to cut as if it was his first log. To the surprise of everyone,  Kefurungri surrendered and laid with his back so he could be castrated. Nnememu has won and avenged the humiliating loss of his father’s manhood. Unlike Kefurungri, he decided to take only one of his testicles out just so he teaches him a lesson. When you win beware how you jubilate for everyone who enters a competition will one day lose.

Until then, treat even your opponents with kindness for you may need kindness too one day.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts, the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk).
"If a goat runs from the owner’s leash, it will be tied by the council in a market square." Hamilton Ayuk).

Doctors and Pastors are Different.

“If you were to visit one or more Doctors for a diagnosis, they will all give you the same assessment of a medical condition. However, why is it that when you meet with Pastors for their religious opinions, they will all most likely give you different answers”?

Firstly, that is not true because before our very eyes during the late Fuh Bright saga, we saw different doctors give different opinions. In many cases, we have seen different doctors give different opinions on the same patient.
Secondly, the reason why it would be easier for doctors to give the same opinion on the same patient rather than pastors is because doctors all will base their interpretation of the patient’s condition on a given procedure that if followed properly should end up with the same result though the treatment will differ.
The pastors do not have a given set of procedures like tests, scans, patient’s reactions and background. The pastor must have the gift or office of prophecy to utter prophecies. Concerning the interpretation of a text, every pastor must use hermeneutics, including prayers to give a proper interpretation. Notwithstanding, there is bound to be different interpretation in our daily interactions because we know in apart. If all of them know the same thing, then they know in full, and that will eliminate the prospects of mistakes. Consequently, the manner of operation of pastors is quite different from doctors.

Until then, stay blessed.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Foreigner After 20 years in America?

You always hear some foreigners say they will be going back because this is not their place. I am still waiting for most of them to go back to no avail. All of a sudden they hear that Obama is now president they claim it is African victory. If he had been evading taxes, trying to steal people’s social security and others then by now he will be in the doghouse rather than the White House.
Foreigners always say they want to go back home. When you look at it, some of them have lived out for more than 30 years. Let me ask you this: what are you going to do back in Africa at 65? An advice to a friend: don’t go; you will die before your time because you no va born; na soso ndutu for kondre. Look; you have nothing at home and here you live in a borrowed mansion and drive borrowed cars. For kondre na money for hand, back for grong. How do you want to go back like a church rat?
Those who live on credit card fraud are now on the run. The ones who buy cars, pretend they are stolen and ship them with fraudulent particulars only to turn back and claim insurance will soon be caught. That is how some are building mansions but you do not see where they work or what they do.
Do you know why many young foreigners are flocking now into nursing home jobs? They want to go and steal the social security of old Americans. There are many Americans whose relatives have abandoned them. So those people in Nursing Homes taking care of them, file them in their taxes as people they take care for and others steal from their bank cards outrightly.
It baffles me that foreigners come from places they did not have opportunities and when they come, they refuse to better their lives. Did you realize that most foreigners file taxes with different children every year? How does a parent rotate children? If you refuse to pay taxes in a place like Africa one would understand that the tax money is not being used judiciously but here in America, there will be just no excuse for you to evade taxes. I know many of you tell me that Americans do it. Most of them have never lived out so they take their country for granted but you have lived out and can compare two places.
The sorry part of it all are the Christians. Why are you sponsoring a ministry in Cameroon when you cannot sponsor a ministry here where you live? Are there no poor people here? Are the poor people here not worth your evangelism? The prophets were preaching even in captivity. Preach in season and out of season. Take note of the synagogues and the temples. In the absence of the temples they used synagogues. If the lion cannot find meat it should eat grass. Don’t cite me Ps 137:4: “How shall we sing the LORD'S song in a strange land”. No one brought you here on captivity; you came here on your own and so you have the choice to integrate or run back home. Settle down, buy a farm and start to farm. This is your home. This is where your wife and children live. Yes, they live here!
One day a friend asked me to make a contribution. I told him that I have made up my mind to help some Americans. He asked me: “why do you spend money on those people”. Listen to that: on those people. As if those are not God’s creatures. It is a mistake for anyone to think their culture is superior to others. Then he continues: “This is their country; if they don’t take care of their own people why should you”. I felt sorry a Christian should be talking like the non Christians.
Sometimes you see a brother in a church where he has been there for five years. Then he tells you one day that he is going home to marry because you know these girls do not stay in a marriage. So you may be going to the wrong church then. If you go to a church and cannot trust the people fully then you are in the wrong place; get another place. But if you call it your church and call them brothers and sisters then you should be ready to marry their men or their women.
We must escape from this escapism or this existentialist behavior. We cannot keep being strangers in America for more than 20 years. If you do not have anything at home that you can fall back on then you should quit from saying you are going back home. Listen again; this is a friendly advice; if you dare it, you will die before your time.
Until then, “do not envy those who build mansions for they may never live in them.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Is God Against Fornication? Part 2.

In your entire screed reacting to my article: “Is God Against Fornication ” you made three contentions that I will briefly treat here.

The first is that the Bible is not infallible and outdated. Your explanation being that it was written for a certain people. I don’t know what your background is but in literature, one of the elements is setting. Setting could be immediate or cosmic but that does not affect the theme. That is why we still read The Canterbury Tales, Othello or Volpone. We do not read them because they were written in our time but simply because their themes transcend ages.

