Thursday, March 17, 2016

In Response to H.E. André Mama Fouda and Prof. Robinson Mbu about Monique Koumate

Dear  H.E. André Mama Fouda and Prof. Robinson Mbu, 

I thank H.E and Prof Mbu for the information in your attempt to clarify the Monique Koumate Saga. No one had questioned your education, and no one has questioned your safari prowess. However, we are all Cameroonians, and we know that country so well. Is it not the same country where the former minister of communication: Prof. Kontchou Kouogmeni said, “Il y a zero mort" during the student strike? Although Endeley was assigned the task of verifying the information and he endorsed the government position, everyone knew it is not true because records in Cameroon mean nothing. That narration you gave could be created in any office; after all, if  people could create nonexistent tales it would not be impossible to create a rebuttal that attempts to wash the image of the government. Let us examine these four statements from Prof Robinson Mbu. Your statements are purple because they are lovely.

Contradiction 1. Nature of the corpse: Koumate Monique.
First statement: The people who brought her confirmed she was dead and requested for a post mortem C/S which could not be done because of competence. Referral was made to Laquentinie hospital for post partum C/S. At the mortuary of the latter hospital, an attendant while diplacing the corpse thought the foetuses were still alife because of fœtal floating in amniotic fluid.” Prof Mbu Robinson.”
Second statement: “She was brought in dead, confirmed by the health personnel at Nylon and Laquintinie.”
Question 1? How did they ascertain that she was dead if they did not do postmortem? In the first you said no postmortem, but in the second, you confirmed it was done. How was it done without you taking out the babies then? 

Contradiction 2. Setting of the incident.
First statement:
“At the mortuary of the latter hospital (Lanquintinie), an attendant while diplacing the corpse thought the foetuses were still alife because of fœtal floating in amniotic fluid. One of the women who accompanied the corpse took that as an excuse and summoned the courage upon her self to open the corpse up within splits of seconds, imagining she was bringing out life neonates; what effrontory !”

Second statement:
“Families don't have access to corpses if deaths occur in health facilities. She was brought dead and no mortuary had appropriated the corpse. The process of registration was on before the woman committed the act.”

Question 2: In the first statement you said that they were inside the facility of Lanquintinie, at the mortuary, but in the second you said that she was brought dead and the mortuary had not appropriated the corpse.  Notwithstanding, do you now stock corpses of pregnant women, even with the babies still in their wombs? When do you think the hospital was going to remove the babies from the woman's womb since the only official at the mortuary was incompetent?? 
Furthermore, in the first statement you indicated that there was an attendant present, but in your second statement you said that there was none. Could that be negligent enough that there is no attendant on duty to examine a pregnant woman who died with twins?
Until then, you have still not convinced us.

Do you mean that in the Nylon District Hospital in Douala there was no competent health official to look and verify if the woman was truly dead that they had to go only by hearsay?
Secondly, after they heard that she was dead, there was still nothing done to take out the fetuses while waiting for a postpartum and even postmortem. Is that what we do now in Cameroon? Is that what you as a medical doctor and an accredited health official want people to believe as the prescribed act you would want them take? When a pregnant woman dies, they should carry and stock her up in the mortuary with her babies in the womb.
Thirdly, while at Laquintinie, it is only an unqualified health official who showed up. From your narration, it shows that the act took place outside the hospital and not inside. That is why upon refusal of the official, the brave woman decided to do what Laquintinie health officials did not want to do. How can such a grievous case happen and no doctor even shows up to consult or take a look, yet you and the minister say that there was no negligence? It portrays the very callousness we are decrying about people who want bribe before they could perform the very services they were paid to do.
These hospitals have the tendency of refusing people treatment, except they bribed those nurses and health officials. I had a neighbor who was abandoned and refused treatment in the hospital bed because she could not afford for the surgery fee and even la bière pour l'infirmière. I have personally paid for some people, including the said neighbor. Therefore, I can attest to their negligence. I want you to look at this video below!

How come there was no hospital official to come out and stop the lady? That video (included above) correlates with the initial version that they were not allowed inside the hospital. Your appendix or perhaps annotation from the minister endorses that claim. Prof Mbu, we want to hear that people are given treatment in Laquintinie now without bribery. We want to hear that people are treated as human beings. That is how you will clean the image of the country. By the way, those poor people the government has locked up should be released because they are not the ones sullying the image of the country; that country has robbed itself in dysentery for too long since the time that Biya took over that government. We are swimming in shit, eating shit and drinking shit, and the shit can be seen in this very video!!  

Until then, I don’t believe the minister’s version.

St Arrey of Ntenako

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