Friday, July 17, 2015

Does The Sheer Number of Cosby's Accusers Show his Guilt?

 I have heard the media sing that Cosby is guilty because of the sheer number of victims, especially with the unsealing of the 2005 deposition. History and experiences have shown that a simple majority could interweave bundles of fabrications on which an innocent person could be convicted, banished or killed. Cosby could be guilty, but his guilt should not be established by the sheer number of accusers. many blacks also think that he should be guilty because he tried to educate them or that he was with the white people. That is wrong! Facts and evidence should determine a person's guilt and not your personal feelings. This article is to show that sheer numbers of accusers do not guarantee guilt, and I also want to point out the moral wrongness in unsealing the deposition. I personally do not believe that Cosby raped any of those women. The issue at stake here is his word against theirs. There are several instances where a group of people have testified against an innocent person, and it happened to be untrue. I will give you at least 5 instances.

During the reign of McCarthyism, many people were accused of being communists. There were people who testified how those accused told them they were communists, and they themselves knew that the accused were communists. It happened not to be true. 
During Stalin witch-hunt, many Russians were accused of being traitors, including children betraying their parents. Animal Farm gives you a glimpse of what it was. It ended up to be false.
In Silas Marner, Silas is accused of stealing the church gold at Raveloe. Due to the dramatic irony, we all know it was William Dane, albeit the lots even fell on Silas. The entire village believed he did it because they think he even looked weird. Silas said to William, “You stole the money, and you have woven a plot to lay the sin at my door. But you may prosper for all that. There is no just God that governs the earth righteously, but a God of lies, that bears witness against the innocent." The sheer number did not prove guilt. I believe he had extramarital sex that was fueled with drugs and boozed with their own connivance. The collusion was mutual. None of them said he forced them. The initial speeches they made was that he gave them some color pills, and they took them. Just because Cosby said that he gave women pills does not mean that he gave it to them without their knowledge. They were aware and consented to them. It is important to remember that the use of quaaludes was the same as the use of weed nowadays. People say that he could not have given them with their knowledge since he did not know them. I see people putting adverts on craigslist, seeking those who want to do 420. They don't even know them, but they go and smoke together.  
 During the Salem Witch Trials, Rebecca Nurse was accused by many people and children that she bewitched them. In her words, she decried, “I am innocent as the child unborn, but surely, what sin hath God found out in me unrepented of, that He should lay such an affliction on me in my old age.” Everyone knows that it was later found out to be untrue. Once more, the number does not prove guilt. Cosby could be guilty, but the number does not prove guilt. He could have paid women to keep his affairs quiet, but that is not rape. What that shows is a man who is guilty of extramarital sex, but it does not show rape. 
I heard of a man in my village who was forced to drink a certain portion to clear his name from the hundreds of accusations made by little children and their families that he was bewitching them and was the cause of many dead children. After he died, one woman confessed that she was actually the witch. It was his word against theirs. Now, remember the number again did not mean the man was guilty.
In 1996, Richard Alexander was accused of rape. 4 of the rape victims all pointed to him as their rapist. Some of the victims who were raped while Alexander was still in jail even pointed to him,. How could a man in jail rape them? Fortunately, in 2001, DNA exonerated him and implicated Michael Murphy. How could all these women be telling lies?" People asked. Well, they were telling lies because he was not their rapist!  
If we can believe those women, we can also believe Camille Cosby. I do believe Camille Coby because she is a woman, and she knows what we all know that those women could take anything in the pursuit of fame and filthy lucre. Their vaulting ambitions to realize the American Dream overleaps the bounds of dignity and common sense.
There are two main reasons why people rape: for power and for libido. He did not need to prove his power to anyone because he had the power. They were the ones who wanted his power. If there was rape or could be raped, they should be the ones to rape him. The women were the ones who did not have the power. They were the impostors and wannabes who dreamt to live like Cosby, so they could do anything to attain Cosby's level. Notwithstanding, Cosby's power as a black man was not above that of the oppressive white system. If he was a big fish, they would have made a bigger net to catch him because it was still at a time when it was "immoral" for a black man to have sex with a white woman. They were happy to have sex with him, so they can boast about knowing him and doing it with the strong man of entertainment. 
One other reason people rape is for libido. Cosby had the world of sex inside his pants because he had the money and fame that many coveted. These women exploited Cosby. Cosby is the victim here! In terms of Libido, he did not need to rape them because his money could buy all the sex on earth that he wanted. At times, people rape as payback or means to ridicule the victim. Cosby did not need to do that because he did not have any personal issues with any of these women. One of the women who claimed that she was raped, also narrated how after he raped her, he took her to a shop where he bought her a new dress. On their way to the shop, they passed the police. How would a black man rape a white woman and then take her to the store to buy her a dress? She sees the police, but she does not say anything. Cosby was still a black man, and everyone knows that had such an accusation that Cosby had raped a white woman came up, there would be no net too small or too big to catch him. If he was big, they would have used a bigger net.
These women were not children. The one who claims that she was 15 does not make her innocent. The fact that they were 15 does not make them exploitable. Why were they at the Playboy mansion, a marketplace whose sole commodity was sex and prostitution? In this country, before 1889, the Age of Consent was 7 in Delaware and 10 in California. 
One of Cosby's accusers said that Cosby kept paying her rents. Only in America do rapists pay the rents and give allowances to their rape victims for years. Who is that woman who will walk with her rapist? Who is that woman who will accept rent money from her rapists for years? The fact that they accepted hush hush money means that nothing like rape happened. They took the money to prevent Camille from hearing.  It is not in the US where some of these women will sue even a corpse. I have spoken to rape victims, and I have actually knocked down a door to save a rape victim. They do not even want to catch the faces of their rapists. I believe that all of these accusations are merely to extort money from Cosby. I did not forget that they cannot get money, but their lawyer Gloria Allred suggested that Cosby should be kind enough to open a 100 million trust fund for them for all the pain they have gone through. They are targeting a donation in the long run. The thing is all about money, my friend! 
The second thing I should say is about the unsealed court documents. We all know that once records are sealed, they are not supposed to be reopened. In some states, those records are actually destroyed so that people do not rescind in their promise to reopen the documents. Why is Cosby’s case different? I am neither saying that he is not guilty, nor am I saying that he is guilty.
However, basing our arguments that because of the sheer number of accuser, then he is guilty is illogical. This is a country where if people see how to make a quick buck or two, they will say and do anything. For the same judge to claim that he is unsealing the documents because Cosby sermonized African Americans is unethically and perhaps legally incorrect. Cosby was sermonizing people when the courts first decided to seal the documents, so they are more nefarious reasons than just that.