The message of the Bible transcends the culture of the Jews especially considering the case of the Ten Commandments. The law against murder is necessary today as it was in their days. The law against adultery is important as it was in their days. To append that God would have put fornication in our system if he wanted us to know that it was bad merely reveals the level of your debasement. If you have a conscience you will know that it is bad. If having a conscience you do not know it is bad then you now live by instincts. For that I feel really sorry. Your problem is that “you resent being told what to do”. No one is telling you what to do; we expose and you decide. The choice is yours to make.

Your second contention is your attempt to ridicule my claim that fornication makes victims. According to you there is nothing bad in remembering a delicious bowl of food. While food may end only with your body, sex goes deeper into your spirit. That is why sex is a spiritual exercise and not a physical one. To say that fornication only creates victims only if the sex was de facto and not de jure reveals your level of commitment in erotic relationships. If you have sex as a sign of your commitment in a relationship it sticks to your mind when the relationship breaks down. That is why women always remember the guy who disvirgins them. Theirs was not a rape; it was consensual. Yet they feel betrayed when the man leaves them for another woman. When you disvirgin a woman and then drop her like a mango from a tree, you make her look like a piece of toilet tissue. That is what makes her the victim.

Your third contention is based on misquotes of the Bible perhaps due to a lapse in memory or just plain ignorance of the Bible. Firstly, the Bible states well where the voice ordering Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac comes from (Gen 22:2). Your other misquotation was about Polygamy. There is no where in the Bible that the Bible unequivocally rejects polygamy . Furthermore, you claim the fruit that Adam and Eve ate was sex. Your support base is that it is widely accepted as a metaphor by better Bible scholars than me. That again proves that you do not read history. Just because a simple majority who slept on the wrong side of their beds are going astray does not mean the simple minority who slept on the right side of their beds must follow them.

It was generally accepted that the sun revolves around the earth. Galileo was alone in rejecting that theory. Years later, it has proven he was right. Secondly, when you recommended evolution as a source to unravel the beginning of man you again left many questions whether you know the processes in establishing anything as empirical in science. The weaknesses in Darwin’s Origin of Species are so glaring that he was pitied by his own professor.

Until then, have a great day.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Lord, My Womb Is Empty.

This lesson is for the many women I have known who though married have sought for a child to no avail. Some have had the raillery of society, and others of even their husbands who were supposed to protect and nurture them with love. Many have spent days and nights increasing their lauds and vespers to God, but they seem to have their prayers bounce back to them. Night and day they cry: “Lord my womb is empty”.

Many at times I have been baffled why God gives children to women who do not want them, but He does not give to those who want them. At times, I worry why some are having octuplets while others are unsuccessfully looking for merely one. I quiz myself how we will multiply and replenish the earth if women do not get pregnant. In this lesson, I will talk about women who were barren briefly and those who were barren for life. I hope this lesson lightens your spirit, oh woman seeking for a child!

Sarah; Abraham’s wife was barren (Gen 11:30). It worried Abram the husband too that she was getting old without a child. He even slept with their amah to get pregnant, but God insisted he will have his own son. Sometimes we consider our situations hopeless especially when the woman has passed her period that we laugh at promises like Sarah did (Gen 18:11-15). God does not fail in his promises that at the appointed time Sarah had a baby at 90 (Gen 21:2). The Bible says it was by faith (Heb 11:11). My sister, keep hoping!

The second woman that was barren briefly was Rebekah: Isaac’s wife (Gen 25:21). One thing strikes me though; in both of these cases their husbands stood with them. They (husbands) entreated the Lord even more while their wives did the crying. In most male chauvinistic societies, the woman bears all the blame and ignominy even when the man is the impotent one. These are difficult times for the woman, so they need more support than blame from their husbands.

The third case was that of Rachel: Jacob’s wife (Gen 29:31). At times God closes those wombs so that he can commandeer love for others. Perhaps you did not like other people’s kids and God wants you to learn how to love the children of others. But God shut Rachel’s womb. Sometimes if a woman cannot conceive, she envies those who can (Gen 30:1). Others nag their husbands for children day and night (Gen 30:1). Rachel later conceived (Gen 30:22-24). The children that women who have struggled to give birth born end up being stories of hope to humanity like Joseph.

Mrs. Manoah was barren (Judges 13:2-3), and the man entreated the Lord (Judges 13:8). Again your wife’s barrenness is not her problem alone; it is yours both. Finally, the woman bore a son (Judges 13:24). He grew up to be Samson, the warrior! I told you children barren women give birth are usually the Hercules of the society.

The fifth case was Hannah (I Sam 1:5). Her adversary provoked her for being childless that she resorted to crying and starving herself. She took her bitterness to the priest; God’s representative. Cast all your cares unto God for he cares for you. At the appointed time, she had a child (I Sam 1:20). If you are not dead, please have hope.

The sixth case is the woman who had a very old husband who could not get her pregnant. Her kindness made the prophet intervene for her, and she later conceived (2 Kings 4: 8-17). Is your husband too old to fertilize your eggs; count on God. Impossible things to man are possible to God (Lk 18:27).

The seventh case was Elisabeth: the wife of Zechariah the priest who was barren (Lk 1:5-7). Note the emphasis that they were both righteous. That means barrenness is not synonymous to being sinful. So stop asking God what you have done that He does not want to give you children. Did you realize that women who are single have children? Thus, they are living in fornication. If children were based on righteousness, then they would not have because God is against fornication. But the ways of God are always strange! Although Zachariah was already an old man (Lk 1:18), the Lord gave them a child called John (Lk 1:57-63).

