Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dr. Jean Bosco And His Team Made The Last Step Towards Finding A Cure For Lung Cancer.

Dr. Jean Bosco is bearing the fruits of education. I first want to congratulate Dr. Jean Bosco Tagne for this brilliant work and contribution to the cause of mankind survival. The bible says, “Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour (Rom 13:7).” It simply means, give recognition to those who do good things. There are many people who will die without ever publishing anything, and even those who publish may never be of any importance to the cause of mankind. Therefore, to see someone like Jean Bosco and his team take the arduous task of looking into ways on how to cure cancer is an achievement worth taking one’s trumpet to the highest skyscraper because lung cancer kills without warning. 
Dr. Jean Bosco and his team of researchers at the University of Boston, Massachusetts where he is the corresponding author have published an article, “Transcription factor and microRNA interactions in lung cells: an inhibitory link between NK2 homeobox 1, miR-200c and the developmental and oncogenic factors Nfib and Myb.” This research is to show the link between epithelial cells proliferation and how tumors begin in the lungs. By creating a link, they not just establish a preemptive (preventive) pathway, they do actually create both preemptive and reactionary pathways. No wonder the article is rated as highly accessed. If you have not yet read it, I adjure you  to read it as soon as possible and join me in congratulating these scholars.
This research is extremely important for human kind because lung cancer is usually very difficult to detect and by the time it is detected, it is usually very late and more advanced to cure. In most cases, doctors and their patients always realize that it has attacked and contaminated other vital organs of the body. Therefore, this research is very essential because it will help in diagnosing and treating lung cancer in its early stages and even late stages too. The rate at which cancer is snatching lives, any effort towards its containment should be very encouraged and supported. I hope that they will quickly engage in taking this knowledge from theory to practice, from a dream to reality.
What amazes me is how a prophet is never great in his hometown. I remember some years back in the Cameroonian forums how many people because of their political disagreement with Jean Bosco were blatantly lying that he stole his PhD, and that he is not a researcher. They said that he was a mere rat Cather at the Boston University.  Others went as far as writing to his school to incriminate him with lies. People made fun of him as a rat doctor. They called him names that he did not have a PhD and how it was fake. Today, he is the one showing who is educated and who is illiterate. If a man’s education is not geared towards the summum bonum of mankind, that person’s education is vain. I am sure everyone can see whose education is of any value. Dr. Jean Bosco is showing the gainsayers who is the erudite scholar and who are the noisemakers. The good thing about his research is that it will save so many lives, including those flibbertigibbets. It seems as if the world is now upside down that people will celebrate scammers and feymen, but they find it luxurious to insult an intellectual simply because he has a political position different from theirs.
Until then, let us celebrate people like Jean Bosco who are changing the world with their education whether we agree philosophically with them or not.

St Arrey of Ntenako

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