Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bamenda and Cameroon the Ebola Vaccine May not be a Vaccine.

The North West Province of Cameroon and their Capital, Bamenda should be aware by now that it is not in their interest to try that vaccine which was abruptly stopped in Ghana and other West African countries where the trials were going on. They even stopped them without explanation to the Ghanaians who were collaborating with them. They did not have the courtesy to warn them ahead of time.[1] Clinical trial of brincidofovir, an experimental antiviral treatment for Ebola, funded by the Wellcome Trust and manufactured by Chimerix was abruptly stopped for lack of guinea pigs (West Africans).[2] They claim that Ebola has been wiped out in Sierra Leon and Liberia, so why do they need a vaccine? Why don’t they just end there, treating people in these areas? There are reasons why you should not trust that vaccine.
You seek a vaccine for a disease that is resistant and prevalent. If they have wiped out Ebola completely in Sierra Leon and Liberia and made great trials that went 100% in Guinea, they should use the same treatment they applied rather than try the same vaccine in places that do not even have the virus. [3] Look, Ebola was not in Cameroon, if they wanted to try the vaccine in places with Ebola. If Ebola was not in Cameroon and they are looking for places to try it for preventive purposes, then they could always very well use the US. There are many Americans who sell their blood and plasma daily for money;[4] they will gladly do so at the same cost price they are paying in Africa. I am seeing that it is even more costly in Africa considering that they are paying people more than they buy the blood and plasma. They will not do it in America because of oversight. The government had halted all those vaccine trials because they are risky.[5] When you hear risky, it is an euphemistic usage for dangerous and unhealthy. Since they know that our people have sold their souls to the devil and will definitely sell everyone for money, so they jump to Africa. Lo and behold, they find corrupt leaders who are willing to sacrifice your children, fathers, mothers and siblings.
History does not sleep; it always wakes up at the appointed time to remind the present. There was an attempt to destroy the people with a vaccine trial in 1990 whose intention was actually to cause sterility in Nso, North West Province of Cameroon. When the plot was exposed by father Anthony Fonteth, he died the days that followed. The only girl: Pascaline Kerenyuy who took all the 5 doses of the vaccine has remained childless until today.[6] They framed up an innocent man.[7] You have heard them say that population explosion is going to cause hunger in future if the birthrate is not controlled. Perhaps, the people should give it a thought.
The strain of Ebola that caused the damage in West Africa was not the one that lived there for years. For years, since 1976 when the virus was first discovered, the people lived with it, but they did not have this outbreak until the American Center for Disease Control strain "Ebobun" with patent No, CA2741523A1 was introduced. Why did the US make the virus in the first place?[8] Since they have controlled it in West Africa, why do they want to go do trials in places without the diseases?  The STD tests in Tuskegee were done because there was an outbreak of syphilis in the area,[9] but there is no Ebola outbreak anywhere in Cameroon or Central and North Africa. They have caused enough wars in North Africa, so North Africans have enough problems. That is why there is no outbreak in North Africa. Now they must look for means to enter into West and Central Africa. You must know by now that Ebola is shown on TV as a hoax.[10] Not even the German Army sent there could find or treat a single case of Ebola. 

Ebola is not the threat of the people; malaria and poverty are.[11][12] They are not in a hurry because they already have that market in their pockets. Why not use that money to start small business or develop that place which will keep the people from most outbreaks anyway? This trial is about money, rather than the welfare of the people. If for welfare, Duncan the lone African who came to America with Ebola could not have died. The quote herein uncovers why he died:
The reason, “Hate to say it, but it was probably the best       outcome that Duncan died. Had he survived it would have massively compelled other foreigners from high-epidemic areas with high exposure risks to immediately travel to the West upon possible transmission to have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving.” [13]
Cameroon has a more serious issue which is Boko Haram. Poverty is one of the causes of Boko Haram and not Ebola.14] Treat poverty and very few young men and women will be given to war. War in Africa is an act of desperation and survival rather than an act of conquest, financial and material gain as it has always been with westerners.
Therefore, my people, I had prophesized that at the end of the Ebola brouhaha, they will introduce a vaccine.[15] I forwarned you because I wanted you to be forearmed. Finally, my words came true. I urge you then to reject the vaccine and tell your families both home and broad not to take that vaccine. The vaccine is merely a ploy to make money for the pharmaceutical companies. They said that HIV was killing the people, but they have not given you free medications, even though they have the medication. HIV/Aids was and still is an epidemic of pandemic proportions in Southern Africa, yet the same loving westerners have not tried to eradicate it. If you see a toad crossing the road in a heated broad day light, you should know that there is something chasing it from the bush. The desire to make money is the reason for the vaccine, but you will be used as scapegoats. How many times do you want to serve as scapegoats, people of Bamenda? Did father Fonteth die in vain? If he did not, then wake up from slumber and reject their trial. I urge all the people of Cameroon and Central Africa to reject their trial.

Until then, it is left for those with souls to reject that vaccine!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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