Nevertheless, there were other women in the Bible who though married died without having children. The first case was Michal: King Saul’s daughter and King David’s wife (2 Sam 6:20-23).

Therefore, there are a few things to remember. God is the one who gives children (Gen 4:1; Ps 127:3). People could take sperms and fuse them to fertilize the eggs but if God does not give his blessing, they will come to naught. God can make a barren woman the mother of children again (Ps 113:9). God has promised your wife will be fruitful (Ps 128:3). Count on Him as I adapt Isaiah’s  promise 54:1-14:

Sing, O barren woman, you that has no child; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, says the LORD. For you are not desolate; be not ashamed or confounded. Forget the shame of your childlessness and don’t remember the reproach of your barrenness. For your Maker is your husband.
For the LORD has called you as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth. For though God has hid his face in a brief moment from you with everlasting kindness will He have mercy on you. For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but His kindness shall not depart from you, neither shall the covenant of His peace be removed, says the LORD that has mercy on you.
O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, He will lay your stones with fair colors, and lay you foundations with sapphires. In righteousness will you be established: you will be far from oppression; for you will not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee.

It is also important to remember that you did not get married for children. Marriage has at least three purposes. The primordial one is for a helpmeet or companion (Gen 2:20); in other words to tampon loneliness. Secondly, it is a medium to fulfill the sanction of multiplication (Gen 1:28). Lastly, a means to avoid fornication (I Cor. 7:1-2). If you do not have children, my sister, be happy you have the other two. We will not always have everything that we want. That is how life is!

Until then, weep no more for God sees your tears.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pastor Massock Predicts Occult Initiation

Rev Emmanuel Massock predicted that on February 11 many children will be initiated into sorcery by way of goodies and candies. When anyone hears a prophecy like this they have nothing to loose to follow the recommendation to fight against it. After all, the only prophecies that true children of God should resist are those that want to take people away from God (Deut 13:1-4).
Listen: we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Therefore, anything like this should cause the lauds and vespers of Christians to increase. After all; it is not a bad thing to pray much.
Each time someone tells me a bad dream that concerns me I do not fear nor do I dismiss it. I just go deep into prayers and resist it and then decree a better destiny.
Why should a prophecy like this sow confusion in families? It should not. Rather it should draw people closer to God. Those who hear about impending danger and run to the devil were already for the devil anyway. That is just an occasion for them to fulfill their long yearned desire.
The prophecy may not be false because the devil does not use strange means to entice people. He always comes as an agent of light (2 Cor 11:14) to seduce the weak.
If God be for us who can be against us? So why should a prophecy that foretells danger bother us? It should bother the non Christians who have nowhere to hide. For God who protects us is stronger than the devil who attacks us. So fear not.
Nonetheless, it is presumptuous and naïve to dismiss any prophecy simply because it predicts doom. What if it is true? Like a sleeping sentinel we will be caught off guard and taken into captivity.
Rev Massock is not asking the people of Cameron to go after other gods; he is asking them to increase their prayer life. So what makes the fuss? As a matter of faith Christians should even seize opportunities like this to pray and not faint.

Until then, beware sentinel; always be watchful!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk).

The Prophecy of Samuel Percee

“Rev, did you read this? What do you think about it"?
Paraphrased Prophecy
First Phase: I saw blood flow in the direction of Cameroon. The prophet foretells of impending doom like a war where there will be blood shed from people killing each other. The prophet gives the number that will perish: 2,700,000 people. And he states that the war will be in three years. The Lord tells him that if the people will covert the same number into the lord he will spare them the bloodshed.
Second Phase: on the 26th of December 2008 he saw a huge wind like a three storey building coming with great force. He saw Cameroon like a ball engulfed in red flames. This smoke had the form of a human being; the form of a man that was alive.

First the practice of God speaking to his prophets is still practical today as it is confirmed in the Bible. The start time is not clearly determined but that it is very near. A prophecy could have three phases: immediate, in the nearest future and in extended future. The immediate fulfillment would deal with the setting of the prophet, the nearest with the coming of Jesus and extended in our days. For example some prophecies of Isaiah got fulfilled during his days, in the days of Jesus and in our days.
The prophet claims that out of 23 millions inhabitants of Cameroon only 500,000 are born again. This is not the first time God gives numbers of those who are his real worshippers. When Elijah complained that he was the only true prophet who had not bowed down to Baal, God told him that there were still seven thousand (7000) left who have not done that (I kgs 19:18).
The alleged request of the lord for 2,700,000 converts for him not to rain the country with bloodshed worries many. While it sounds doubtful, it too is not a strange phenomenon. During the bargain incident between God and Abraham for the salvation of Sodom and Gomorrah, God requested for 50 righteous for him not to destroy the place. But they did not reach that number. The number was reduced to ten (10) yet they weren’t. So the Lord rained the place with fire (Gen 18:23-19: 24).
The greatest question is why does the Lord destroy the righteous with the wicked? Why did God allow Cain to kill Abel (righteous man; Mt 23:35) in his watchful eyes? God does not intervene all the time in the affairs of the earth that is why he has set a time of judgment for everyone’s action. More so, God does not worry about the death of the righteous because they go to a better place. Furthermore, the righteous are still on earth so they will face the consequences that come on earth.
Nonetheless, in precarious situations, to find the meaning of a prophecy we should do two things: take it to the lord in prayer like Daniel did when he could not understand a dream (Dn 2:17-18), and leave it into the hands of God. If it does not fulfill it does not hurt anyone after all it motivates people to evangelize. But if we fight it and it happens to be truly from God we may see ourselves fighting against God (Acts 5:38-39). Just remember that God always uses bloodshed because that is the only message the wicked understand easily (Is 26:9).
Until then, men ought always to pray and not faint.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep"(Hamilton Ayuk).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is God Against Fornication?

