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Why Are So Many Women in America Killed By Their Husbands or Boyfriends?

40% of murdered women worldwide are done by their husbands or boyfriends.[1] 6 women are murdered daily in Mexico.[2] Oh, Mexicans are barbaric. Oh wait before you send troops to protect the lives of women in Mexico. More than 3 women are murdered daily in the United States.[3] This does not mean that women do not kill men. You can ask Nancy Grace[4] because she has every current news and drama with her hyperbolic histrionics and melodramatization. Here are some women who killed their lovers: Francine Hughes,[5] Sheyna Hubers,[6] Jodi Arias[7] and Opal Williams[8] at least. However, that number pales in comparison to the number of men who kill their female lovers. Femicide rates are about 40-50% of the homicide rates.[9]In the June 2015 murder suicide list I just compiled from the news, 27 murder-suicides took place, and 21 women were killed by their husbands or boyfriends, one woman killed her daughter and granddaughters, but only one woman killed her husband. Americans are in denial because they are pretending that they are civilized!!!! Many people are focused on treating the symptoms, but this article is an attempt to cure the disease itself because most of those deaths could have been prevented.  Therefore, I will provide four causes and preventions or solutions.  
The society is used to being too reactionary rather than preventive. Why are so many lovers killing each other nowadays? Most relationships nowadays are not based on love; they are based on physiognomy, wealth, social status or personal interest. These are ephemeral factors that vanish with time and do not provide real satisfaction. Most of those relationships have no bond since love is a bond in spirit that is physically administered in friendship. The bond by an object vanishes as the object depreciates in value. People should start building relationships on love rather than artificial things that have no value.
Naturally, American men do not know how to treat women[10]; that is why you will see that none of the advanced countries in Europe has the same femicide rates as the US.[11] Surprisingly, femicide rates are very high too in Bible belt areas which can cast a glimpse of the cause.[12] There are some people who misread when the Bible says that the woman is a weaker vessel (I pet 3:7). They take that to mean that she is an inferior being.
When I visited Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico, I found out that 4 out of the 6 divorced Mexican women in our group had a similar tale. Their husbands ran away with younger women. I asked them why they could not correct it by marrying older men. They told me that they did not know better when they were young. At the time, each of them was dating a guy older than her. Women age faster than men. Since most relationships are based on the physique, the women age ungracefully, leaving their lustful lovers no other recourse than to run away for the one who is still looking young. That running away is not really running away because the tentacles of the law will draw him closer to the woman he now considers Mendusa if they had a child. As from then, he plans to eliminate his problem and the woman becomes the collateral damage because he kills her merely to run away from child support. Child support was really his enemy. . 
Most marriages where the woman was older than the man or they were both almost the same age, ended up in divorce. It does not mean that the one with a considerable age disparity between the man and the woman always lasts eternally. Most women do not kill their husbands or boyfriends because they know that they can just walk away and let the courts rob him for them. Men do not have that luxury. Sorry guys! 
Men see themselves as abandoned and consider murder as the better recourse. The men tried to remedy the situation by forming the Father’s Rights Movement, Dads in Distress and Battered Husband Club all to no avail. As a result, they apply jungle justice. The fear of losing property is one of the risk factors.[13] The solution is to revise the laws of the country about divorce, property partition and inheritance and custody. Most divorce laws discriminate against men in alimony, child support and child custody. In addition, there is unequal reaction to wife rape accusation. To solve this problem, you will have to look at the causes. Otherwise, you will have to kill or imprison all the men because you do not know which one will kill his wife or girlfriend. 
Most men have killed their girlfriends when she was pregnant and refused to either keep it secret or threatened to stake him with child support.[14] If a man tells you to abort, you should immediately report it to a trusted family member or friends and then tell him that you have told them, so in case you die or something happens to your child, he will he held responsible.
