Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Should The Landlord Cancel the Lease of the Antigay Pastor?

You see, we never learn!  Perhaps that is why God had to make the Israelites take 40 years to learn one lesson. We cannot build a better country with intolerance. The landlord (Harsh Investments Properties) of Pastor Jimenes Church- Verity Baptist Church is asking them to leave for his opinions against gays.[1] The media has demonized him and told all sorts of lies against him, which is expected and is normal since we live now in a Real Housewives drama era. By removing the pastor and his church, the others show that they are way more intolerant. Can you imagine if you deleted, unfriended, cut away from or abandon every person who said something you did not like? Either we are a civilized society or we are not. When I was growing up, there was a man who had a huge building with many apartments. Most of the people were from one tribe, with a few other people. Some of the people connived that he should remove the others because they only wanted to have people from the same tribe. He did. Not long after doing so, the people began to fight amongst themselves. Even if only gays were left in the United States, it would not guarantee them full happiness; otherwise, gays will not divorce too.
It is now a common practice for people who disagree with a journalist, teacher, doctor judge or anyone to seek his or her removal. We cannot live in a society like that. It will not work because those who suffer from such victimization will act worst, and the hatred will continue.
When Walter Leroy Moody was experimenting with a bomb, it exploded and hurt his wife. He was convicted in 1972 and sentenced to 3 years, despite his appeals. That caused him to harbor rancor and animus for the prosecutor, judge and every other person who was involved with the case. In 1989, he began to send bombs that killed Judge Robert Vance and attorney Robert Robertson. It was nicknamed “The Mail Bomb Murders.”[2] To cut a long story short, he was arrested, charged, tried and convicted of the crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment.
No matter what happens to him, it did not bring back those people who died. As a society, we should always strive to diffuse tension and anger, rather than seek to build it. The death of Omar Marteen did not bring the 49 people back. If we sense dissatisfaction somewhere, it is our burden to diffuse it. I have always made it as a matter of principle to listen to people when they are angry and to seek redress, if possible.
Christopher Jordan Dorner, a former LAPD cop was fired from his “Dream Job” for exposing the corruption in the department,” so he vowed revenge. He killed at least 3 people. In Donner’s letter to Anderson Cooper, he had a tape inscribed with the acronym, IMOA which stands for the internet parlance, “Imagine a More Open America.”[3] Yes, imagine a more open America where someone can criticize the gay lifestyle and still not lose his/her job, or one in which someone could be gay and still not lose his/her job, talk much of their life. Despite the fact that Dorner was blown into a fire ball by the police and the rest of the officers, the resentment did not end with him as a page was opened, supporting him because the injustice that bedeviled him was still bedeviling others.[4] “We have scorched the snake but not killed it.”
In Dorner’s case, he should have been given his job back and put on probation. In Leroy case, the sentence should have been reduced because at the end of the day, the society should be quick to reform and not deform; after all, no one was killed, and it was a mere accident. As a result, the symptom was treated and not the cause of the disease. Donner was not the problem; the problem was racism, inequality, intolerance and inability to accept criticism.
Look, when I was a youth coordinator, or if you look at any group I led, you never had a single rebellion; no one left the group and not once did we experience rebellions as with my predecessors and successors. The key has always been to listen to people and ask, “Ok, how can I fix it? Tell me what we need to do to make it right!”
My dear compatriots, it is an onus we must bear to criticize and be criticized but still accept each other, no matter our thinking. Those who have been in my classes will tell you that they are always spirited, with students telling me what they think because I encourage them to do so, without any politeness. When a student says something and the majority want to climb on his (her) head, I always say, “That is his (her) opinion; you should just give yours.” Truth does not need to be polite. If we must build a more tolerant society, we should listen to the grievances of people, refrain from punishing those who think differently from us, look like us, speak like us or even threaten the status quo. Despite Dorner being dead, there have been more police shootings too of aggrieved people. There have been many work place shootings of aggrieved people. The key is to be tolerant and accept that, we will never think the same. The gay community should accept that, it is the right of others to say that “homosexuality is a sin,” just like the others too should accept that it is the right of the gay people to live their lives.
Legally, I think that the church should find some legal remedy from the courts because if a Christian bakery cannot refuse form making a cake to homosexuals, then the Harsh Investment Properties cannot refuse to lend their building to the Christian organization. The court opined that the bakery violated the Oregon Equality Act. 
Suffer that I end with law #9 of my Law of Oppression, “If your neighbor cannot sleep because of what you are doing to them, you will not sleep for fear of what he or she will do unto you. Neal Zumberge vs. Todd Stevens.” The members of that church will even increase their hatred for the gays because of the treatment. I was one of the people who criticized the position of the pastor in one of my articles, so I take this time too to call out the others for their intolerance. The gay people always pretend with a slogan, “You don’t fight hate with hate; you fight hate with love;” however, I have read so many people who have lost their jobs simply because they criticized the gay lifestyle. That is neither tolerance nor love!

Until then, it is wrong for the Church’s lease not to be renewed simply because of the pastor’s opinions.

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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