Thursday, October 9, 2014


Duncan recently passed away. May his soul rest in peace!

This is not one of those conspiracy theories where someone does not believe in vaccines. I do as I have taken many of them on TB and many others. My friend, I disagree with the theory that primates are spreading Ebola or that the current outbreak of people dying in West Africa is really from Ebola. Watch this video and you make up your mind as CNN is faking Ebola patients. One of America's top scientists: Peter Jarhling in Monrovia told this, "We are using tests now that weren't using in the past, but there seems to be a belief that the virus load is higher in these patients [today] than what we have seen before. If true, that's a very different bug." I am not saying that Ebola does not exist; it does. However, this current outbreak is something else. Africans are being made like they are the breeding grounds for Ebola. Listen to this video at 2:48-50. There is a lady asking “who is the African man.” Such blatant prejudice and discrimination should not be tolerated. Simply because I am from Africa does not mean I have Ebola. Even if someone just came from visiting Africa, it does not mean they have Ebola. That is an unacceptable behavior! More so, the method used to diagnose Ebola by testing for high temperatures in the morning and evening is even more faulty because malaria has been known to produce fever with high temperatures. Any African who will travel home and bring malaria would be diagnosed with Ebola. Westerners should keep their ploys and agitprop to themselves. I do not buy any.
Look, if Ebola inhibited the primates as western scientists claimed in 2007,[1] then 1/2 or 3/4 of Africans, Filipinos and even some Latin Americans would have died seeing that the people eat primates. After the disease was found in River Ebola in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC), they found it in Sudan and the Philippines. Ebola was merely declared to have started in DRC in 1976[2] because that is where it was first discovered and coined the name. However, just because Columbus saw America for the first time, it did not mean that there was no America before he went there.
Considering that it is not an airborne disease, it could have come from somewhere else but which was not discovered. It comes from the transfer of human body fluids. If Ebola had lived in primates and 3/4 of Africans eat primates, then we would have seen the same symptoms from 1976 until today. The theory about Ebola coming from primates is uncouth as it has been tried before, but it did not work. If conservationists don't want the people to eat bush-meat, they should design a means to help them have proteins. The goal in spreading a deadly virus in Africa is to fulfill their quest to curb population explosion. When you read the book, Confessions of An Economic Hitman (Perkins, 2004), you will find it very easy to believe my theory. I hear people saying that oh, they cannot not do this, they cannot do that. 
In 2007, there was a huge wave that primates were the ones spreading Ebola, so people should not more eat bush meat. That was not true as I have shown you above. They arrested and locked up many villagers, yet it did not work. I personally believe that this current outbreak is a western ploy to spread some deadly disease via a sinister vaccine. How can a disease that has been found since 1976 only have an outbreak now, despite taking less precaution? Now, this is where it becomes much more interesting.
Mr. Duncan who recently died of Ebola in the US is from Africa. He is the only one who entered America with the disease and died. There are a couple of other Americans who entered America with the same disease, but they did not die. There was a cure for them.[3] Why? Why did they not multiply the same cure they gave them to send to Africa? I don’t want you to end there.
 Ebola is bad that they don’t even want anyone to touch people who have the disease, yet the US is sending her troops to fight the disease. Are these troops super humans? If they have a vaccine, why don’t they send it to Africa? I heard that the medicine that treated the other Americans ran out. Could it then be that they decided to quarantine Mr. Duncan so that they could lynch him? Would that then mean that the US is not prepared to fight Ebola, seeing that they don’t have medicine to cure anyone? If the medicine ran out on one man, would it be enough for everyone?
The truth about it is that, those troops that are going to West Africa will not come back. They will create an outpost for the US to spread the goals of AFRICOM,[4] which I support anyway. Listen to this; “There is currently no vaccine available to prevent Ebola's spread, but one is in the works.” You start by setting fear in the hearts of the people, they become your preys and then you jump on them. The West always plays this arsonist-firefighter role all the time with deadly repercussions. It is well documented that Americans are too gullible for rumors and most Africans are suffering from inferiority coplplex that they are seeking to belong. If you remember that in 2008, Anderson Cooper and Dr Sanjay Gupta came up with another lie that they have discovered a new disease in Cameroon called Buruli. I wrote to them and posted my reply on my blog, indicating that they had made a mistake because that disease had been researched by the World Health Organization before, so they could not have been the first to find that out. They edited their article but did not give me credit. The funniest thing was how doctors in America were begging them to tell them how they could help. Thank God we caught them red handed with such a flippant lie. 
People have argued that if it was not true, those Americans would not have died. People don’t know much about biological warfare. In every war, there is collateral damage. First and foremost, the havoc of Ebola is exaggerated. The Africans must know that they are under attack. How come they cannot contain it in Africa, but they can contain it in America and are sending those two victims back to the United States? They say that they are bringing the two patients to the CDC in Atlanta to try and stop the outbreak. That is because "The U.S. Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as “EboBun.” It’s patent No. CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010."  +Now they will have the opportunity to make the vaccine and carry it out. At that time, the West will become the Deus Ex Machina of the Africans from Ebola.
Hear me well, my people! I always speak and years later, it happens as I spoke. I will give you a few examples in history to show you that people are capable of manufacturing a deadly disease in the name of Ebola. Here is your proof. 
I am sure most of you have already forgotten the vaccine controversy in 1990 in Nso. I cannot forget it because it cost Rev Father Anthony his life. This is what happened. In 1990, a team of westerners with the collusion of the Cameroon government came to Cameroon, precisely the North West. Their mission was to vaccinate the people against venereal diseases. However, there were two things that did not sit well with the men of God. The first was that the team decided to vaccinate only the girls. Secondly, the team was unwilling to show the vaccines to the Rev fathers. The resident principal. Fr. Anthony Fonteh and his assistant Rev Br. Denis Ngo were suspicious about the vaccine. They took some samples that they sent to a lab in Switzerland for analysis. The results were staggering. The vaccine was actually meant to cause sterility amongst young girls. That is why they targeted only girls. If the girls were sterile, it would reduce the population explosion because they would have moved from one country to another. If it was just for venereal diseases, it should not have been only for girls as not only girls contract or spread venereal diseases. African governments are too corrupt that they will accept anything.
When father Anthony confronted the authorities with all the information, he was murdered and innocent people were framed for his murder.[5] It was by the mercies of God that some of the girls who had only taken three doses and not all the 5 doses required were spared. Had they taken all doses like Pascaline Kerenyuy, they would have been sterile as she has not been able to have a child until today. The main nurse: Mr. Lukong responsible for administering the vaccine asked his own daughter not to take it and not to allow anyone to force her to take it. Therefore, I want to draw your attention to Ebola.
I hope that you have not quickly forgotten Tuskegee.[6] In the sinister project, the researchers neither disclosed the intent of the experiment to the men used in the experiment nor were they even treated, even when a cure for syphilis was discovered and administered widely. If that can happen right here in America (the land of the free) for such a long period of time, how much more Africa (the land where everyone dumps his/her darkness)?
The media sings that this current outbreak is Ebola, but they are developing a vaccine for it. The desire to curb the African population lives on. How many times do you hear the westerners say that if nothing is done, the world will run out of food? How many times have you heard the West say that there is population explosion in Africa? There must be a means to curb that population. The motive for spreading this fear is to push people to be ready to embrace the “Ebola vaccine” whose sole purpose will be to produce sterility in Africans. Take note that one of the adverse effects of this vaccine will be that it will cause sterility. Considering the amount of fear now in people, every African will want to take it acquiescently. People should not say that I did not tell them; you have been forewarned!

Until then, I don’t believe it!  

St Arrey of Ntenako

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