Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mayweather is the king of Defense and Boxing’s Grand Master

A few years ago, I wrote that Floyd “Money” Mayweatherwas the face of clean boxing. He single handedly cleaned the sports unlike the MMA, yet I have never seen an athlete whose mastery of his craft engenders such a schadenfreude for his demise. If Newton invented modern science, and Einstein made the greatest scientific discovery, Mayweather was a defensive pugilist who had no comparison with his contemporaries. He is such an oxymoron in whom love and hate confluence, but hate outweighs the love. Mayweather is like the children of Israel; the more the enemies hated them, the more God prospered them. His flamboyant lifestyle has many misconstruing that he does not know God. It could infer that every poor person will go to heaven. Mayweather knows God, albeit not in the way that many will want him to know Him. Manny even presumptuously declared, “The God I serve will deliver him into my hands.” That as you all know; no matter how many times Manny prayed, God did not hear his sanctimony.
Once I heard Manny’s boasting, I prayed to God to anoint Mayweather the more. After his victory, he gave thanks first to God in whom he owes his victories and safe passage in the ring. Surprisingly, they made Manny Pacquiao the angel. The same Manny who initially refused taking blood tests. The same Manny who was accused of going out with multiple women. The same Manny who requested to take “anti-inflammatory injection in his dressing room before the fight.” Who knows if he took them in other fights before throwing 700 punches?
Nonetheless, Mayweather’s haters were possessed by Nemesis- the goddess of revenge, so they dreamt to see him knocked out cold. Had Manny knocked out Floyd Mayweather, no one would have said the fight was boring. It is boring only because Mayweather won. They paid to watch him beaten. They did not pay to see his opponents; otherwise, his opponents would have been generating the pay per view numbers that he generates. They merely paid to see someone beat him, so they can say that he is a coward who only beats women, although it was a lie.
Sometimes it is not good to have hatred in your heart because it clouds your judgment. Sean Ingle of the Guardian.comwrote that Mayweather fought a depleted Oscar De La Hoya, Mosley, Ricky Hatton and Cotto etc., but Manny Pacquiao was supersonic in their destruction. The foolishness in this though is that Mayweather fought these guys way before Manny Pacquiao. In other words, Pacquiaover fought Mayweathers’s .leftovers.” In addition, he says that Maytweather fought a pacquiao who is already too old, but he forgot that Mayweather is actually older than Pacquaio with 18 months.
Before the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, many people knew that Mayweather will be knocked out, and 58 % believed that Pacquiao was going to win. As such, many went to the MGM Grand, some bought the fight, and others pirated the fight to be living witnesses of Mayweather's destruction.  They created an evil pedestal as a woman abuser on which they hoisted him so that his downfall will find no sympathizers or generate any compunction. In Pacquiao’s home country of Philippines, everything was at a standstill, even the rebels and government who have been involved in an acrimonious war of attrition had a ceasefire just to watch their hero. Two female journalists who were seeking for notice lied that he had banned them from covering the match. Vanquished foes like Oscar De La Hoya and former heroes who squandered their earnings joined the hate bandwagon, yet Maywetaher came out unscratched.
I watched Mayweather for the mastery of his craft. I don't watch him as a role model. if I want a role model, I look at Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith or I look at my pastors and teachers. While he did not invent the shoulder roll, he perfected it. He was elusive in the ring, but he was ubiquitous in Las Vegas as he always went out with a caravan.  That caravan always provoked the barking of past heroes like Tyson or vanquished foes like De La Hoya each time it passed. De La Hoya seeking to replace Mayweather with his own milky cow in the name of Canelo Alvarez, comes out swinging that the fight was boring. Wasn’t the same fight that he delivered with Canelo where De La Hoya himself said that Mayweather was a defense wizard? De La Hoya’s shenanigans are a dull business move because it takes away interest from boxing.
Mayweather was not out of the ring; he was in the ring with his opponents. Why and how was he then running? Good boxers know how to cut the ring. They know how to corner their opponents.
Unfortunately, Mayweather’s opponents could not hit him. The great Lennox Lewis said that, “You cannot hit what you can’t see.” Others who are jealous say that he is a coward; he runs al through in the ring. Why did the skill opponents not hit him then? “Iron Mike” hunted down his opponents and chopped them down with knockout punches. Ali floated like a butterfly, but he stung like a bee. Nonetheless, Money Mayweather made himself a ghost in the ring. He appeared to jab and land a right hand, but he disappeared before his opponents could find him. That was his master plan: deliver much punishment but take less. Less he has taken too that in 48 fights, he has never been knocked down. We can even count how many times he has bled through his nostrils in each of his fights. Such were his defensive wizardry.
This generation and the boxing world should be happy for a man like Mayweather. People like him come once every generation. He mastered his craft and was aware of his transcendency. Those who hated him called him braggart, but those who love him called his defense wizard. They say that he is a woman abuser and should pay for that. Unfortunately for them, he has already served his time in jail and does not owe them anything. How on earth will live if we had to repay for the sins we have been forgiven? Journalists and humans do take away our sins; God does. He has forgiven Mayweather, whether you like it or not. He said that he has one more fight to go. Perhaps people should love him this time because the more they hated him, the more God was on his side. One of my colleague always said, “God hates ugly.” The perfection of his craft has renewed interests in boxing and thanks to him, other boxers will benefit. No boxer in this generation should make himself a fool by bad mouthing Mayweather because he is the big Kahuna who enriches the boxing village.

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Until then, I wish him many more victories.

St Arrey of Ntenako. 
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