In the Old Testament the word fornication transliterated as /zä•nä / meant illicit sex. That included prostitution, adultery, playing the harlot and unfaithfulness to God in its figurative sense. In the New Testament (NT), it was the term indirectly applied to illicit sex (Mt 5:32; Jn 8:41; Acts 15:20, Rom 1:29.). In the NT again, it was closely related only to incest and adultery (I Cor 5:1). Paul clarifies the picture of fornication in I Cor 10:8 by alluding to the Baalpeor Incident (Num 25:1-9); an incident in which Israelite men slept indiscriminately with Moabite women. Thus fornication is the sum total of illicit sex. Nevertheless, in its closed context, it will seem to mean sex between two unmarried people.


It is difficult to prove fornication as sex between unmarried people in the Bible. But when you peruse the word in its entirety, it is easy to see that God is against it. The first passage that deals with premarital sex or fornication directly is Exodus 22:16-17. The passage alleges that; if a man entices a woman who was not taken by another man he should marry her. Thus it does not condemn it as a sin but regards it as a prelude to marriage. This may infer that sex should lead to marriage or be in marriage. Sex should not be for sex sake. If the father of the girl refused them from getting married then the man should pay some dowry. It was the same condition for rape. If a man raped a woman he was to marry her (Deut 22:28-29). That rather condemns premarital sex when used without consent and not premarital sex per se. If a woman who was to be married to another man was raped, the man was recommended for death penalty (Deut 22:25-28).

In Deut 21:13, the Bible gives an intrinsic presentation when it encourages the Israeli male to bring a female captive home, sleep with her and then make her his wife. If he does not like her then he sends her back to her parents. The passage is unambiguous considering the custom. Bringing the woman to live with him was already a fulfillment of marriage and thus sex could take place. The marriage that was to follow was the ceremony. Nowadays that may lead us to common law marriages and cohabitation .

When people commit fornication they know that it is abnormal to the society and themselves for sex is the knitting of the souls. It is rare to just forget those with whom one has had sex because sex is not a physical exercise; it is a spiritual exercise. It encompasses the knitting of the souls and spirit. That is why it was the bedrock in a marital covenant. Just like we need blood in the salvific covenant we need sex in the marriage covenant. If it is the basis of a marriage covenant then automatically it becomes wrong to have it before or out of marriage (covenant).

Different cultures and traditions do not accept premarital sex. It was not taught in any school; it was innate. If premarital sex or sex out of marriage was acceptable then we do not need anyone to convince us. Then traditions and cultures would not be learning it new. As you know, all cultures have myths and tales against premarital sex and it was rewarded as main requirement in a marriage resume for the to-be married pretendant.

Premarital sex is not a personal issue. The cock that crows belongs to the household but its crows belong to the neighborhood. That means, the wrong actions we make not only affect us but affect the society. Most at times the society is left to pay for the broken vases of our personal decisions.
It is a mistake to think that the Adam fruit or the fruit that Adam and Eve ate was sex. Though many pictures and caricatures portray the fruit as sex it was not. The first reason is that Eve took it from the Serpent, ate it and then gave part to the husband (Gen 3:6). Does a woman have sex first then give part to the husband later?

Secondly, it was not Adam who first ate the fruit. The Bible says that they were neither to eat it nor touch it (Gen 3:3). If it was sex since mankind has been eating and touching it then we will live forever. Yet you have heard stories of people who died in action.

The devil said the day that Adam and Eve will eat it, their eyes will be opened and they will become as God. Since mankind has been having sex have we ever become gods? He said man will not die. Don’t we die then even though we still have sex?

History has never held that Jesus had a girlfriend. There has never been any woman in the Bible as Mary Ann. It is good you said it is rumor; for rumor in most cases are not founded.

Therefore, whatever thing the Bible did not say did not happen and what the Bible condemns as bad is bad because the Bible is infallible and authentic.

Fornication is not victimless since either both doers or mostly the girl has it in her heart for a long time. There is really no such thing as private morality for what is bad in private is bad in public and what is bad in public is bad in private. Indeed if there was no sex, humanity will not be fulfilled but it must be done in the right way so that no one gets hurt.

The difference between human beings and animals is that man lives by reason while animals live by instincts. When animals live by instincts they fulfill the urges of their ego without impunity because they do not have a superego or conscience to regulate them. Humans know that you do not just have sex with anybody and anywhere.

Premarital sex gives a partial but not permanent joy because in most cases does not fulfill the three eternal needs of mankind: love, value and acceptance. Sex does not need professionalism; it needs those pillars that make you feel loved, that you are accepted as the one they want to live with all their life and that you mean something to them not as a spare tire or perhaps Budda Call . Those using their bodies for prostitution that has been embellished into a wonderful profession called sex workers Association are destroying their own bodies (I Cor 6:18; Gal 5:19-20; Jude 1:7). That is the worst abuse anyone should give their bodies.


God is against fornication or illicit sex (Eph 5:3; Col 3:5). People should abstain from fornication (I Thes. 4:3; Rev 2:20-21). If there are people who are cohabitating already they should get married for it is in marriage that we really learn each other and develop the survival skills to make our relationships work for life. I have added a part two (Is God against fornication part 2) to this question.

Until then, God is against fornication.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Should I divorce if my husband is beating me up?