Until then, I do agree that he had sex with them, but it was just not rape.

St Arrey of Ntenako. 

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." (I Cor 15:19). "It is not how well you know a person; it is how well you treat them that they will live longer and happier with you." Hamilton Ayuk. Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Monday, July 6, 2015

Awake From Your Slumber, Oh America!

The watchmen of God, the Christians are all blind. If you see the types of things that Christians tolerate nowadays, you know a people who are blind. You need to read Christian websites then you will see how much wickedness they tolerate. They seem to know nothing, but they think that they know it all. How can a country like the United States with all the good life and wealth experience 29 murder-suicides in June of 2015? The rate of murder –suicide, talk less of suicide now in churches is alarming. After all, the individual is going to meet God. They mutter. If God saw suicide as the best means for us to leave this world, he would not have encouraged us to persevere (mt 24:13; 2 Tim 2:12; Heb 10: 36; 12:1-15; James 1:2-4; ). You only persevere in a tough situation and not in an easy one. It is because a Christian finds himself/herself in a situation they think has no hope that they kill themselves.
Christians are now either mute, or they acquiesces with this false concept of tolerance. They are actually afraid to speak up for fear they lose their jobs or lose their positions in the society. If they decide to speak up, they use fake names and spew hate. They are really like dreamers who love to slumber. Otherwise, why would anyone hate the black people in America, yet they carry their Bible to Africa to preach? Isn’t that a dreamer? Go to conservative and Christian websites therein you will read the worst kind of hate against the black people. What are they conserving then if they are not protecting the ethos of Christianity? The Christianity we all read says love God with your all and love your neighbor as yourself. It also adds that “do unto others what you want them do unto you.” It is high time to match the talk with the walk.
They hear but they do not understand, and they see, but they never learn.  Instead, they are running overseas sanctimoniously that they are going to preach the gospel when their own country is being bought wholesale by the devil. They are acting like a people whose hearts have been hardened, their ears have been plugged and their eyes have been blinded. Consequently, they do not see the dangers around them, they do not hear the wailings of their own children, and they do not understand the spirit of the times to return to the Lord. America must return to the Lord.  Except America returns to the Lord, it would not be healed.
The gays are suing them and destroying their freedom of speech and economic power, yet they are contented to say that it was promised. That time of anti-Christ where you must have the mark of the beast before you sell or buy has not come. Now is a time of total moral decadence that invites the wrath of God. The white churches are taking money overseas to preach when the black neighborhood can barely put a pot on the fire. In my law of oppression, I have stated it clearly. If your brother cannot sleep because of what you are doing to him, you will not sleep for fear of what he will do unto you. Albeit, it will be God fighting his cause.
The American church is now acting like one who has been drunk overnight. How can people become too normal to have so many Christians doing drugs and being addicted? The truth is that anyone doing drugs is someone who feels dissatisfied with life. They feel like they lack something. How can the church be that calm with the high rate of divorces amongst the very people calling each other brethren? Look at the suicide rates in churches, even amongst pastors for a people who claim to have hope. It is understandable if an unbeliever commits suicide because we know that they lack hope, but I don't understand why a Christian should. No one commits suicide because they were hopeful; suicide is a hopeless act. Why is it still difficult for the blacks and whites to mingle in America, without any issues? Churches should have been too integrated if the world did not want.
Now is the time to increase our lauds and vespers; it is time to increase our fasting and prayers. It is high time we humble ourselves and pray for God to heal this land. Oh America, how has the might fallen? You have fallen to the position of a sleeping lion.
