Saturday, March 28, 2015

IS RAVEN-SYMONE Right Not To Call Herself An African American?

The problem with many people is that they do not like freethinkers. They want only people with herd mentality. All the black people born in America are not African Americans. They are Americans. The African Americans are the Africans born in Africa who naturalized as Americans. They are the real African Americans, so I do not see why her statement is wrong. I will be using the term black just for expediency purposes only. Perhaps we should return to the original appellation which was the "negritude" as Langston Hughes, Senghor and Donny Elwood. It was their racial pride in the 20s. Thanks to their consciousness, the Africans then woke up in what they will later term "negritude" in the 30s. In Langston Hughes poem “Negro," he writes in the first and last stanzas, "I am a Negro: Black as the night is black,/ Black like the depths of my Africa."
People are free to call themselves whatever they like; that is their right. I had a classmate called Dirtybird. I told him that his parents made a mistake naming him Dirtybird; they should have named him “Dirtyman" because Dirtybird is like an insult since he is not a bird. He always told me that I was crazy. I am not stopping anyone from calling himself or herself African American; they can even add king there and be called King African American. After all, almost all their DNAs say that they are princesses and princes. This is what we call opinions. You and him are entitled to your opinions, and I am also entitled to mine.
I do agree with Jesse Jackson that there is no black or white color. However, there are three groups who can bear the rights of autochthones in this land. They are the Native Americans, the Caucasian Americans and the Dark Skinned Americans (African Americans as you call them). The rest: Puerto Ricans, Italians, Mexicans, Chinese, Jamaicans, Africans etc. are all squatters.
Symone is merely expropriating her rights as an American, and people want to dispossess her. The Irish Americans will go back to Ireland, the Jews will go back to Israel, the Africans to their different countries in Africa, and the Mexican Americans will go back to Mexico. To which country in Africa will the “African Americans" go? You see that Symone makes a serious point to consider. What she is saying is that the black Americans should appropriate their rights as Americans because it is theirs! The black Americans cannot deny their American birthright! Their status is different from all the other little groups. If there was anything as European Americans from the Mayflower, then it will make sense. Otherwise, it is useless to belabor the point.
Those who call themselves Puerto Rican Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Chinese Americans or Jamaican Americans were all immigrants who naturalized. Those who were born here do not consider themselves that way. The blacks who went through slavery in this country don't have the same status like the naturalized Africans or the Puerto Rican Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian or Jamaican Americans who immigrated here voluntarily. If you call those black people who were born here as African Americas, I doubt what you will call the Africans who came and naturalized here. What would you call the black people in Canada: African Canadians, or what would you call those black people in Australia: African Australians?  The Dark Skinned Americans have the same status as the Caucasians who came here through Mayflower. Those Americans have the same rights like the Native Americans. They are the autochthones. If people were asked to go back to their different countries, the Mexican Americans will go back to Mexico, the Puerto Ricans will go back to Puerto Rico, and The Jamaicans will go back to Jamaica. Which country will the Native Americans, Caucasian Americans or African Americans go to?

Therefore, Symone is right that she is from all over Africa because her ancestors were plucked from across the continent, so she knows and has only one country and continent. That is America and North America, so she is plain and simple an America with no derivative. Any child born in America now is American and owes their allegiance only to America and not any imaginary fairyland or kingdom. Anyone whose child was born here and is teaching that child that this is not their country is being unpatriotic. 

Until then, Raven is black but she is not African American.

St Arrey of Ntenako

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