This same concern always puts me in the middle because I have and have had closed friends and families suffer from physical abuse. But I still do not find any known example or suggestion thereof in the Bible that it is a reason for divorce. Some we have worked through the process of love and conquered but others we are still to overcome.

The first reason why anyone should divorce is if there was adultery (Mt 19:9). The people of ancient times to solve the problem of adultery created the Bill of Divorcement (Jer. 3:8). Ab initio divorce was not a recommendation to solve trouble pruned marriages. Moses introduced it (Mk 10:4) and Jesus explains that it is due to the hardiness of the people’s hearts. God initially wanted a man and a woman to marry and live together till the end of the world (Gen 2:24).

Abandonment is one of the reasons why a spouse is permitted to divorce (I Cor 7:14-15) because by abandoning your post you break the bond that existed via sex and thus you are considered dead (Rom 7:1-3). Since a covenant requires two living beings then the one who is alive is permitted to look for another partner for a new covenant. Immediately the methodology sets in.

A covenant is concomitant with the feelings of our souls. Palmer Robertson says: “a covenant is bond in blood sovereignly administered". If blood is the main requirement in a salvation covenant, sex is the one in a marital relationship and a covenant requires two living beings (Rom 7: 1-3) because God is a God of the living and not of the dead (Mt 22:32). Marriage is a covenant registered before God and must be upheld unfailingly. It is that established bond that binds the two mates as soulmates despite their shortcomings.

Marriage is a means to avoid fornication (I Cor. 7:1-2). God tells Hosea a prophet to marry Gomer (a prostitute) and then he warns him that she will be unfaithful to him (Hos 1:2). Gomer ran away but God saddled Hosea to go and redeem his adulterous wife (Hosea 3: 1-3). Note well; he does not talk here of divorce because marriage is a covenant and it is not broken as far as both covenantees are still alive.
The second case study is Ahab and Jezebel (I Kings 21:5-7). They came from different places (Israel and Zidon) but quickly knitted their souls together that one acted like the other. The Bible says he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord (Prov 18:22).

Therefore, since there is no such example or prescription to divorce if a marriage turns physically abusive I will stay within the known reasons. The human law was given to protect society. Therefore, one should exploit the provisions of the law if they are abused.

However though, physically abusive individuals could easily be converted to doves as they are made to see their evil with love. At times by involving the law they tend to plunge deeper in thinking they have already paid for their sins by the punishment of the law.

Until then, my prayers are with those in abusive relationships.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.
“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

Sunday, February 8, 2009


There was a Christian widow who lived in the kingdom of  Ntenako. She prayed and cried to God diurnally for all her trials and temptations. She counted on God to raise up her nine children. The family kept their noses to the grindstone thanks to the farms her late husband bequeathed them after he died. Then a villager who could buy any land in the village that he wanted came. He bribed the chief and quarter heads to a point where they were all blind to his avarice. He knew that the villagers were poor, so he exploited their poverty and bought their land. Some of the villagers had relatives abroad who came back and asked the man to return their land. He did not open his mouth; instead he brandished the contract and land title.

He has bought almost all land in the village, and it was now left for Mafunbdem’s arable land that was in the middle of the village. He sent the councilors to talk to her that her land was an eyesore to the beauty of the village. She will have to sell it or lose it. Slowly, most villagers realized that they were soon going to be strangers in their own village. The little children growing up had no land and will be forced to migrate out of the village or go deeper into neighbor’s land. Many of them were looking at Mafundem and wondering how she will resist the incontestable Sam Meghemeh. She will look up and say: “It is God who drives the flies on a tailless cow”.

The man engineered the village people to take Mafundem to court, but she won her case. The village tried to sabotage her, but they still didn’t succeed. The man decided he will take the land by force. Mafundem reminded the man that the rat must die if it insisted on eating groundnuts that is bottled and corked. The man was never daunted; rather it buoyed his courage to seize the land. Finally, they framed Mafumdem up for killing someone who fell and died from a palm tree in the bush besides Mafundem’s farm. She died a few months later in jail.

Sam Meghemeh decided to take the land with no challenge and built a wonderful and magnificent cocoa processing center. The man had seven children. The first went to play in a rainy day in a shallow gutter, and he drowned. The second went to the farm one day but did not come back and until today, no one has seen her. The third was sitting in front of their house when a black mamba came and bit him. By the time they made First Aid and take the child to Mamfe, the child had died. The fourth was playing soccer in the field when thunder and lightening struck, and he was the lone human casualty.

Rumors invaded the village that he was selling his kids to Nyungu to get rich. He denied and swore medicine to clear his name. Then the fifth was knocked down by a car in front of his door . On the day they were making her funeral, the side of the house where the last born was sleeping collapsed and killed her. His sixth child decided to hang himself because he could not take it all.

The divination juju: Obasinjom answered and invited the villagers to the town square. Obasinjom revealed to the villagers that Mafundem was merely framed for the death of Mbi Newen. Obasinjom told them that the widow’s force cannot be contained. That until he restituted the land or its equivalent, he will loose all; including his own life. The village chief was advised to call her children and ask for forgiveness.

It was a warning to all the Sam Meghemehs who seize things from the Mafundems just because they cannot defend themselves. The poor may not have someone physically behind them, but they have an invisible Ally with them. Those who keep looking for trouble against the innocent will someday meet their match. God makes the weak a rock that the storm, no matter how much dust it raises would not budge. This time around, Sam Meghemeh has met his match: God. Those who cry before God when they are attacked laugh before men even when they are long dead.

