Sunday, April 3, 2016

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia Sells Public Education System to US Private Firm.

This news is sad indeed! In 2015 alone, there were more than 35 articles talking about US schools failing, yet the Americans see it fit to carry their expertize of schools improvement to Africa. Shouldn’t charity begin at home? The very system that could not be tested in the United States that need it more will  be good for Liberia and subsequently, Africa. Isn’t this the Confessions of An Economic Hitman reenacted over again? Ichabod! Public education in private hands is a very very very bad idea! Period! history tells us that it is not a good idea. Almost every parastatal company privatized in Cameroon and many African countries has gone bankrupt. 
If Liberia falls, the rest of West Africa and subsequently Africa will follow. That curriculum is a prototype of what they have always proposed in the US, and it has been rejected. If it was a good curriculum, they would have taken it to Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, District of Columbia and other places with very high failing schools. Just this year, the state of Alabama announced that there are 75 failing schools in the state alone.
They could have tried it in the Navajo Nation that has many failing schools and almost works as a separate country.  In March of this year it was announced that the Navajo Nation was going to cut 1/4 of staff due to budgetary constraints. If that plan was a good one, they would have tried it there. However, they run to Africa where there will be no oversights, check and balances to oversee their excesses.
This is slavery all over again! In addition, all those things like homosexuality, rape culture and drug addiction will be encouraged surreptitiously!  When we grew up, we bathed in the same rivers, both boys and girls, but we never ever heard of rape. Then the westerners began to tell us that we have to wear clothes all the time, else our girls will be raped, yet we saw nothing. When I moved to the US, i realized that they wore clothes outside, but they watched naked women and men. Surprisingly, they wear a lot of clothes'summer clothes, winter clothes, fall clothes and spring clothes, but they still have very high rape numbers. A sexy joke or flirtation is considered rape. Is this the culture you want carried to Liberia? 
It is a slap in the face of Africans as if they cannot design a curriculum. Why do Africans like to imitate westerners? There are certain things in the West‎ that can only function there. This for profit privatization will make many kids to drop out from school because once the government subsidies start to dry out and the investors want to see their gains, they will force parents by sending their kids home as it is done in private schools. This will accentuate the difference between the rich and the poor at a time when we are trying to reduce that gap. It will prevent the poor kids from going to school if their parents cannot come up with the school fees.
In addition, there will be less freedom of ideas since the private sector would develop their own code. In America, teachers are being fired for speaking out against homosexuality or sexual deviation. For now, Africa has been spared that black eye. This curriculum thing will drive it into the hearts and lives of our primary school children, so they are ready to implement it by the time they are in high school. Look at how much money they pumped into the countries to accept gay marriage theories, yet it still did not work. Education is the easiest way you can corrupt the minds of people, so it is not strange that they are using the Liberian curriculum as a pretext.
More so, even the UN thinks it is a bad idea, except for Sirleaf and the corporations who want to make more money off the suffering of the poor Liberians and Africans.[1] 
Furthermore, there are many vaccines that were not tested in the US, and those will easily be tested in these schools. Take for example, vaccines that are banned in America are taken to Africa and tested, after bribing their leaders. That was the case of the Polio and Meningitis vaccines which left many dead and paralyzed, by the way. In 2015, it was published that “75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized.”[2]
The mere fact that Sirl‎eaf disregards the curriculum by African Union in favor of the American based curriculum tells you that she has her private interest rather that of her people. A penny greedy is a pound wicked! 

Until then, public education in private hands is a very, very, very bad idea!

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