Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crowd Kills Girl Suspected to Be Suicide Bomber in Nigeria

I am appalled to read this. It seems like barbarism knows no end in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. In Kenya a bishop was paraded naked after being caught in flagrant adultery. All over the continent, the people are fighting wars and begging from the West, East and China. Despite their natural resources, they are samples of poverty because of barbarism.
It is just now that burning people suspected of stealing the sexual organs of others has subsided. In Nigeria, they burnt many people who were suspected of stealing the sexual organs of others. It finally came out that the hysteria was false and many used it to settle scores with their enemies. It was like McCarthyism in the US.
Still in Nigeria, they burnt children who were suspected of being witches and wizards. In most cases, they were girls, anyway!  It was as if men never practice withcraft. Parents took their children to witchdoctors who had powers to see through their spiritual eyes kids those who were witches. Those who were witches were forced to confess and after their confession, they were burnt alive.  Jungle justice is a meal the Nigerians share with their neighbors.
Africans like to copy everything from the West, but they always seem to be blind at good behavior. When you drive on American roads, you see the people repairing their roads daily. They are very well organized. If you go to an office, you stand on the line and wait for your turn. There is corruption, but if you were caught, the law ran its course with you. Why do Africans like jungle justice?  The killing of these girls is jungle justice and not poetic justice.
Behavior like this is unacceptable in the 21st century.
I am aware that Boko Haram has set fear in the hearts of everyone, but we still need common sense and empathy when dealing with issues of this magnitude. When they found out that the girl had bottles strapped around her body, and they overpowered her, they should have handed her to the police. She was found with bottles and not bombs. Therefore, no one was in any immediate danger. Perhaps she stole something, or perhaps she was practicing witchcraft with her bottles. People have been known to carry fetishes on their bodies for protection and they are sometimes ashamed to let others know. She was overpowered already, so there was no need to burn her alive.
The Bible does not teach us to kill those in flagrant sin. We should let the law run its course. This is what they do in America; otherwise, the Tsarnaev brothers should have been killed and burnt. Why can't Africans learn, or why do Africans always learn the wrong thing? This is a good practice to copy from the United States. Why can’t Africans learn how to maintain their roads and airports like the United States? If a road does not pick up a pothole that is one meter deep, they don’t repair the road. Most of the roads are dilapidated.
Why can’t Africans learn the good thing? What amazes me is how even the intellectuals either sit aloof or partake in the devilry. When 419 was reigning, the intelligentsia even endorsed it to a point where it was a in music sung by Nkem Ewoh. No wonder we live to beg from the West, yet we complain of them stealing our resources. “He that pays the piper dictates the tune,” They say. Perhaps if Africans embrace proper civilization, they will experience better development.  Next time, just next time, Africans should avert the temptation of applying jungle justice and wait for due process or the rule of law to take its course and punish the evildoers. Individuals should refrain from taking the law into their own hands. I feel bad for the little girl and her family who have lost a young girl due to rashness from the culture of jungle justice.

Until then, jungle justice is evil.

St Arrey of Ntenako

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