Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cameroon: A reenactment of the Tantalus Myth.


    Cameroon is the exact reenactment of the Myth of Tantalus. Tantalus was punished to live in a garden with fruits and living springs. However, each time he wanted to pluck a fruit and eat, the tree regressed away from him. When he became thirsty and tried to drink, the stream recessed too. Cameroonians are in all these minerals, but they are still very wretched. What can Cameroon really show for all its natural resources? We don’t even have a good soccer stadium. I mean just a soccer stadium when soccer has been the opium of the people. Please take a look at natural resources in Cameroon and explain to any sane person why that country should still live in the doldrums of poverty.

Cameroon has petroleum, but people don't have light. Cameroon was the fifth rank producer of petroleum in Sub-Saharan Africa. They still ration light in Cameroon. At times Yaoundé: the Capital is in darkness for 3 days, talk less of the villages which still do not have light. Fifa asked that the World Cup qualifying match between Cameroon and Tunisia should be played at 3 pm for fear of darkness if the game went to prolongation and penalty shootouts. Cameroon is 113th in the world on electricity production. The people of Meme Division where Petroleum is produced at Rio Del Rey do not even have roads, schools or even electricity. In Douala, another petroleum place has become poor that the Dualas are now living like scavengers in Douala. They are now like endangered species because they have sold all their lands to strangers and Chinese. If you doubt it, ask Petit Pays.
If we had some manufacturing industries, we would have benefited from the cotton produced in the north and the timber found all over the country. Kids will not still be walking naked and some villages will not lack schools to attend classes in thatch houses.
We produce Bauxite, but we import cement from abroad. Cameroon has just one cement factory called: Cimenterie du Cameroun. Due to serious shortages, Dangote from Nigeria had to intervene.
Cameroon produces diamond, but the country has very few X-ray machines. Cameroon can only boast of Camtel to supply home phone service in a monopoly.
Cameroon produces limestone, but all they get are muddy roads. Construction should be booming now in Cameroon, but we actually hire Korean and French companies to do construction (engineering) with materials from abroad. Where did our own engineers go?
Cameroon produces Cobalt, but very few people have orthopedic implants and no industries to produce radioisotopes.
Cameroon produces gold, but many Cameroonians do not have teeth, not a single electronic or its accessory is made in Cameroon, and many are dying with arthritis. We don’t even have our own monetary unit, so we use French francs. The franc coins are not even made by us. Frances prints it and shares it to our BEAC before BEAC distributes it to commercial banks and COPECS. WE lack medical equipments (made form gold) that we have to transfer seriously ill patients to France and other Western countries. We cannot boast of any medical equipment made in Cameroon. Perhaps we do boat of one thing; witchdoctors and soothsayers.  Surgery is carried at times raw in Cameroon with no anesthesia.
Cameroon produces iron ore, but the country does not have a single manufacturing automobile industry.  Cameroon boasts only of one rail road now from Ngoundere to Yaoundé, to Ezeka, Douala and then branches off to Kumba and Loum Panja. That is all. No railroad in the South west and Northwest provinces. Out of 10 provinces, only 5 have a single railroad track. Cameroon is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, has many rivers and streams, but the fishing industry is still underdeveloped, so people import expired European frozen pork and chicken feet. Every province has at least a river capable of doing great fishing. Unfortunately, we cannot even build our own vessels. Child malnutrition has increased.
Cameroon produces nickel, but Cameroonians can only boast of "makokots".
Cameroon produces uranium, but the country cannot boast of any nuclear power plant. There are hospitals without a single X-ray machine.
Can someone tell me why Cameroon is still that poor? is the How can a people be in water and soap enters into their eyes? How can Cameroon be blessed with natural resources, yet Cameroonians live a cursed life? How can a country be that rich yet in such a debt? Cameroonians still make 600 FCFA (1 dollar) for diurnal perdiem. People are quick to compare it with the US, but the US has infrastructures to show.

Until then, Biya must go.

St Arrey of Ntenako.


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