Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Open letter To Death

 Dear Death,
 I am not happy with you today for taking my friend, Mike. You took away many people I really liked. I realized that you are sadistic and suffer from schadenfreude. You always take away the person who will make me happy. You took my dad away and left me as an orphan to my non-working mom. My grandparents who could take care of me were also snatched by your cold hands. Those losses really hurt me a lot. Today, you did it again! I see that you continue with your mischief. Look, why don’t you take the people whom we all know should not be alive? You know them! I will list them all out for you.
There are many women right now who would have loved for you to take away their abusive husbands, so they can claim life insurance and make themselves happy widows. There are also some husbands who are planning to kill their wives. Why don’t you save them from the crime, do their dirty work and just take away their wives for them? Let us say that those are not your priorities. You cannot at least miss this. There are many people who will want you to take away their exes immediately; I mean without delay. You see this want very happy. 
There are many people on death roll whom everyone knows they truly killed someone but because it costs a lot of money, they cannot be executed. Please, save the society the money and just take them in their sleep. That way no protesters against the death penalty will match. There you go; I have given you enough people you could take. After taking those ones, then you can come back to take the good people like Mike. By then he must have put many more smiles on many faces.

You can go ahead and fight for the kids who were aborted by their mothers. Just take away their moms for them, please! You can see some people shaking right now. Would you do that for them? You know the homeowners who have lost their homes to foreclosures. You know who did that. Don’t you? Do you know who would be happy if you took the bankers away? So what are you waiting for, Mr. Death?
In Washington State, they have a law that allows humans to have sex with animals in so far as the animals do not weigh more than 40 pounds, but you know that some of the lovers pin these animals even when they are sick or depressed. If the animals could speak, what do you think they will be asking you to do? Take my abusers away. Wouldn’t they? Mr. Death, do you see how many options I am giving you? Why then do you insist only on taking away those whom we really truly love like Michael? Do you know how many patients will want you to take their BAD nurses away?
If you go to Africa, there are many dictators whose death will bring a feast to the people. I am not naming any, but each person reading this plea will name his or hers in his/her heart. Please, you should hear their plea! You know how slippery you are, right? You know how you sneak on people, don’t you? Sneak around and pick the unwanted then. Look, even this person reading now has someone who does not like them. Well, you know what to do! You smile; don't you?
Dear Mr. Death, I make one important plea and exception though. One man’s meat could be another’s poison. If I am anyone’s desire for you to take, please don’t listen to them. You should just ignore them because they do not know what they are doing.  In my days as a teacher, I have had some very bad arse kids. I may be the person they want you to pick. Don’t listen to them. Tell them, "get your hateful and lazy arse and love your teacher as yourself."
You are the only thing that has overcome man. The only whose visits do not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone seems to bow to you, albeit temporary. You have snatched my love ones. Enough of that! Go ahead and snatch those that I and the others want, except if I am their desire. You should ignore anyone who brings my name up.

Until then, I thank you for listening to my plea and may Mike rest in perfect peace!

St Arrey of Ntenako.
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