Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why Are Black Women Running To Europe For Dating?

There are many white men here in the US to go around for any black woman who wants one. 
Why Are Black Women Running To Europe For Dating?
I heard that many black women are now rushing with their bags to Europe to date. Many women say that it is because they are black; that is not the issue. The black woman has not been abandoned; she has abandoned herself. Flying to Europe, Latin America, Australia or even heaven and hell, you may still come back empty if you do not change the way you approach life. Men can travel just to go get sex and plenty of it could be found in the Red Districts in Europe. However, the women are more into deep relationship because they can get laid anytime anywhere they want. All they need to do is go on craigslist and ask to be laid. They will have their laps full.  The notion that people are going to Europe to date white men portrays how erroneous people still think that only white people live in Europe. The issue is not that there are not enough black men or enough men for the black women. It is not a stereotype because I worked with some black guys, and almost all of them were either dating or fooling around with a white woman. There are certain things that most women in general must arrange. You see, the woman needs the emotional state, the man merely wants sex. That is why a man feels very satisfied after ejaculation while the woman needs to linger around and be touched and caressed even after the ejaculation. 
Love neither knows any color nor status. Our upbringing has limited our love lives because some people were made to believe that other colors are not good for them. Others think that they bear the responsibility of preserving the race. I wonder which race they are talking about, since all human beings come from the same race. Black women should not only think that they must only date black men. The same goes for white women.  You should pursue the source of your happiness. One way to even reduce racism is through interracial marriages. The truth is that hatred will never disappear from this earth because we were born with a sinful nature. We have seen black people hate each other just as we have seen white people hate each other.  Dating out of one’s color is even advisable because both are very conscious of cultural differences that they spend time trying to please each other. It explains why mixed marriages are getting more and more successful and happier than monocultural marriages.
Just going to Europe may not solve your problem. You may go there and the relationship gets sour. I read of a woman who was too fat and wanted to go to the Bahamas where she heard that the men love big women. There are many things to consider, especially for those who are not open enough to try different things. If you are moving abroad, you should be ready to adapt to different foods, customs and traditions. 
The issue is how you hear women nowadays talking about I don’t want to feed a man. The women must realize that the tables have turned. Women are the primary bread winners nowadays, so they should assume that responsibility. When men were, they were the ones feeding the women. The attitude in which the black woman disses the man she does not want is just too horrible. The white women will even sometimes give the number, even if they do not call or answer back.
 Simply because you are a Christian does not mean that everyone you interact with must be a Christian. Perhaps by going closer, the person may see the good in your Christianity. Nowadays, Christianity and religion are mere lip service.
I usually don’t see any reason why black women are sometimes threatened by white women when they see the white woman with a black man. No one would take that which is destined for you. This world is too big to provide to everyone according to their tastes. Therefore, we must cease the hatred. Actually, such behaviors even explain why a woman like that should not be dated because she is full of drama. There is a difference between being competitive and being outright histrionic.
The women should ask men out because times have changed. Unlike before, the men were the ones culturally permitted to do so. Nowadays, things are different. Love knows no status and no age, so women should refrain from trying to look for readymade men. I have said this before in one of my articles that American women are treated better by foreign men than by their own men. That has nothing to do with color. Unfortunately, most of them are still blinded by their bias that they only want to date someone of their culture. I remember when I asked a lady for a date. She invited me to a casino and across the table, she asked me if I had green card and a driver license. I asked her to start showing me her own Id and passport, and she got offended by that. That is extreme foolishness to equate every foreign man to an illegal immigrant who wants to use you for papers. The papers of some of these women are not even good enough  because they are not crime free. .
American women have to travel and see the world but not for dating because they have enough men here in this country. Being black and living only in America has left them very myopic. Women should create a first impression that is attractive to others who do not know them. I know an African American girl married to an African guy, and they have been very happy. The reason being that she learned even to cook African food. If you want to date outside, you should be willing to adapt. That is the only way you will be happy in that marriage.
American women should build work place relationships and leave the internet alone. There are many women at work who do not talk to coworkers, but they spend hours on the net trying to get a husband. It is not that black women are not attractive; that is far from the truth. It has many contours to it.
Black women should not be threaten to hear white women or biracial women talk about dating because they still open up opportunities. It is surprising how even educated black women exclude biracial women as being black. The denial about the behavior of especially most black women in public should be taken into consideration. I saw a black woman button her pastor boyfriend right in front of the church. The white woman will wait for you at home with a golf club. Tiger Woods is a witness! That is better, at least it still keeps your dignity. Love should know no boundary; continent, status or color. If status sealed marriages, Hollywood will be the most matrimonially stabled placed.
The school, work place, family reunions, job fairs, and churches are the most ideal places to find a good mate. Like I say again, women too should ask a man they like out.
A man or woman should love you for who you are. It is sad how many women are doing plastic surgery and skin bleaching to look like certain types for men to like them. What if the man liked you and then later wanted you to change something else? How long would you be changing things? Beauty (physical attraction) and character should be the key in selecting a mate or friend. Women should know that there is nothing like soul mates. When I told my black friend that their women were running all to Europe, he said to me, "I wish them good luck." “I am, speaking for all the here.” He emphasized! 

Until then, I wish you all well. 

St Arrey of Ntenako. 

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