Thursday, April 7, 2016

In Reply to Elvis Etah 2, “No your God Is Not Great!”

Dear Mr. Etah Elvis,

Thanks for the commendation, and I always appreciate your civil discourse too. I cannot be angry with you because the human being is the only thinking being; consequently, it is normal for divergences.
You said, “Based on lack of evidence, gods do not exist.” You cannot claim that based on a lack of evidence since you have not proven that God does not exist. You cannot take DeGrasse’s arguments in which he does not advance any scientific arguments to disprove the existence of God as if he proved God’s nonexistence. Question 1. What is the scientific evidence that God does not exist??
            You revisited your former argument about the character of God and still did not prove how “he is racist, misogynistic, cruel, jealous (his own admission), petty, has an over-bloated ego.” Question 2. Can you prove the above accusation?
Instead, you made accusations out of context. You as a teacher seem to say that you are a wicked terrible person if you have ever disciplined any child who broke your classroom rule. God gave a prohibition; it was left for the woman to obey and escape the consequences or disobey and face the consequences. The woman chose to disobey or she failed to obey, and she became a pillar of salt. Wherein then is God’s fault? I don’t also know a passage in the Bible where God “authorizes his proteges to kill people for their foreskin.” Question 3. Where does God authorize his protégés to kill people for their foreskin? I was a little confused where the evil lies in God rewarding people with many wives. God does not make things by mistake. Question 4: What are those things that God made by mistake and then he destroyed them? You see, the word “chosen” means to prefer. God has a preferred people who do according to his will. You claim again that God, “authorizes rape.” Question 5: Where did God authorize rape?
What is bad in testing a beloved’s love for their friend or asking them to kill them when you have the power to prevent the killing? It shows that God has a playful nature too. Furthermore, I had explained in my previous entreaty that, “The institution of slavery was meant to bail out the poor and war prisoners, so they could serve some time to compensate the victor or the victim and give them (the slave) an opportunity to regain the freedom lost (Lev 25).
            I will sidestep your quotation from Epicurus and Thomas Paine because I had answered those innuendos in my initial treatise.
You made or question the origins of the Bible or what the Jews and the Christians said about the origins of the Bible. Permit me to clarify your misunderstanding of those declarations. Yes, “The Jews say that their Word of God was given by God to Moses face to face; the Christians say that their Word of God came by divine inspiration…” The Jews are correct to say that because the word of God that was given to Moses was given to him while on the mount. When Moses and the elders went to the Mountain, they saw the God of Israel who was hidden in the thick cloud. The anthropomorphic usage authenticates the presence of the Lord because it was the Lord speaking through the cloud. If they see the cloud and heard the voice speaking in the cloud, then they have seen God. When Moses and the elders went to the top of the mountain, he spoke to him while hidden in the cloud and Moses responded. That is face to face because the cloud is looking at Moses, and Moses is looking at the cloud. The Cloud becomes a representation of God. It is the same application with “mouth to mouth (Num 12:8).” The Christians say that it came by divine inspiration because what Moses or the latter apostles wrote down came from God-divine. It is a clear usage of theomorphism.
It would seem that you are unaware that the deity of Turks in the Koran is different from that of the Christians in the Bible. Look, it is like someone coming to you and saying, “I am looking for Mr. Elvis Etah who is married with kids and he is a teacher.” That means, the person they should bring to you must be married, have kids and teaches; otherwise, that is not the person you are looking for. Although the word Allah means god, it is different from the Christian God. The God of the Christians is different from the Turks' Allah in that it is three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in one essence; meanwhile, Allah is one person in one essence. Secondly, the Turks Allah has no child (In Sura 112) while God had Jesus (Jn 3:16). Those two differences show you that they are not the same. Therefore, I cannot apologize for the claims of the Koran; I can only provide a plaidoirie for the Bible. As such, your disbelief is irrelevant since it is founded on a wrong premise. It is normal for you to come to the conclusion, “your god is NOT great (NGIGARAW)” because you have created an imaginary weakness that does not exist.  
In another argument you questioned the power of prayers, and you ascertained its weakness by citing a Templeton Foundation research. Prayer is a supernatural intervention, so it is beyond the reach of science because the scientific process of empiricism would be befouled. Sometimes God answered miraculously, while other times he does so progressively with time. There are a lot of things that would factor into a good prayer and also for the recipient to obtain healing. Who would determine the effectual fervent prayer that availeth much? Would the recipient have faith that could dismiss the mountain of their heart diseases?  Faith is a prerequisite for healings to take place. Do the patient and the prayer have faith? The method of prayer "for a successful surgery with a quick, healthy recovery and no complications" makes prayer a magic incantation rather than an act of faith that is implemented by the Holy Spirit through the name of Jesus. Considering that others have been prayed for and they got well, it is without reservation that this study is punctuated with serious lacunas; as a result, it cannot be used to disprove the existence or nonexistence of God.   
It is strange for you to accuse me of using the straw man argument when it is you who has made erroneous claims and then concluded from them. One such examples is your assimilation of God and Allah as one just to discredit the infallibility of the Bible. You claim that you do not take my arguments serious because at one point I quoted myself lacks any basis since it is accepted academically to quote or cite yourself. If others are citing me, why shouldnt I do it, especially if I have proven myself? 
It amazes me that you call the Noah’s account in the bible a fairy tale when it has been backed by historicity and archaeology.
Hence, I will advise you to take time and read what the Bible says again before you attempt to challenge it. I pray thee to answer the questions I have asked of you,  if you intend to come back. Before you do so, it is my utmost confidence to tell you that God exists, the bible is infallible and prayer works. In each of these elements, you must have a personal experience to know their efficacy.   
Until then, God exists and his word is true!

St Arrey of Ntenako

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