Monday, July 17, 2017

Should Schools Resume in Southern Cameroons This Academic Year 09/2017-07/2018?

          If schools resume in Southern Cameroons, it will not be different from a runner who quits the race while he or she was almost on the finishline. The gains you make by not going to school and having better conditions in future for your posterity is better than the crumbs you will pick now by going to school in September. 
By going to school, you do not resolve the inequalities that exist between Southern Cameroon and other parts of Cameroon. We are not going to school because there are inequalities, and those inequalities have not been resolved. Why then are we going to school? 
Southern Cameroons still has dead bodies, freedom fighters in jail, and many are still prisoners of their consciences because they cannot speak their minds. Why then are you resuming school?
School boycott was to put pressure on the government and to draw international attention. The cameras are now on you, and you are running into the hellhole of comfort. In 5 years time, you should not come back again about ghost town or grievances. I supposed that by going to school, the government has settled all your grievance; otherwise, I will suggest that Operation Ghost Town continues until the government capitulates. 
Until then, I pray thee not to trample underfoot the blood of the freedom fighters who have gone ahead. 
St. Arrey of Ntenako. 

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