Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who Killed Lapiro De Mbanga alias Ndinga Man?

‎Lapiro is dead and many are wondering what killed him. It is stated that he died of cancer. However, permit me to tell you that the cancer was just what the doctors declared as the cause of death. It is without a doubt that the slow puncture technique accelerated or even caused the carcinogens. His death began way back in 2008.

Lapiro De Mbanga was born Lambo Sanjo Pierre Roger. He went by the pseudonym Lapiro de Mbanga, but the people called him Ndinga Man. Meaning, the guitar man because he could play even the national anthem with his teeth. Karl Marx once said "It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness.” Lapiro de Manga was a maelstrom to the regime and added impetus to that consciousness.

Lapiro once alleged that while at the Kondengui prison he became unconscious after a meal. You should remember that after the prisoner’s visitors bring the meal, they taste it in front of the guards, and then the prisoner is called to come and carry his or her meal. Who knows what happens from the time your visitor left and the time you come for the meal? He suspected that he had been poisoned by the use of a "slow puncture” which is very common in Africa. That is why Mboa Massock after returning from one of his kidnapping sessions became mad.

Do you know why kings, presidents and leaders hate freethinkers? King Ahab explained to Jehoshaphat why they do (I kings 22:8). Micaiah the prophet neither kowtowed nor adulated anyone. That is why Lapiro is dead. He did not sing to the tunes of King Biya, no matter how many appanages he bought or how many manacles he fettered on his ankles. For a time, Lapiro had gone with Biya and subsequently losing the support of the masses.  However, he quickly recovered when he found out that there is a way that seems good to a man but the end thereof is death. Any alliance with Paul Biya is death! Such death has overtaken SDF and all who were slow to realize that the government epitomizes evil itself. He told grand Katika for Ngola, “you bi mbout man. You nova born.” Grand Katika for Ngola did not like the "negiss" from Dinga Man.   

The government was too afraid of Dinga Man that they interwove bundles of fabrications on hearsay testimonies that sent him to prison for three years. Biya had already succeeded in incarcerating Lapiro De Mbanga, so there was no reason to refuse him treatment. Despite the fact that he fell sick in prison, the government not only refused to treat him, but they aggravated it with the slow puncture, what is commonly known as slow poison. It is that slow poison that will call his time on earth.

Francis schaeffer declares that, “Man is not a cog in a machine, he really can influence history." Lapiro did not allow Biya to make him one of its cogs in his repressive machines; he was bent at influencing history. Lapiro did not only change the musical landscape, he made it with the local color and gave a glimpse of hope to the katika dem for mboko, students and buyam sellam dem whom Biya had downtrodden.

Even after serving his jail time and living at the largesse of the American government that gave him asylum, the tugs of Biya drudged indefatigably on him like vultures to finish their good work. To tarnish his name and render his testimony void, they claimed that he was molesting his kids. Ndinga Man’s ex-wife will even be the mouthpiece through which this negiss and ndoutou would hit the airwaves. No one ever knew that Nero and Caligula will die. They burnt the martyrs on the stakes. Surprisingly, while on their pyres, the martyrs left with joy while their murderers remained to live misery on earth.

Dinga man had a simple philosophy, “mimba we”.  Through Lapiro, the base of the pyramid salivated to the goodies at the top.  Sadly, it is what the Yaoundé regime and most African presidents really lack. They hoard everything for themselves, their families, cronies and the masses’ turncoats. His moutumbou was to motivate all those who were in kan kan nangai. That is what irks the ilks of Biya and his cohorts. That would actually be the cause of his demise. He lived short but his act will live longer.

Lapiro De Mbanga had made himself the voice of the people that at times it was as if vox Lapiro was vox populi because the people knew that he wore their burdens on his soul. Dinga Man popularized the Pidgin for sauveteurs and everyone; even villagers from Eshimbi, Sabong Garri, Bot Makak or  the Fulani cattle rearers even walked à la manière de  Don Tara or Ndos  for Mboko as if they too were some Don Tara. Lapiro made the Pidgin language (that was a mixture or mélange of English, French, local languages, slangs and colloquialisms) cement its place as Cameroon’s most popular hybrid language. Now, Dinga man go nang, dame and sule any kind thing wey ye wanam because ye mandat for this grong dong bolle.

Lapiro was the looking glass that reflected the bad governance for the people to see since they have waxed their ears from the cries of the oppressed. The courts are his myrmidons, and the church fears to speak against King Biya. In 30 years, a two lane highway leads from Douala to Yaoundé.  Cameroon has constituted a senate of octogenarians who sleep more in the parliament than enact laws. How could Ndinga Man be silent? Even death does not silence the freedom fighter; actually its builds a stronger legacy. Lapiro goes leaving behind a conscience, a language, and a style that calls for conscience. Lapiro’s death like those of Bibi Ngota, Bate Besong all portray the Cameroon government as a sow that eats its piglets.

Hear ye my people, Paul Biya and his gang killed Bate Besong and his team, Bibi Ngota, Ateba Yene and now Lapiro de Mbanga. You all are aware of the number of students who were executed by the government apparatchiks. If you have a conscience, it is now time to use it and speak up wherever you are. Give Biya no rest and sing to the top of your voices that Biya has outlived his usefulness and must go. What type of country are we building; is it a country ruled by great grandfathers only? The legislature, the judiciary and the executive are all ruled by great grandfathers. Na waoh, man go see kan kan wanda for we pays. Adieu Ndinga Man. They have precipitated your departure. Albeit, you would have taken it anyway as it is the terminus of all mortals. All man wey di moto go meng one day. Sometimes, moto for grand katika dem di smell plenty for seka all  the fanfan things from Ngola wey dem di dame. Nango Mboko dem own di tangha da so. I know that your shit did not stink a lot like that of Biya.  I hope that all “complice” for Ndinga man now know who killed him. Na Repe Ndos for Ngola yi kill weah Ndinga Man. Adieu Ndinga man, “go befo, go befo, allez, allez allez; we dey for your back.”

Until then, adieu my comrade.

St Arrey of Ntenako.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). "It is not how well you know a person; it is how well you treat them that they will live longer and happier with you." Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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