Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Where Is The Line between A Mother's Love and Corporal Punishment?

This article is in reaction to the mother who has been watched worldwide beating her son who was protesting in public. Surprisingly, this mother is considered the Mother of the Year, perhaps because she is acting for the state. Surreptitiously, the society and government just endorsed corporal punishment. When then can we draw the line between a mother’s love and corporal punishment, or where then is the line between abuse or assault and discipline? Is it only an offense when government and the public interest is in danger and not when family interests are endangered? I invite you to watch the video below before you read the article. 
 Didn't this woman just abused her child in public? The same government prohibits corporal punishment, so parents can no more discipline their kids but because this woman is beating her child in favor of the government, she is cheered as a heroine. I thought that corporal punishment traumatizes kids? Euripides once said, "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."
Adrian Peterson was suspended and even charged with abuse for spanking his own child. Many parents have been locked up because someone at a Walmart took a picture of the woman or man spanking his or her child for misbehaving in public. It would seem to me that children are properties of the state because only the state can use corporal punishment on them or can approve when it could be used.
 If we say that her act is right, what about those kids without parents to spank them in a public spectacle? If this woman was seen spanking this very boy in another situation less desperate from government grasp would we have approved it?
I do not condemn her; I am merely showing the tomfoolery in arguing against parental discipline just as I applaud the Obama government and other black leaders for rebuking the excesses of the protests. This is what the black leaders should regularly do. I find this act of destroying property despicable. Obama has sent a huge message that there is a difference between protesting on the one hand and criminality and thuggery on the other. You cannot destroy property because you destroy those of innocent people. By destroying property, you trample underfoot the very blood of Freddie Gray. 
Furthermore, this portrays how the law favors women more than men. You may want to look at the reactions to sexual abuse when females and males are caught in the act. If a man was seen spanking his daughter in a public spectacle, the feminists would have been all over him as wasps, calling for his execution without due process.
The act of protest is itself not a crime, and there is no indication that the boy was one of those destroying property. People who applaud the mother should answer this question. Is protesting against injustice a crime or even a character frailty? If it is not, then the mother should not have beaten up the boy because by beating him up, she muzzles his inalienable right to exercise his freedom of speech. On another hand, if corporal punishment is bad, then it should be bad at all times. The reason why we are too confused as a people is because we have alienated ourselves away from God as a nation. We are a confused people awaiting destruction. You see, when people alienate themselves from God, He darkens their understanding. The government has prevented the parents and teachers from corporal punishment. I only hope that no parent will again be charged with child abuse due to corporal punishment.
However we should not forget the cause of the protests; the disproportionate treatment of the black people in America. That is what caused the protests that a black man was killed by abuse while in police custody. It is time to talk about racism once and for all. Otherwise, the law of Oppression will be our constant stable. 

Until then, we must rethink our priorities.

St Arrey of Ntenako
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