Saturday, June 13, 2015

Should Rachel Dolezal Have Called Herself Black?

I am sure you have heard about Rachel Dolezal who was born white but has presented herself as black almost her entire adult life until she was ousted by her parents for abandoning them. Some say that she has lied, so she is not trustworthy, and others claim that her burden for the black people does not exempt her from disclosing her true color. On the other hand, there are those who claim that it does not matter what color she embraces; she should be accepted for who she claims to be just as the transgender. My task is to prove that her act is culturally and psychologically normative.
Most people who are angry with her are the white ones. Their reason is simple; why do you deny your own people to join these miscreants? It is not about her claims at all. Her claims did not deprive neither the black people from anything nor did she benefit anything for being black. On the contrary, being black in America comes with a lot of racism and marginalization. 
Rachel Dolezal says she is black; she did not say she is African American. Rachel is identifying herself by the color black and not the continent of Africa. The burdens of the black people are her burdens, and that which wearies them, wearies her too. An African American is an African who naturalized as an American. The dark skinned American who was born in America is called an American. All those who call themselves African Americans are merely misidentifying themselves. That is slave mentality! The slave always thought about going home. Many always ask me, “why don’t you have a problem when the Chinese, Jewish, Mexicans or Cubans identify themselves as Chinese Americans, Jewish Americans, Mexican Americans or Cuban Americans respectively?  The answer is simple, they came from a distinct country and could go back to that country if push came to shove. Now, which country will the “African Americans” call theirs? You don’t hear people call anyone European Americans, Australian Americans or Antarctica Americans. You hear South American because they come south of the American continent.  I have discussed this in details here during the Raven Symone saga. . 
It is only unfortunate that she cut off from her parents. The Bible says, " honor your  parents so that you will have long life (Ex 20:12; Eph 6:2). Many people will die young because they dishonored their parents. Somewhere, I feel like spiteful and rancorous parents who could seek to destroy their own daughter in this way, should not be honored, but that is not the condition that God set for us to honor our parents. It is sad that she had to stretch the truth to show that she is part of the cause. It must be noted that had she not done that, even the NAACP would not have trusted her or accepted her to lead such a position; meanwhile, her burden for the cause could outweigh that of many black Americans. Nonetheless, let us look at the implications. 
When you look at the two colors by which people identify others, there is no one with any such color. Therefore, those colors become attributes that anyone could use as they like. She is right to identify herself as black; that neither means she must have dark skin because white people don't have white skin nor does it mean that she must have been born by black parents. The NAACP fights for the interests of selected blacks and other colored people. Consequently, Rachel identifies herself as dark skin to fight for their causes.
This issue of color is the same as gender identification. There are some men who think and believe that they are women, so they should be allowed to use the women’s restrooms. They were not born women, but they believe that they are women. That is the gender they identify themselves with. The courts have sided with them, and the society considers them heroes to a point where some of them have taken every step necessary to look males or females. Rachel is not different. She believes that she is black, and she did everything necessary in hairstyle, mannerism and philosophy to show that she is black. She should be identified just that way.
When I was in secondary school, I had a classmate called Okoso Susanna. You might think that the person is a woman. No, he was a boy. Students used to tease him during roll call. When the teacher called his name, students will say "she is absent." He took that name because he claimed that his father was absent in his life, and only his mother was present, so he did not see why he would bear the name of his estranged father rather than the name of his mother who was there for him. I was fortunate to have gained his trust.During my first visit to his home, I found out that he was 21, in form 3, and he had 3 wives. 
Moses was a Hebrew child who decided to grow up as an Egyptian child. The Bibe says, "And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds" (Acts 7:22).  Rachel acting black is nothing bad at all, for there is a precedence in the Bible.  
As a result, if the cause and color of the black people makes Rachel happier, why should the society deprive her of such happiness because of the color of her skin? She wants to be identified as black, so black she is. You don’t have a problem identifying a man as a woman because you want to accept the transgender community, so you should not have any problem with her. Rachel Dolezal is the first transracial woman in America. That is quite an achievement. She is America's heroine and most importantly, mine! The same way America celebrated Jenner should be the same pomp with Rachel. Rachel keep your head up; you are the epitome of a freedom fighter! 
I think that we have separated ourselves enough. We are all human beings, whether light skinned or dark skinned. The time has come for a white person to lead a black organization or for the black person to lead a white institution without changing their color identities. Perhaps it is also a call to eliminate all these black and white color identifications. Now is the time for first the NAACP to have her back, and secondly, it is also the time for the others to accept her as she wants to be identified.
Rachel Dolezal is my heroine! She is a fine lady who believes in equality. People should leave her alone! If you did not have problems with Jenner, you should not have problems with her. It is even sad that the very black people whose cause she embraced are the ones throwing her to the wolves just to be politically correct. The NAACP should stand behind her. What type of society are we really building? A society where we deny our friends when they are in trouble? Where are her students, comrades and friends? I am befuddled to hear people say that “there is no social construct. and there are no racial roles.” Yes, there are! I knew a black guy who wrote an exam twice. He knew that he could pass, but he did not understand why he was failing. When he went in for the test the third time, he changed his race, and he passed. All his public exams, he took them as white and passed. How can you say that pretending to be white did not benefit him? I also knew a young white gentleman who was applying for a teacher certification in one state. He applied for one in music, but they issued him one with Spanish and History. He complained that he did not have those skills, but they told him to just keep it. There are racial roles. Don’t people expect black people to always play the role of criminals?

Don’t people expect Hispanics to always play the roles of illegals?

Until then, I wish her well.

St Arrey of Ntenako.  

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