All these evil practices have made God to pour the spirit of deep sleep and cover the eyes of our prophets. All we see now is comfort and money. Why are we no more watching and praying? How many times has a Christian gone to talk Christ to a neighbor? How many times have we visited our brethren? Some of them you try to visit them, but they refuse with westerner politeness. They do not even want to know you out of the church. But again, what avails your prayers for it is only the prayers of the righteous that avails much. You practice the same debauchery like your counterparts in the name of love. They visit psychics even more than the non-Christians. A single mother who has been in church for 12 years has kids out of wedlock a, and it is normal. You tolerate the killing of babies and unnaturally use your bodies.  The rate at which Christians gossip others and permeates slanders and libels against their brethren is alarming. Awake America, and I say again awake! You have drunk form the Lord’s hand. “You who have drunk from the LORD'S hand the cup of His anger; the chalice of reeling you have drained to the dregs.” Is the American church still waiting for the return of the Lord? Are you sure, America? The very country that sent missionaries abroad and many came to the Lord? The very country that roared and Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Tojo all went quiet, is the country that is flying around threatened by China and tormented by ISIS and Iran. Oh, how have the mighty fallen!
People used to travel far and near to come and learn about the Lord in America, but today you see luciferianism, a hollow and godless religion that cloaks itself in good works and pulpit talks. Except America arises, the glory of the Lord will not rise upon her. She will fall and fall and fall until her enemies will trample upon her. If you awake, Christ will shine on you. This country has nothing shining in it spiritually. You do not need to send missionaries; they should come from elsewhere and awake you all. Therefore, you should stop reading those bogus numbers and figures of people who have given their lives to Christ during your pleasure trips. If those people truly believed, then we would have seen the change. I always think about Sudan. If those numbers of people believing in Sudan were true, Sudan would have become a Christian nation by now. The same thing would have happened in Eastern Europe. Therefore, those figures you read in your churches are bogus. Right here in the US, the churches are getting drier and drier. I am sorry, I have to burst your bubble!
Many parents only talk about God when they are in church. No wonder many kids tell me that they do not even trust their parents. I hear kids asking me about masturbation. What age do you think it is save to have sex? They will ask. These are questions they should have asked at home, but they cannot ask them because the parents will think that they are sinful. Many parents and churches do not lead their members to a point where they can see God as their ever present father who truly cares and will always be there for them. You look at churches today, they are empty and isolated.
I heard a woman tell me a very sad story on how she and her 8 year old daughter missed church for three weeks, but no one ever called or visited them. She felt lonely. She and her daughter were going through a lot, but they did not really have a good friend. They had to find solace in her unbelieving friend who was always there for her. The worst one is even when you see invisible curtains that divide the whites from the blacks.
When I was a youth leader and coordinator, we talked about sex, masturbation, porn, infatuation, boyfriends and girlfriends, marriage, concubine, alcohol; and many other topics that were not being treated directly on the pulpit. As a result, our groups grew stronger and stronger physically and spiritually, and most of those young people are today pastors. The church wants to leave the people in ignorance, so they restrain themselves from teaching on certain topics. That avoidance is actually the reason why the young people are leaving the church because they think the church is overreaching in stopping them from partaking in their illusive lebensfreude.
You must wake up and strengthen the things that remain, which are about to die. Do not lean on your own understanding (Prov 3:5-6). We must learn how to cast our cares unto the Lord because he cares for us (I pet 5:8). There is a remnant that you must not allow to die because the Lord will be coming like a thief. Will the Son of man find faith when he returns? Will he find anyone awake in America?  Now is the time for our prayer meetings and brotherly love to grow bigger than our Sunday services. My brethren, let us not sleep as others do; let us be alert and awake, burning the oil as we wait for our Lord. Let us preach the gospel in and out of season, and let us persevere for neither drugs nor suicide is the solution. Jesus is the answer!

