Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Phembe By Ndinga MarvinGaye Wakes Up The Conscience of The Oroko People

I am thankful to Tata Nanje, the great producer to have produced this music and also to our one and only Prince Fred Mediko who never fails to show his humanitarian side each time they call him. The melancholic rhythm greatly highlights the suffering of the people. His simple message reinforces the purpose of Ndinga’s video to emotionally add impetus to the plight of the Oroko people. It is the type of music that you dance and cry simultaneously because it is difficult to understand why any people should be abandoned in such a predicament. What have the Oroko people really done to Ahidjo and now Biya? 
Phembe (blessings) creates a jovial but serene atmosphere because it serves as therapy since it gives hope to the people that Oroko shall one day see the light. After all, they rely on God to guide and preserve them. They have been abandoned by their politicians and the government of Cameroon. He uses this video to announce to the world that, “there is suffering in the villages. “ When you listen and watch this video, you cannot help but pity the Oroko people who come from the seat of oil in Cameroon, yet they are so poor to a point where it would not be an insult to call them shlimazels. 
Did you see some of their houses? They are mostly dilapidated and ramshackle buildings. The Oroko politicians should be ashamed of themselves for selling their people for Biya’s portage. In the Oroko clan “there are no hospitals and there are no motorable roads. There were no schools.” The few schools they have now do not even have teachers. There is no electricity, no radio and no television to even listen to news” or the Biya government telling lies. This is pure badluck for the Oroko people. His lyrics portray the Oroko people suffering, even though the government drains oil from beneath their feet. They are reenacting the Tantalus Myth because Tantalus lived in a garden of fruits near a spring, but he was dying of thirst and hunger. Each time he stretched his arm to cut a fruit, it sprung backwards, and each time he descended to the spring to drink, it dried up.  Oroko people are living with oil, but they are going through dearth. 
Ndinga's greatest strength is that he neither deviates from his culture nor does he wander from his tradition. He stays in there with them in the music genre, the local color, dance moves and rhythm. In short, he upholds the purity of the Oroko culture. Ndinga‘s music is a rallying cry for the children of Oroko to wake up wherever they are. Oroko people do not sleep while your riches wear out. Oroko children are all over the world, China, Japan, America, Britain. France, Belgium, Cameroon and all over the world, so are many of you to form a big army and fight for your ancestral riches. For how long will you be oppressed? This is a call to inherit what is rightfully yours. Get up and protect what is is yours, Oroko. For how long will you leave on the dregs and crumbs?
The Oroko people across the world should help him in spreading this message by inviting him to their occasions. Ndinga has always been a great dancer. He shakes his back as if he had jelly in it and not bones and meat. Boy, I tried shaking mine, and I realized that I need a warm-up session any of these days.
Nonetheless, he could do more with the video quality since we live in an age where people watch more than they read.

Until then, I wish the Oroko people well. 

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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