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Strategies to promote differentiation and student involvement.

Strategies to promote differentiation and student involvement.

            There are various strategies for getting student involvement. Student involvement is paramount in boosting their self-confidence. One of the ways I do that is by employing physical activities. It hypes the tempo of the class and brings out the personality of each student which will help them in feeling free in the classroom. Each time they participate in an activity, they remember it better than the one they just read or saw. It keeps most of them at the same pace on the same stage. Research has proven that physical activity involves left and right brains.
            Another way is to pair them in groups. Most students, especially English Language learners (ELL) come from different cultures. By working in pairs, it reduced cultural differences, seeing that cultural differences could summon a subjective implementation of classroom rules, mean different things to different students which can impede the apprehension of content material. I usually called it Community Learning or Communal Studies. However, it has its own disadvantage in that a disruptive student may hijack a whole group, dwarfing them from the lesson of the day. Group studies also reduce anxiety. The indefatigable students serve as boosts to the languid ones.
            One other way to get more student engagement for language learners is by using bilingual books. Firstly, most books with bilingual labels are less culturally restrictive.  As such, students easily identify themselves with the language. Secondly, it refreshes their minds as they look at words in their native language in other languages. This will encourage writing in the second language because it gives the students a ready word pool to select from. It turns the word from being abstract to concrete. That is because they are seeing the word not only in a language they do not know but a language they know especially when it is accompanied by visuals. Visuals will create a mental picture in the learner that will reinforce the theoretical abstraction you have been giving them. Some of the most effective visuals are visual aids in progressive disclosure, overhead foils and slides because they catch the attention of the learner, push them to anticipate what you are bringing next and that includes them in the teaching process.
            The different strategies will help in the differentiation by process and content through modifications so that every child learns something.  At times, I differentiate by interest, readiness or learning by applying the different minor strategies like Interactive Discussion, Panel Discuss, demonstration, Questions/Answers, Project, Coop. groups, Visual Display, Lecture, Student Exploration, and modeling, students’ needs are met according to their learning styles.

Until then, you can get all students involved and engaged.

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