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The Secret of Weight Loss!

Many people are struggling to lose weight. Some are in the gyms, and others are on diets. Some have joined interest groups, and others sweat and toil in their homes. Nonetheless, all their efforts seem futile. Could it be their diets, or could it be how they diet? Could it be lack of exercise, or could it be how they exercise? Being overweight is no fun; it comes with many undesirable elements like rejection, ill health, and emotional and psychological issues. Some have lost self-esteem and others have overeaten because they cannot do otherwise. Some have come to establish a motto: “accept me as I am”. Unfortunately for them, the society will never accept them as they are! They will either get over it that they are being rejected or do something to change their weights. The truth about it is that anyone and everyone can lose weight to stay healthy. I do acknowledge that people are different, so they need individual weight loss plans. That is when you consult me with your personal issues, and I will help design a three month plan for you.  Today I will introduce the secret in this lesson. I know skeptics will be asking me the source of the research. This is an experienced based research. My mother and I have been my own cavies, and I have been the researcher. Some will complain that they have tried everything while others will say that they have a robust weight loss program. If you have not lost weight with your plan and you are still not losing weight with it, then your plan is frail and useless.  You can either try mine or remain with your overweight. After all, I have no stakes in tomfooleries!
If mankind is inclined to eating vegetables and fruits, they will not destroy the trees or ecosystem because therein grow the fruits and vegetables. Growing trees is not just good for eating but good for our all-round health because plants give oxygen which we need for breathing while we humans put out carbon dioxide which plants use to survive. We also ditch out excreta which serves as manure for the plants and food to some animals. We all can conclude first on diet and exercise as the keys in weight loss.
If you want to lose weight, you must have fruits and vegetables as the main staples to your meals at all times. Fruits play a vital role in boosting our immune system because they provide antioxidants and fibers. It is no doubt God wanted our diet to be dominated by vegetables and fruits when he made trees and commanded mankind to eat their fruits and their leaves thereof (Gen 2:9, 16). Actually, the first menu list that God prescribed for Mankind was more of fruits and vegetables (Gen 1:29-30). The Spirit of God reveled it to Ezekiel that they were to use them for fruits and medicine (Ezek 47:12). Albeit, mankind could use some for food while others were just for the beauty of the eyes like the eucalyptus, roses, etc. Therefore, knowing how they were to be used as food and medicine, will be the key to our weight loss
This is for every tree with edible fruits Lev 19:23. In rev 22:2 again we see a repeat of the notion of trees and their leaves used for medicinal properties. Some people eat fruits. The question is “what type of fruits do they eat?” There are some fruits like raisins which make you gain weight. If you eat dried fruits, you will end up gaining weight. Dried fruits lack moisture in them, and they could be unhealthy because of the way they are preserved. In the course of drying, they lose their nutrients and vitamins that help to form the antioxidants and to give you the fibers you need to boost your immune system. Another question will be “how do they eat the fruits?” The way we eat fruits may prevent us from losing weight.
Others like processed fruits and smoothies. Adding sugar to your smoothies merely adds unwanted calories into your meals and the canning process will reduce the nutrient value of the fruits because in the canning process, they add preservatives, and the heat reduces their fiber contents and destroys some of the vitamins. A lady once told me that she eats lots of fruits daily to counter my suggestion for her to eat fruits. The amount of fruits we eat daily, may prevent us from losing weight. Eating fruits before meals is good for two things; it will reduce the amount of calories intake and it will also improve your digestion because the fruits contain more water and fibers that will easily be broken down during digestion.
Too much fruits by mastication or smoothies too can cause tooth decay and obesity. This is how. Fruits contain calories and if you take more calories than you burn, you will suffer weight gain. Unlike the sugar where the hormone insulin tells the brain we have had too much sugar, fruits produce fructose which is undetected by our bodies to trigger a check valve. Consequently, we keep eating and taking more calories, albeit by healthy means. This explains why many people although on good diets are still obese. Fructose can also cause high blood fat that could cause strokes.
If you eat more fruits like a Congolese frog that eats up to its stomach explodes, you will have more calories than you use up energy. Consequently, you will end up gaining weight. That is because your input should be proportionate to your output. Thus, the amount of calories intake should equal the amount of energy expended daily. Everyone should eat for strength and not to please the body or gluttony (Eccl 10:17).
In the days of Israel, gluttons and drunkards were to be lapidated (Deut 21:20). As you know well, gluttons and drunkards end up wretched (Prov 23:21). In Proverbs 23:1-3, the glutton is advised to put a knife on his or her throat; thus, beseeched to stab his/her appetite. Now that we have dealt with the amount to eat, we can now look into our eating habits because although some people eat the right amounts, their habits only help them to gain weight. .