Until then, forgive me if I sounded the trumpet too high!

St Arrey of Ntenako. 

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." (I Cor 15:19). "It is not how well you know a person; it is how well you treat them that they will live longer and happier with you." Hamilton Ayuk. Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why Is Familicide or Murder-Suicide on The Rise?

Familicide is a murder suicide where one person kills a family member and himself/herself. What has been happening is that many men have been killing their wives, kids and then themselves. Murder suicides do not just happen out of the blue. In June 2015 alone, this will be the 4th Murder suicide (quadruples in Montana and Utah, double in Pearlan, TX and quadruple in Florida). Altogether, there have been 27 murder suicide cases that found themselves in the news. The recent suicide cases in Utah for my case study will be the base of our instruction. The examination of suicide cases in the Bible with those that happen in Utah and other places should help us establish a logical inference. Jessica Miller of  The Salt Lake Tribune wrote this, “ It's an alarming spike — only two ‘familicides’ took place in the previous three years — which raises the questions: Why are people killing their whole families before killing themselves? And what can the community do about it?”[1] There are about five factors contributing to this degradation.

It is important to list chronologically the suicide cases (with the exception of Abimelech’s armorbearer which was euthanasia- Judges 9:54).  The first case of suicide was Samson who killed himself and others (Judges 16:25-30) as an act of revenge for personal pain. He prayed to God, “Lord GOD, remember me and strengthen me only this once, O God, so that with this one act of revenge I may pay back the Philistines for my two eyes” (Judges 16:28). Michael Augustine Bournes shot and killed his wife and their three children on Sunday, June 7, 2015, in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge  because he thought that the society initiated his pain when he was “charged and acquitted of false imprisonment and aggravated assault,” and the wife, Arie Arlynn Lee compounded it by “mocking and deriding him all day.” Consequently, he cut off all communications with close relatives and friends and began to live as a recluse. This is the time that the relative and society should show concern to see what wearies him. Someone needs to talk to him about forgiveness and letting bygones be bygones.
The second biblical case of suicide was King Saul who killed himself with the sword to avoid being captured by his enemies whom he considered unclean (1 Sam. 31:4).  When the philistines had wounded him and he knew that he would be captured, he decided to kill himself, rather than be captured. The problem of many who commit familicide is agliophobia- the fear of pain. Joshua Boren, a Lindon police officer killed his wife, three children, and mother in law and himself.[2] When Joshua Boren received a text message form his wife that read, “"I hate my life because (of) you," she texted. “You killed a part of me," with the word rape texted over and over again, He could foresee the pain he would face if his wife left that building alive. The fear of facing those whom they have hurt and the fear of bearing the punishment pushes people to these atrocities. Families need family meetings to resolve their family problems and not wait for one spouse to explode because the consequences are usually sinister. A state like Utah is ravaged by pornography, so their sex life tries to mimic what they see in those movies, and those fantasies show total disregard for their spouses or girlfriends. 
The third case was Saul’s armor bearer- Doeg (1 Sam. 31:5) who killed himself because he saw that his master, the king was dead (1 Sam. 31:5). The king was the source of his bread and butter, so he could not fathom living without him.  Other times when the suicide person sees hopelessness, they decide to kill all their family because they fear the family will not survive without them. A classic example is that of John List who killed his family because he could not more provide for them, but he did not kill himself. He went to start a new life and was caught 18 years later.[3] I always tell my female students that being a stay home mom is a great job, but you should at least have a degree or a career in preparation for rainy days like unemployment or divorce. People should not think that without them, the lives of others cannot continue. It is the loss of employment that made Russel Smith, 29 to kill his wife and two children.[4] It is the same reason for which Joshua Boren will kill his wife, two children and mother in law.[5] 
