Sunday, May 3, 2015

Two Reporters Accused Mayweather of Banning them From Covering The Fight.

I read that two female journalists were banned from reporting the Mayweather fight in Las Vergas at the MGM Grand. By the way, Mayweather won the fight by unanimous decision. I find the reaction of the ladies as popularity shoppers or seeking for notice. They are already on TV, so they should curb their appetite for histrionics.
First and foremost, Mayweather's publicist: Kelly Swanson has debunked their lies that they were banned; she showed that they were credentialed already. They didn't just know where to pick their credentials. If Brian Williams told such a lie, the people would be singing how he should step down. These women should step down for deliberately misinforming and misleading people. Here is the Mayweather publicist openly claiming that they are lying. 
Secondly, why are they fighting to cover his fights if Mayweather is such a horrible human being as they seem to portray him to the public? Are they suffereing from the Helsinki/ Stockholm Syndrome where the victim falls in love with her abductor? Is Mayweather the man they hate to love? If Mayweather is so bad, they should avoid his things. They should leave him alone. Sooner they say that he is a broken mad. Why shouldn’t he be broken if you will come up with such lies just to insert yourself in a contest you can never achieve. This is not different from bank robbery because they are stealing the popularity to themselves at this time.
Thirdly, they are not standing up for domestic abuse because in Rachel's last interview with Mayweather, she asked him if he was going to make a donation to a charity. So to solve the problem of domestic abuse is by making a donation to a charity. In other words, money can buy the peace of domestic abuse victims. if she had made a suggestion for Mayweather to carry some workshops against domestic abuse, it would have been understandable because he is the one called out. It shows that the intent was twofolds: to partake in the popularity or to partake in the booty of Mayweather by crook or hook. This time, they are using rumors to cast themselves on the spotlight.
Finally, Mayweather did the crime and did the time. He does not owe society anything anymore. Until human beings become God to hold a man against a sin that has been paid for, they should look at their own skeletons. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I pray that every man and woman will look at themselves and stop focusing on others or Mayweather. If we were to detail every evil each of us has done, it is likely that Mayweather may appear as the angel.
Stephen A Smith has told America how to fight domestic abuse, but the pride of lionesses bullied the man and he cowed and kowtowed to the usual singsong of unnecessary apologies.
Opinions are debatable, so if you do not like someone’s opinions, you should debate him or her rather than seek for them to lose their job. If the individual had no job, what would you do?
They say that no one should buy Floyd’s fights. Would domestic abuse vanish if Floyd mayweather doe s no more fight? Would Floyd absence from this world solve the problem? If not, then we are approaching the problem wrongly.
My only hope is that everyone running his or her mouth against Mayweather should expose their own lives to the public. What Mayweather does in the ring is our business, but what he does outside the ring is not ours. Domestic abuse will be bettered fought with education and respect for humans than a name and shame campaign as the one perpetrated against Mayweather. Mayweather should be talked into organizing workshops rather than be blackmailed. Mayweather should be smart to select who he gives interview. 
Until then, Mayweather should be celebrated while he lasts!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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