Until then, the law may not always defend the poor, but God will.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Noah's Ark

Builder of the modern Ark of Noah in its exact measurements.

Evil started to multiply on earth and the abomination of desolation sitting where it should not be. Even the giants that inhabited the earth during that time will not be able to safe themselves because God is stronger than the greatest earthly giant. In the midst of all this, there was a righteous man called Noah who found grace in the eyes of the Lord. God told him to tell his people that he will destroy the world and anyone who wants to save his soul should enter into the ark. In the course of building the ark, Noah invited people but they did not obey. He decided to enter only with his family. Finally God opened the windows and doors of heaven and water flooded the earth; consuming the lives of those who rejected the invitation to enter into the ark. His story is found in Gen 6:9-9:29.

Profile of Noah
“Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God” (Gen 6:9). He had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Noah was a great intercessor. We did not know about that until it is alluded in Ezek 14:14, 20. Indeed anyone faced with the alternatives of life and death must intercede to make the choice of life or encourage those on the highway of perdition to salvation. Noah was a man of faith (Heb 11:7) and because the just survive by faith (Hab 2:4). He did not know about a flood but when God told him he believed him. How much do we believe God? Do we even care what God says today or we do just what soothes our souls.

Noah’s Story and the lessons

God then told him to prepare an ark because he wanted to destroy the earth by a flood of water. Noah was to take seven kinds of animals, seven kinds of birds: male and female and lock themselves in the ark for seven days. All the animals lived in the same boat without eating each other foreshadowing the perfect coexistence as prophesied by Isaiah (Is 11:6-9). But until that time, though the lion and the sheep may lie together the sheep wouldn’t get much sleep.

After Noah and his sons: Shem, Ham, Japheth, and Noah's wife, and the three wives of his sons entered into the Ark, it rained forty days and forty nights. All other things not in the ark died. Though the ark was there but the children of Noah, their wives and Noah and his wife had to make an effort to enter into it. Same today; those who want to be saved must confess with their mouths and believe with their hearts that Jesus saves. The Ark plays the role of judgment and salvation.
Noah sent two birds: a raven and a dove to spy, come back and tell them the condition of the land. The ravens are very intelligent birds that coexist with human beings easily but also feed on dead things. The raven is so selfish that it does not even feed its young ones. If it went and did not come back then there were corpses to eat and thus the environment was not yet safe for Noah and his family. Notice that God does not give us a problem that does not have a solution. Your trials and temptations are mortgaged and subrogated by Jesus. Only lean on Him and ask: Master what should I do?

Exact Measurements of Noah's Ark built but a Carpenter

Unlike the raven, the doves care for their young. The dove is peaceful and clean and seeing the debris all over it would not find a place to land. Seeing water everywhere it will not land. It goes and then comes back later.
After the destruction by the flood the human race would start to replicate from the family of Noah. That is why God said to them: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (8:1). God kept his promise that he will no more destroy the world by the flood. He reiterated the same promise of Isaiah. Nonetheless, that does not peter out future destruction by fire or brimstone.

God now thinks about their feeding. So when God tells you to multiply or have a large family he knows how he will feed you. In this same passage God reiterates people multiplying and replenish the earth. I wonder why people are fighting against population explosion. Look at the living space that have not even been inhabited and will not even be till kingdom come. This same order indicts abortionists and family planning theorists who preach on curbing the population.

For Noah and his family to conquer the earth he must give them authority over other beats (8:2). How has the human being fallen that little things frighten us nowadays. Eating everything is a sign of authority. Some people cannot even stomach food from other places and they throw up. Then God establishes a rule against murder.
God being faithful establishes a covenant (Is 54:9). A covenant involves two people. Both are part of it as long as they are alive and they must fulfill the conditions.

To confirm he is into the covenant he draws the rainbow. Why does God use the rainbow as his sign for the covenant? The rainbow has seven colors whose visible half always starts from land and ends in the sea, thus, burying the invisible half under the waters. The number seven is the number of perfection. That means; his promises are perfect and his covenants are perfect. Yet again since we live in a physical world that looks so attractive and beautiful we may be tempted to remain on it. What about the invisible part of the world we do not see. Same with human beings: each has a dark and bright side. There is none that is perfect. Everything has its advantages ad disadvantages. It is the life beyond. What the rainbow symbolized was life beyond that mankind does not see. Indeed the Bible confirms that there is life beyond.

The Bible proceeds by telling us the genealogy of Noah. Do we even know our genealogy to the third generation? First cousins do not even know themselves. Families are so torn apart that one wonders if there is still family today. In the destruction cataclysm during the days of Noah one would see again that patient nature of God (I Pet 3:20). He waited as Noah made his plea to people so that they can come into the Ark. Water again unfolds the symbolism of death and salvation: death unto those who reject entering and life unto those who believe and enter. That means we do not perish because we are sinners but because even when offered the opportunity of salvation we still reject it.

