Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Patrick Ekema, an epitome of a morally and spiritually bankrupt Cameroon

Patrick Ekema

On Patrick Ekema, an epitome of a morally and spiritually bankrupt Cameroon society , one must trace the genes of fraud as a social immoral  construct accepted as a norm in the Cameroon socio- religious and political culture.  Almost everything in Cameroon , East, North South or West  is a fraud. The church politics is a fraud ,so too is state politics.  

The Cameroon  Scholarship Board was a fraud under anglophones. Many students on scholarship to study in foreign universities had fake documents and grades.  The directors of the program abused the modus operandi of the program to send unqualified families and children of friends and colleagues overseas on scholarships. Many turned out to be academic nonentities. 

Since 1988 that I knew of the Cameroon Scholarship under anglophones, they  rejected the brightest students from poor backgrounds and gave their merited places to those who did not even come closed to the B grade.  The elite doctored the academic transcripts of their children and children of friends and sent their love ones  overseas on those scholarships when they did not qualify for them. 

So why are some of these folks acting strange on the Ekema Patrick guy when it is a system of fraud? The system is a fraud and lots of things happen through fraud. For instance all entrance exams into professional schools is one of the biggest frauds ever in Cameroon. We all know that only about 5 % of people who make it  into professional schools are meritorious. That only about 5 % were also selected for Cameroon scholarships abroad on academic merits. The rest has been through fraud. 

Who can deny  the fact that about  50 % of the candidates recruited into any professional school in Cameroon had to give a bribe in cash or in kind including but not limited to money, land or any property in exchange for admission to the extent that seating for the entrance exam was only a formality ? Who can contest this assertion ? 

 So let us trace back the power of fraudulent documents among Cameroonians at the level of Professional schools, Cameroon scholarships, award of degrees and employment. Let us think of all the fradulent documents many of you cameroonians living abroad have established in order to survive here in Europe and North America. 

How about fraudulent immigration documents ? How about fraudulent marriages for immigration papers ? So to me what some of them  are doing is sheer hypocrisy and a travesty of facts. Are they  decrying all these ills or they  are selectively targeting one man, Patrick Ekema ? How about the fraudulent activities of those who are here in the USA on political asylum and yet still supporting the same corrupt  people they claim persecuted them in cameroon? 

Please. Let us talk about all these frauds and not only focus on Ekema. 

How do we build a virtuous and free society ? 

Thanks, Jonathan Awasom

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