All these websites are free!

1. Strong Exhaustive Bible Concordance:
2. Online Bible.
3. Commentaries and Bible Dictionaries.
5. English Dictionary.
6. Multilingual dictionary. 
7. Multilingual and specialized dictionary
8. Current Events-World Online newspapers.
9. Research
10.  Top-100-conservative websites
12. World-newspapers
13. Headline spot
14. Livescores
15. Soccerway
16. AtDHE.CC.
18. headline news 
19. Stopstream seems the best; they show almost all games. You should use the "no software!"
20. ESPN

I have heard people ask me what has soccer or sports got to do with Christianity. Firstly, you need to exercise daily. A healthy body will encourage a healthy soul. You need to have both. Secondly, watching sports is a passtime that relaxes the mind. You should rest your mind sometimes to be healthy. Through sports, you also build great relationships. Sit around the TV and watch sports with your family, rather than each of you clawing to your social media equipment.  Thirdly, you should use the tools that benefit you and leave the ones that don't ; you are not obliged to use everything. If you like my blog, please share it with your friends and family, but if you hate it, I will encourage you to share it with your enemies. How about that?
Until then, please know that I enjoy having you here.

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