Indeed just as God destroyed the old world of Noah he will destroy our world (2 Pet 2:5). But if we do repent of our sins and believe in Jesus we obtain salvation.
Until then, Jesus is the ark today we must enter to save ourselves; enter therein.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

Friday, February 6, 2009

To Manyu People and Southern Cameroonians

It is time for Cameroonians to call a spade a spade and leave this thing about Northwest and Southwest or SDF and CPDM or Francophone and Anglophone alone. That which drove the North westerners out also drove the South Westerners out. That which drove the Anglophones out is also driving the Francophones out. They all have a common enemy: bad governance. So this is not the time to leave the parliamentarians in their selfish stupor.
I had been in CPDM before and left. When I came to the US when Sesekou Joe Mbu was intending to run they asked us to help secure him votes. The question I asked was: “what are we going to gain in all of this”. That is when they told me that the party could accommodate our desire for dual citizenship. If for years nothing is said and done about it means that, the party does not really care about us. Now that is us in Diaspora.
Look at the Manyu people; how many years have they been crying for a road and what have they gotten? Nothing! Now look at Southern Cameroons and tell me what they have benefited from the Biya regime. Well, look around the whole country and tell me what the young people have benefited from the CPDM regime. Not a fly! If nothing has been done it simply means the party and government do not care about them. The question is: why are the Manyu people still in CPDM after all these years of empty promises and rhetoric?
People say well you are leaving the CPDM for which party: SDF? We are not obliged to stay in a political party. We are not condemned to live in the union if we are being neglected. When a child is neglected by the father it usually goes out to look for green pastures. Why are we still singing the same sad song of Mamfe has no roads for the past 25 years?
Manyu people, wake up, stop complaining that: “the Bamenda people are playing a game and Biya is developing their area”. By not joining CPDM does not mean we are joining SDF. When I hear people say that we need to vote CPDM for Biya to see us we make ourselves laughingstocks. We have been voting but he has never bothered anyway. We are like the little primary school kids who stood under the rain and sun; waiting and singing:
I saw Paul Biya in the New Country
He was riding in his car
He was riding in his limousine
In the name of Republic of Cameroon.
When Biya came the poor little kids did not even see him because he did not have their time. He stayed put in his limousine and did not even wave to recognize those miserable voices whose teachers have punished under those harsh conditions to sing for him.
Look, even little kids knew that British Cameroon was a new country and that has been like that hitherto. If not what explanation do you give why we do not have a road in Mamfe? What reason do you give for Akwaya not to even have a footpath? We are bilingual as a country but until now not every government document has English on it. Until now not every government official speaks English. Until today the English speakers are still being referred to as Biafra.

A Road to Mamfe

I really pity the Southern Cameroonians who sit and fight amongst themselves. The North Westerners say they want the post of prime minister and the south westerners say they want the same position. The Republic of Cameroon is no more practicing the Foumban constitution where the president and prime minister cannot come from the same language (French/English) area. Why can't a Southern Cameronian become the president? When we moved into the unitary state we annulled the Foumban constitution and when we reconverted to Republic we did away with the unitary state. Thus we have the tendency to live now as a Federal Republic but whose member states do not have a part to play. In every federation the member states are free to leave if the terms and treatment do not suit them. And for now, the terms and treatment that the Southern Cameroonians are receiving do not suit us as Manyu people and we must leave. Yes, we must leave!
Manyu people, we are closer to the Oguni people and so may learn a thing or two from them. They have forced Nigerian government and oil companies to think of them without minding who is licking the boots of the government for what reason. They have not obtained everything they wanted but they have moved a step forward. Why do Southern Cameroonians still allow oil to flow from Sonara while they do not benefit anything? Why do the Eyumojock people still allow timber companies to exploit their trees?
Nonetheless, we are wolves to ourselves. Look royalties are being paid to the council in Kembong for Timber. So why are there still schools in Eyumokock without benches? The Parliamentarian and Mayor are benefiting from it and leaving the people in cold. Eyumojock people rise up and challenge the Mayor and Parliamentarian. Why are you mortgaging the future of your kids into the hands of a few greedy people?
If a young man got up in the village to challenge the oppressor he will be betrayed by the very villagers for selfish reasons. And in the morning gendarmes will come to pick him up. Young people let me tell you this; it is better to live a day as a lion than a thousand days as a cockroach. Look at what the future holds for you and act accordingly. After all, to die slowly and painfully is worst than dieing fast and furious from bullets. Furthermore, death is a lottery everyone has won; you just need for your number to be picked. Therefore, fear not those who can kill your bodies and not your souls. Fear not those who oppress and repress you. Change is heralded all over the world. You better seize the opportunity and live or you do not and remain in your shackles and manacles forever.
Until then, long live the Manyu people, and long live Cameroon.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Nkwaimou was a local headmaster who was popularly known in his village and the proximate villages. Women sang his praises and men hoisted him to the level of a god. He was a smart and wise man; caring and understanding; never sparing an opportunity to do good pass him by. His 12 kids and wife of about 20 years said he was the same person both at home and outside. It was difficult to find a fault in him if you were not persnickety. Nkwaimou had debunked the usual notion that when you are married you do not visit people. On top of his choir master position he played the role of a true headmaster.
Early in the morning he rode his bike from the town where he lived to the village where he worked. Every child on that road knew him. He greeted youngsters like he greeted the dotards. If he was coming back from work and saw a woman struggling for anything he stopped by to help. If cars were stuck in mud he ordered the men around to provide succor. He was so close to the ladies of the village that many men thought he cuckolded them or perhaps was their Sancho.
Then out of a bleu moon, a child was brought to his house. He was a boy he got from another village when he was the headmaster. After all his other kids were grown up that some have gone to Britain on government scholarships and the other ones have migrated to town either to fend for themselves or patch up with their older ones.
Nkwaimou had an old bicycle that could carry him, an extra person and a goat behind. But the spokes of that bike were bent and so he gave it to a repairer who could not finish it on time. He decided to take the old one he was using before he bought the new one. With that one he could only carry a person or a goat on his back.
It was Wednesday: the market day of Ntenako: my town. This village has quickly grown into a town. There is a myth that the people of this village were semi gods; they never lost a single battle. Their enemies fear them not for their number but for their spiritual and mystical strength. Before Nkwaimou could go to work he will have to pass through Ntenako on the market day.
This is how Nkwaimou carried his son on his bicycle.
He was a hero and everyone knew him. When he reached Besongabang people began asking him: “Eh Nkwaimou, did you buy yourself a slave”? Then he will ask: “Why”? They question: “Why are you riding a bike while the boy is walking”? He will say: “what should I do; I am getting old. But this is my son that I got when I was headmaster from so and so village”. Then some villagers said: “But it is not fair that he should walk on foot. The distance is too far. By the way are you going to school?”
That bothered Nkwaimou a lot that before reaching Ntenako where everyone knew him as a hero, he asked the boy to climb on the bike while he walked. Immediately as people saw him, they shouted at the boy: “You small wizard, what is wrong with you that you let an old man like this walk on foot while you sit on a bike like a slave owner”? A female voice pierced through the crowd: “It is pure witchcraft in broad day light. These children are turning to monsters these days. Look, the old men are now slaves to the young ones”. Another one squealed: “If you don’t climb down now I will burst that elephant head of yours”. The boy’s occiput was like that of Enoma and Nchanga. It was long behind with a curve. Then he added a little slur: “Nyamfuka”! One woman who was selling her garri imputed: “you would have at least carried your father”. Then one known drunkard in town commented: “Ma Elisa, don’t you see that HM (headmaster as he was popularly known) is bigger than the boy. Do you want to kill the boy? Ok when you kill him give me only the head”. Finally, a little child said: “Make the papa carry the pikin noh; nobi na papa de get for carry pikin them”?
Nkwaimou decided to carry the boy on the back and pedal his bike. Just after Ntenako; entering Ndekwai is a small stream with a footbridge. While on the bike crossing the bridge they were frightened by a truck overloaded and overlapping with oranges and others that the inevitable happened. Nkwaimou slithered with the bike and both of them fell into the stream. Minutes later, young kids who were bathing down the stream saw blood and rushed to their shock. It was Nkwaimou and his son; they fell and gushed out their brains on ashlars that villagers have gathered. Nkwaimou was dead. The young people took their bodies to town.
The type of truck that frightened Nkwaimou.
Epilogue in the village holds that Nkwaimou died for trying to please everyone. Beware those who try to give happy meals to everyone; you cannot please everybody. There are some people who are unappeasable no matter what you do. The destiny of Nkwaimou is what holds for anyone who tries to please everybody. It is not everybody who matters to you. No matter how a radio is powerful it does not capture every station. Don’t over widen your antennas to hear everything people say about you; you may be digging your grave. Actually his name Nkwaimou means simpleton. Only Simpletons try to please everyone. So tell me: are you a Nkwaimou?
Until then, don’t be a Nkwaimou.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Obama's Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some"