The fourth case is that of Zimri (Wild sheep or wild goat) who burnt himself alive for making bad judgments (1 Kings 16:18). There are many people who should be burning themselves for bad judgments, but that is even more bad judgment. Sometimes, people do not intend to kill but after killing someone, they realized they made a serious error, so they kill themselves.  Those people may suffer from what I call the sardanapalus syndrome because they have been bewitched by sloth and luxury that just the mere imagination of leaving it is worse than death. That could explain the murder suicide of Benjamin and Kristi Strack who killed their three children and themselves for fear of a pending apocalypse.[6] People should realize that they came to this world with nothing and will go back with nothing. There is no need to be so attached to the things of this world that any thought of leaving it is worst than death. However, the society seems to promote this spirit of materialism.
The fifth case was Ahithophel who hung himself because his advice was not followed (2 Sam. 17:21-23). He hanged himself because he foresaw the devastation that will follow now that his counsel had failed. It was kakorrhaphiophobia, the abnormal fear of failure. Ahitophel considered himself wiser than any other person, so to have given counsel that did not work. That was unacceptable to his standards. There are many people who think that they are better off than others, so they cannot and do not want to accept the misfortune that has befallen them. What people need to realize is that they are not more important than anyone. You should find time to read my article, “All Humans Walk With Shit.” I always tell people that I have nothing to defend, and I have nothing to prove.  
The sixth and last case found in the New Testament is Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus (Matt. 27:3-5). Judas killed himself because he could not stand the act of betrayal. His conscience could not take it that he betrayed an innocent man. The knitted community he enjoyed with Jesus was no more. At once, he is gripped by monophobia and the end result was killing himself. Johnathon Reeves was doing fine until his fiancĂ©e wanted to break up from him. Then he snapped and killed her and their 2 year old son.[7]
The Salt Lake tribune wrote, “Kendra Wyckoff, interim director of the Utah Domestic Violence Council said, ‘What's really important, I think, for folks to understand is that these really tragic incidents rarely happen in isolation. Often times there may be some other things that are happening. People may be feeling extremely desperate, depressed, they may have made threats to hurt themselves or other people in their family.’" Murder suicide is a very serious epidemic. “According to Utah Department of Health numbers there are three domestic violence related suicides each month. State numbers also show roughly 80 children every year witness their mother’s murder or attempted murder.”[8]  Science daily wrote that, “A new study has revealed that suicide figures may not be as accurate as they are reported, with key Western countries having a higher suicide rate than that reported in official figures, especially the UK.”[9] If these numbers are increasing, it means that there is something we are not doing right. We cannot keep doing the same insane things and hope for different results. Therefore, let me summarize what I am saying.
In school and daily lives, people should be taught that revenge belongs to God. It is due to revenge that many have killed their spouses and children. I still remember a colleague preacher who hated me just for what he heard. When he was wedding, the church had banned the members from attending his wedding ceremony because his fiancee was already pregnant. I was the only colleague he saw there. He called me out of the crowd and apologized. He told the guests, this is a godly man, and I know now my true friends. It is true my wife and I have sinned, but he found it godly to forgive us and attend our most precious day.” After that, he offered me a great gift and apologized for all he did and said about me.
Time has a way of redeeming us and avenging our hurts. Eastern religion calls that Karma. Many fear being tortured by their wives when the court decision is going against them. That is psychological torture. Do not be afraid of mere mortals who can kill only the body and not the soul. When you kill yourself, you eliminate every opportunity for a miracle. Do not kill yourself and do not kill others! Take your mind away from material things and your life will be simple and happier. What do you have to prove to anyone?
The society is too artificial that people seem to prefer bearing their own burdens because of the way people behave. People are too two face these days. I remember when I was volunteering as a chaplain in a hospital. I kept dreaming how some coworkers were trying to kill me. In one of the dreams, a lady hid behind a tray and when I was passing, she stabbed me on the back twice, but the wounds were not deep.  The next day, I dreamt how one of them bit me on my back several times. I kept asking her why she was doing that to me. After about a week, the supervisor told me that some nurses have complained that I wore jeans to work, and another one said that she heard me tell the patients that they will get well. Although he defended me, I still felt like it was not a good place to volunteer when you laugh with people and once you left, they gave a bad report about you. That is very common nowadays.