There are eating habits that make you gain weight. One of them is not drinking enough water. If you drink less water too, it will cause you weight gain. Do you ever drink water before you start to eat? If you drink water before meals, you will eat less and also incur less calories because water has zero calories. Do you drink enough water?
When you drink water; especially warm water, it helps in digestion, but it also prevents you from eating much. Consequently, you consume less calories because it has been proven that we always consume more calories than we spend, anyway. Considering that water makes 70 of our muscles and 80% of our blood, water is important in regulating our body temperatures which will increase or decrease your metabolic rate that will influence digestion too. It is normal for you to experience poor digestion if you have a bad body temperature caused by poor diet too.  The water you drink will help you pass out the toxins in your system via way of urine and excreta too. If you do not have enough water in your system, you may experience dehydration which will slow down your body from expending the calories you have consumed. Thus, the input will be more than the output which is a major cause of obesity. Do you eat late at night?
Another bad habit is drinking sodas and other diuretics. Sodas (especially) have stealth sugar in them. Another lady once told me that she does not drink any type of soda; she only drinks diet coke. Great, let us clap for her! There are two reasons why sodas and even diet sodas make people gain weight. They have this false cushion that since it is diet, they can consume as much as they want because it is an antidote to obesity, anyway. They forgot that the diet soda has stealth sugar. These sugars bring in calories with no nutritional value.
Furthermore, these sugars in doughnuts, ketchup, spaghettis sauce etc increase our appetite to eat, so we eat without control. The more you eat, the more weight you gain no matter how many times you exercise. If you unconsciously eat too much with freebies at restaurants, you will not lose weight! A guy told me that his wife only buys him fatfree foodstuffs.
Fat-free or low fat food supply you with bad fat while you deprive yourself of the good fat. Most of the overweight women or obese women are constantly at work, watching TV or on the internet on dating sites looking for men because they are constantly rejected due to their weight. If you sit a lot on one spot, it is probable that you will eat a lot too; therefore, it is common sense that since you are sitting a lot, you will not exercise enough and you will automatically gain weight. Another weight gain habit is insufficient sleep.
If you have poor sleeping habits, it may cause you weight gain. If you sleep too little (less than 6 hours a day), you will gain weight. When you have insomnia, you tend to eat or drink unhealthily more. When you do not have enough sleep, your brain tends to tilt more towards junk food than healthy meals. The more you are awake, the more anything becomes edible to you to burn the boredom. However, if you sleep, you cannot eat as a sleeper is not awake to eat. If yes, then you are guilty of one bad habit that cause you weight gain. I always told my mom to avoid eating late because her problem was that although she exercised and ate well, she ate very late and that caused her obesity. Eating late at night will cause you to overeat without giving you any great chance of burning the calories away. Not burning any calories is a valid reason for weight gain. Therefore, it is advisable to eat very little late night or eat in the evening where you could still have some time to exercise. Do not forget that the food you eat at 8 pm can only pass its nutrients or have the effect by 6AM. There are foodstuffs which are very rich in nutrients but very very low in calories that they will be the best for you to eat in the evening. Other people have told me how they spend all their time in the gym, yet have failed to lose weight.
Physical exercise in general is good for one’s health. Even the Bible acknowledges the importance of physical exercise when it states that: “for bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come” (I Tim 4:8). One neither needs a physical trainer nor a gym to lose weight, yet parents allow their kids to sit on the TV for hours rather than exercise.  
The wrong time of exercise could make you gain weight. For example, I had this lady who always exercised first thing in the morning. The thing is that she was even exercising in an empty stomach. She did not have much energy or calories to burn. Let me stress out again that the input should be proportionate to the output, so when you exercise in the evening after the day’s job, you have calories to burn because of everything you have already eaten. Having eaten will give you great stamina too.
One girl told me that she does crunches all the time but does not seem to lose her belly fat. Crunches have not been known to help people to lose weight. On the contrary, I have always used twisting to keep my stomach in check.  In short, there are some exercises that will not really help much in weight loss.
Some people rely too much on the treadmill which lacks the variables that affect your entire body, and you burn less calories anyway. You work too much for little results but if you run outside, you work too little for great results. You will never see a fat marathon runner. It is an open secret on its own to know that running outdoors regularly will make you lose weight.
Therefore, while losing weight is for everyone, there are many things to take into consideration to really lose weight easily. You should eat the right amount of food, the right way, do the right exercises and develop good eating habits to lose and maintain a healthy weight. If you still cannot, then please see me to draw a personal weight loss plan for you.I mean for a man who has kept the same weight since 1986 and I lose weight at weill. I have just tried something last month that works magic. If you really want to lose weight, you should send me a word or a call.

Until then, I wish you well!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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