Friday, July 17, 2015

Does The Sheer Number of Cosby's Accusers Show his Guilt?

 I have heard the media sing that Cosby is guilty because of the sheer number of victims, especially with the unsealing of the 2005 deposition. History and experiences have shown that a simple majority could interweave bundles of fabrications on which an innocent person could be convicted, banished or killed. Cosby could be guilty, but his guilt should not be established by the sheer number of accusers. many blacks also think that he should be guilty because he tried to educate them or that he was with the white people. That is wrong! Facts and evidence should determine a person's guilt and not your personal feelings. This article is to show that sheer numbers of accusers do not guarantee guilt, and I also want to point out the moral wrongness in unsealing the deposition. I personally do not believe that Cosby raped any of those women. The issue at stake here is his word against theirs. There are several instances where a group of people have testified against an innocent person, and it happened to be untrue. I will give you at least 5 instances.

During the reign of McCarthyism, many people were accused of being communists. There were people who testified how those accused told them they were communists, and they themselves knew that the accused were communists. It happened not to be true. 
During Stalin witch-hunt, many Russians were accused of being traitors, including children betraying their parents. Animal Farm gives you a glimpse of what it was. It ended up to be false.
In Silas Marner, Silas is accused of stealing the church gold at Raveloe. Due to the dramatic irony, we all know it was William Dane, albeit the lots even fell on Silas. The entire village believed he did it because they think he even looked weird. Silas said to William, “You stole the money, and you have woven a plot to lay the sin at my door. But you may prosper for all that. There is no just God that governs the earth righteously, but a God of lies, that bears witness against the innocent." The sheer number did not prove guilt. I believe he had extramarital sex that was fueled with drugs and boozed with their own connivance. The collusion was mutual. None of them said he forced them. The initial speeches they made was that he gave them some color pills, and they took them. Just because Cosby said that he gave women pills does not mean that he gave it to them without their knowledge. They were aware and consented to them. It is important to remember that the use of quaaludes was the same as the use of weed nowadays. People say that he could not have given them with their knowledge since he did not know them. I see people putting adverts on craigslist, seeking those who want to do 420. They don't even know them, but they go and smoke together.  
 During the Salem Witch Trials, Rebecca Nurse was accused by many people and children that she bewitched them. In her words, she decried, “I am innocent as the child unborn, but surely, what sin hath God found out in me unrepented of, that He should lay such an affliction on me in my old age.” Everyone knows that it was later found out to be untrue. Once more, the number does not prove guilt. Cosby could be guilty, but the number does not prove guilt. He could have paid women to keep his affairs quiet, but that is not rape. What that shows is a man who is guilty of extramarital sex, but it does not show rape. 
I heard of a man in my village who was forced to drink a certain portion to clear his name from the hundreds of accusations made by little children and their families that he was bewitching them and was the cause of many dead children. After he died, one woman confessed that she was actually the witch. It was his word against theirs. Now, remember the number again did not mean the man was guilty.
In 1996, Richard Alexander was accused of rape. 4 of the rape victims all pointed to him as their rapist. Some of the victims who were raped while Alexander was still in jail even pointed to him,. How could a man in jail rape them? Fortunately, in 2001, DNA exonerated him and implicated Michael Murphy. How could all these women be telling lies?" People asked. Well, they were telling lies because he was not their rapist!  
If we can believe those women, we can also believe Camille Cosby. I do believe Camille Coby because she is a woman, and she knows what we all know that those women could take anything in the pursuit of fame and filthy lucre. Their vaulting ambitions to realize the American Dream overleaps the bounds of dignity and common sense.
There are two main reasons why people rape: for power and for libido. He did not need to prove his power to anyone because he had the power. They were the ones who wanted his power. If there was rape or could be raped, they should be the ones to rape him. The women were the ones who did not have the power. They were the impostors and wannabes who dreamt to live like Cosby, so they could do anything to attain Cosby's level. Notwithstanding, Cosby's power as a black man was not above that of the oppressive white system. If he was a big fish, they would have made a bigger net to catch him because it was still at a time when it was "immoral" for a black man to have sex with a white woman. They were happy to have sex with him, so they can boast about knowing him and doing it with the strong man of entertainment. 
One other reason people rape is for libido. Cosby had the world of sex inside his pants because he had the money and fame that many coveted. These women exploited Cosby. Cosby is the victim here! In terms of Libido, he did not need to rape them because his money could buy all the sex on earth that he wanted. At times, people rape as payback or means to ridicule the victim. Cosby did not need to do that because he did not have any personal issues with any of these women. One of the women who claimed that she was raped, also narrated how after he raped her, he took her to a shop where he bought her a new dress. On their way to the shop, they passed the police. How would a black man rape a white woman and then take her to the store to buy her a dress? She sees the police, but she does not say anything. Cosby was still a black man, and everyone knows that had such an accusation that Cosby had raped a white woman came up, there would be no net too small or too big to catch him. If he was big, they would have used a bigger net.
These women were not children. The one who claims that she was 15 does not make her innocent. The fact that they were 15 does not make them exploitable. Why were they at the Playboy mansion, a marketplace whose sole commodity was sex and prostitution? In this country, before 1889, the Age of Consent was 7 in Delaware and 10 in California. 
One of Cosby's accusers said that Cosby kept paying her rents. Only in America do rapists pay the rents and give allowances to their rape victims for years. Who is that woman who will walk with her rapist? Who is that woman who will accept rent money from her rapists for years? The fact that they accepted hush hush money means that nothing like rape happened. They took the money to prevent Camille from hearing.  It is not in the US where some of these women will sue even a corpse. I have spoken to rape victims, and I have actually knocked down a door to save a rape victim. They do not even want to catch the faces of their rapists. I believe that all of these accusations are merely to extort money from Cosby. I did not forget that they cannot get money, but their lawyer Gloria Allred suggested that Cosby should be kind enough to open a 100 million trust fund for them for all the pain they have gone through. They are targeting a donation in the long run. The thing is all about money, my friend! 
The second thing I should say is about the unsealed court documents. We all know that once records are sealed, they are not supposed to be reopened. In some states, those records are actually destroyed so that people do not rescind in their promise to reopen the documents. Why is Cosby’s case different? I am neither saying that he is not guilty, nor am I saying that he is guilty.
However, basing our arguments that because of the sheer number of accuser, then he is guilty is illogical. This is a country where if people see how to make a quick buck or two, they will say and do anything. For the same judge to claim that he is unsealing the documents because Cosby sermonized African Americans is unethically and perhaps legally incorrect. Cosby was sermonizing people when the courts first decided to seal the documents, so they are more nefarious reasons than just that.

Until then, I do agree that he had sex with them, but it was just not rape.

St Arrey of Ntenako. 

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