Simply because Obama mentions other belief and non belief groups Christians think he is suppressing their faith. Well, America is not a religious state. The actions of the believers will spread Christianity faster and effectually than the legalism we try to implement. Anyone who is threatened by the faith of others is insecured. Insecurity is a sign of lack of faith. Whatever is not of faith is sin (Rom 14:23). Thus those who feel threatened because there are other people who believe differently from them are faithless.
One of my friends is a catholic and we do not believe the same. Yet we have been friends for at least 25 years without quarrelling over religion. Another one is from the same Pentecostal background but we do not believe the same. Yet we have been and are still very good friends for at least 5 years today. I lived with Muslims and we never had any skirmishes on religion. As a matter of fact Ali trusted me more then his fellow Muslims. I had his social security and driver license that I applied for jobs for him and read his legal writs against DFACS. When I asked him to go to his people he will tell me my wife trusts you a lot.
When people carry religion rather than God on their heads they get scared of other people who think differently. If God be for us who can be against us (Rom 8:31)? Live your life in a good way; if those around you see that your lifestyle is good for them they will take it. No one resists love.
There are many examples in the Bible that we should follow. The first is that of Gideon. When he was accused for destroying the temple of Baal, and that he should be killed, Joash the father of Gideon told them: why do you plead for Baal. If Baal is God let him defend himself (Judges 6:28-32). Shouldn’t we let God deal with those who blaspheme his name?
The second example is that of Gamaliel when the disciples were accused of peddling false doctrine. The other members of the council recommended that they should be killed. Gamaliel told them that, if what the disciples were doing was not from God it will sum up to naught. But if it is, they will find themselves fighting against God (Acts 5:38-40). And it is hard to kick against the pricks.
Though we know that some of their positions have nothing to do with God and will not enter heaven but it is for God to do the separation. Why worry if Obama does not separate the goats from the sheep. Why worry if Obama mentions the Atheists, Muslims, non believers, animists and those whose religions have no name? That is not one of his job descriptions. There will be a time that the all perfect and holy God will do that.
We mingle with these people at our jobs, schools, neighborhoods, parks, malls, museums, hospitals, airports and we do not cry for their annihilation but just by mentioning them we cry to the top of our voices. If we have to avoid the nonbelievers then we will have to leave this world (Jn 17:15). You know that they exist, follow the recommendation of the Lord not to be equally yoked with them (2 Cor 6:14). The fact that they do not believe in our God does not make our faith in God null and void (Rom 3:3).
Until then, Christians must learn tolerance.
Prince & P A Hamilton Ayuk

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

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