I hear many young people tell me how they don’t trust anyone. I still remember the letter I read from a young woman who told me that "I don’t even trust my parents, even though they go to church because they are two face." It is not just that people like to bear their burdens alone, but they fear what will happen after you hear their problems or after you help them. If we want to curtail or even stop murder-suicide, we must make ourselves and the society hospitable for people to know that they are part of us, and we truly care. Otherwise, we will keep asking why and never finding any solution.
When a friend told me one time that he was going to kill his wife and then himself, I had to create a false hope by telling him how we could replace the wife if we visited some seraglio like the Red District. When someone is hopeless, you must create hope, albeit even false. In the pursuit of their hope, they will attain the fullness of life thereof and safe the impending calamity. No one commits suicide because he or she is hopeful; Suicide and murder-suicide are very hopeless acts. It is when the individual has come to the end of themselves, and they believe that neither the society nor their own relatives can bail them out. If we were close to people, we will know what they are going through to bail them out. Let me say that your brother loses his job and he has a family. He did not need to come and sign up in church or in food bank to get food while you have enough. By sharing with him the little you have, it gives him satisfaction that he is not just a number in the society begging for food. Many people cannot take it.
When you betray someone you like and you realize your mistake, you should strive to ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself. In addition, we must strive to be faithful and loyal. Something I find nowadays very rampant is unfaithfulness and disloyalty. You are friends with someone who is looking for means to betray you and make more money. These dishonest behaviors increase our mental illness because of the struggle that goes on in our minds.  Polycarp accepted to be burnt on the stake than to deny Jesus.
When someone is divorcing, you make friends with time because many kill for fear of monophobia. I always invited a friend of mine who divorced so that we could hang out. I am not a hanging out person, but I started to do that because I wanted to spend more time with him outside, so he does not find himself lonely because if an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, a lonely person is the society’s boiling cauldron. Finally,  I changed his mind, and behold, it worked and he recovered.
Sometimes, instead of locking yourself up and fearing to date again, you should find a short term date that will pull you out. There is no reason to kill people and yourself. How can your brother have problems with his wife and you did not even know about it? It shows that you are not close. How many times have you invited your brother to your house or for activities? How many times have you given him anything without him asking you? It is so sad to see how dysfunctional we have become as a society. If you see a coworker who is sad and you try to help them, they think that you want something. They prefer to stay in their corner and get indulged in drugs and alcohol. How many Christian brethren do you visit in a week or month? How many relatives do you call in a week?
I have written several times, and I keep saying it over and over again. If you are divorcing or breaking up with a man, you should do that kindly and with less acrimony for your own good and that of your children. The longer the divorce battle, the more acrimony it gathers. Fighting for full custody and for every property or 50/50 is usually a recipe for murder suicide, especially if you contributed very little. Sharing custody will not kill you. I cannot count how many men have killed their ex-wives or girlfriends this month due to custody battles. If you treated your kids well, they will never forget you, so do not fear sharing them with your ex. Life is beautiful so live it.

Until then, the Lord is our Shepherd.

St Arrey of Ntenako

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." (I Cor 15:19). "It is not how well you know a person; it is how well you treat them that they will live longer and happier with you." Hamilton Ayuk. Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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