Notwithstanding, child support should totally be abolished in our society. It is making most men the human ATMs for some women. I knew a woman who had 6 dads for five children because she had four men for four children and two men for one child. Both men paid child support while she slept and went to the spa salon twice a week. In most countries where there is no child support, the men keep the children, but if the man wants the woman to keep the child or children, he assisted the woman. Do you mean that only American women love their kids more than their men? Most women in America fight to keep the kids for child support. People always write to me and say," you are very stupid."Well, I am wise enough to figure this out. If any of the parties wants to keep the child, he or she should be willing to foot all the bills, but they will still have 50/50 custody. You will see how many of these women will run away from these kids. You want to know that most women will run away from the kids if there was no child support, you look at the abortion rates. It portrays that mothers do not love their kids more than the fathers. In abortion, they are the only ones with the right to let the child live or die, but they chose to kill the child.
More so, there should be means to implement equal custody. The government has to make sure that no matter how poor or bad the man has been to his wife, he should have equal custody of his child with his wife. A man could be mean spirited to a woman who entrapped him to having a child with her or just for some other reason, but he may be loving to his child. Simply because a man was a bad husband or boyfriend does not mean that he will be a bad father to his child. However loving the mother of your child helps the child to understand the meaning of love. Unfortunately, many men have been kept away from their kids by their spiteful exes. When a woman threatens to cut him away from the child, it sometimes results in the death of the woman.
The law should also be changed about spousal rape. Many men have killed their wives when she threatened him with rape. Most spousal rapes are considered rancorous to do away with the man they do not want. Seeing the gravity of sexual offense convictions, he tries to do away with it the wrong way. I don’t think that a man should ever be charged for spousal rape. I doubt anyone will steal his own property. I am not calling a woman property. I am saying that each of them belongs to each other, including their bodies. That is what the Bible says (I Cor 7: 4-5). If a spouse must withhold sex from the other, it must be by mutual consent and not unilaterally. Albeit, I always tell men who complain that they do not have enough sex at home to consider the ungodly advice “get it elsewhere) because I do not see myself having sex with someone who does not want it. That is why European men do not have such complaints because they run to the Red Districts. Once more, American men do not have such luxury. It explains why American men are always angry. They are deprived of sex or are sex starved. Hahahahaha!!!! Femicide rates were not this high in Mexico; they rose when the Mexicans passed laws that mimicked the Americans. They forgot that a lizard is not a crocodile or that a cat is not a lion. 
Most women make their husbands cuckold with impunity. When you flaunt your sanchos openly in front of your husband, it may result in your death.[15] Try to conceal your relationships, even if you are separated. I am not saying that cheating is good; I am merely saying that if you were to do it, it should be discreet because there is nothing like the anger of a cuckold. You may want to ask the Nigerian-American men because many of them have killed their wives in America. I am sorry Nigerian-American men, you should not make me your enemy because I speak the truth (Gal 4:16). You should just click on this link.    
Another solution is for alimony to be equitable, commensurate or proportionate. I do not see how a man will buy his home before a woman comes in, but he loses it when they are divorcing because they have children. The man is asked to move out of the home, so she can live in there with the pretext that she is caring for the kids. When men start to sense that, they fear the outcome and the reaction is nefarious.[16]
 Furthermore, spouses and lovers should try to breakup or divorce peacefully. The more protracted the divorce case, the greater the acrimony and hatred. That is why many men have killed their ex-wives. In most cases, even killing the kids too. 
Another factor is the emptiness of the society. The society is also responsible for the behavior of these men. People are too individualistic, so there is no one to advise them against their actions. Take the example of Dr. Martin MacNeill, he was married to a beauty queen but lost interest in her.[17] We need to go closer to our colleagues, neighbors or relatives to talk and share the beauties of life with them. Many may misunderstand your intentions, but you should keep doing it. Whenever I hear a woman say that she is divorcing, I always say, “make it as short and peaceful as possible for your own safety and happiness.”An extended divorce battle is a punishment for both spouses. 
However, many of them don’t talk to people; they run to their lawyers who add the monster potion that makes them more spiteful than Hera. The men counter back by taking their lives. Boom, we have lost one or more lives! The circus begins again, and we start to wonder why. You can end this circus in this age. People should learn to let things go. If one party wants to take all, let them take it. It is impossible really to do that but pray God that you have the strength. Pray God that he gives you a faithful and honest spouse for life. If you can easily see why you love someone, then your love is vain. Real love that lasts forever has no real reason (I Cor 13:5) because it is a bond in spirit that is physically administered in friendship.
Until then, women’s lives matter too!
St Arrey of Ntenako.

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