I believe in the trinity: Three persons in one essence.
I believe there is only one God, and all others are demons or humans.
I believe that God created the heaven and the earth.
I believe in the fallen nature of mankind.
I believe that sin separates man from God.
I believe Jesus is the only Son of God, AND He is the only way to Him.
I believe that Jesus was crucified for our sins; He died, resurrected, ascended unto heaven, and he will return in parousia.
I believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit.
I believe in the Gifts of the Spirit.
I believe Miracles still occur.
I believe the Bible is infallible, self sufficient, authentic and authoritative. 
I believe the world will come to an end.
I believe in the existence of hell. 
I believe that God will create a new heaven and a new earth.
The rest to  me are polemics. 

Tell me what you believe. 
If you do not like my blog, please share it with your enemies.If you like it, please share it with your family and friends. 

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