Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Did Jesus Have A Wife And Children?

This mail is in reply to the article written by Jacqueline Kubania of Kenya’s online Daily Nation. I find it ludicrous that anyone would join the gallery of the simpletons with this assertion. Every scientific fact goes through the empiricism of observation, hypothesis, experimentation and theory (OHET). These stages were used to examine the birth, life and works of Jesus on earth. If the authors are serious, they should scientifically validate their information because science has the empirical tools for validation. Was Jesus married with Mary? Where did he live? How come no historicity, no archaeological proofs and no written evidence at a time when writing was well developed?
It is true that not everything that Jesus did was documented (Jn 22:25). However, having a wife and children was not unimportant for it not to have even been written, considering the number of enemies he had. If Jesus had two kids who grew up to be normal people, we should have at least known their names.
The claim that the church worked to erase all evidence is like saying that the church did everything to erase accusations about child molestation nowadays. Would the church succeed, no matter how many people they paid? There are people who want to see the church with a black eye, so they will do all to expose the church. That was the case of Jesus. If they had heard or seen Jesus dating, they would have exposed him. That does not mean that dating and marriage are evil. It would have just been news that would have been taken awkwardly.
Would Kenyans believe that Kibaki was cuckolded? Anyone who will believe that is unwise because most people who knew him, knew how many enemies Lucy Kibaki had. They will be ready to expose her in a heartbeat. Jesus was no different. He had garnered the hatred of the governors who had the ability to siphon any information they wanted.
If Jesus had a wife and kids, then Josephus who was regarded as the epitome of Jewish history would have written that. He was a Pharisee, and Pharisees had a special hatred for Jesus. Nonetheless, in all his voluminous writings, he never once mentioned that Jesus had a wife and kids. If one person could not write and mention that, why would the entire nation remain mute at a time when people could still express their minds in favor of the emperor? Jesus was an enemy of the powers that be, so no one would have protected his history because history always favors the strong and victors.
Finally, I want you to take note of the source of the writing. It is by a film maker and writer. It is all to drum support for their movie which cast a new Jesus with a wife and children.  If the lost gospels were worth a thing, they would have been honored and canonized as was the case of the 66 books or at least be introduced as the Apocrypha.

Until then, you should not be fooled by filmmakers!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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