Friday, January 16, 2015

Should Arizona Kids Be Obliged To Take The Civics Test Before Graduating From High School?

The State of Arizona through the law they passed yesterday became the first state in the country that requires students to pass a civics tests before graduating from High School. All of a sudden, it would seem hell is breaking lose because of that.  What is the big deal about the test? Don't immigrants who are naturalizing take a citizenship test? Should immigrants know about America more than blood Americans? What is bad in Americans knowing their own history, laws and values?
There is something most Americans do not even know about the Green Card holders through the Diversity Visa Lottery (DV).  Any DV Green Card holder from Africa took an HIV and other tests before they could be given a visa. To become a citizen, they take the Citizenship Test. Could you imagine if they asked every American to take an HIV test as a requirement to enter into another country or stay in the country? It will be a big deal. A mere civics test and we are falling fits. What is this country becoming? You don’t want to know about God, and you don’t want to know even about yourself?
A test does not engage students, but it gives them the information to be engaged. The argument that tests don’t make citizens and citizens are made by their actions is preposterous because that would apply to all the tests that students take in school. The absence of civics as a main requirement is one of the reasons most American students don’t have a clue on what is happening in other states and even in their own very state. They don’t even know what the government is doing.
Tests do not make citizens, but citizens need to know about their country to fulfill properly their good citizenship.  Come and listen to some of them tell you, “This is America, we don’t do it like that!” In most cases, they are speaking out of ignorance. Hurry and take the civics test and be informed, my friends!
This should have nothing to do with party lines. It should be the burden of the entire country. If students were taking the civics tests, they will at least know something about the government and the country. Many Americans know very little about their own country. Take for example, someone was trying to blame Nigeria for putting the consensual age at 13.  She said that Nigerians are a country of pedophiles. I told her that  before 1889, the consensual age in Delaware and California was 7 and 10 respectively. That means, Americans have been the greatest pedophiles in the whole world. “No, it has always been 18!” She retorted. I am talking here of a teacher with a master’s degree teaching English Language. She is even unaware that there are still states with 17 as the Age of Consent. 
There are other states like Missouri and New York doing it, but it is not a law per se. Many people say that the kids will not learn anything in it. They should still be taught and obliged to take the test because it is like someone who goes to the stream with a basket to fetch water. Although, they always go and carry water with the basket and it leaks out by the time they reached home, at least the basket gets cleaner. Those kids taking civics will be enlightened more than if they did not even take it at all. It is not every child who will go to college, so it is important at least to teach them some basics about the country they call theirs.
If you do not know what rights you have, how would you defend them, though? How would you fight for them? Knowing your rights will eliminate some of the most frivolous lawsuits in this country. No wonder those who are in the judiciary branch abuse the laws. If you cannot even know about your own country, how would you know about another country? Civics will prepare you to socially integrate the society. Civics should not be an elective; it should be a main course because if someone does not have a clue about their own government make up, he or she would not know when the government is misusing the laws. Therefore, I am 100% for the civics test.
Until then, Americans need to know about their own country first before they can talk about others.

St Arrey of Ntenako

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