Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman: The Facade of American Justice.

On February 26, 2012, a white neighborhood watchman called George Zimmerman profiled a 17 year old unarmed black teenager called Trayvon Martin and killed him with sniper precision  by shooting straight into his heart with one fatal shot.  Except in the eyes of white America, the world knew he was guilty. I have heard some people compare this case to O.J. Simpson’s acquittal. In OJ’s case, the evidence was circumstantial. Nobody saw him killing his wife and friend, and nothing was caught on him as the murder weapon; whereas, in Zimmerman’s case, he was standing right there on the body, and he still had his gun with him. Therefore, although I am unsurprised that Zimmerman is found not guilty, but my body horripilated immediately yesterday. What this verdict means is that any white man can pick a gun, profile a black man, kill him, bang his head on the wall and then cry “self-defense” and “stand your ground”.
There were two things the jury was to consider before convicting or acquitting Zimmerman of manslaughter: Is Trayvon Martin dead, and Did Zimmerman intentionally shoot him or did things that caused his death? To everyone except the jurors and white America, it is clear. Trayvon Martin is dead, and Zimmerman profiled him, followed him even when asked by the police to desist from following him, and he harbored malice as exhibited in his descriptive diction of the defunct Martin.
Even in the case of “self-defense” and “stand your ground”, one would expect the defense used to be proportionate to the threat. In Zimmerman versus Trayvon, the self-defense outweighed the threat because Trayvon Martin was unarmed, smaller in stature and attempted to flee away from the his profiler. Meanwhile, Zimmerman was armed, bigger and had trained in MMA fighting style. Moreover, he left his car and pursued the fleeing teenager purposefully to shoot him dead.  In the words of    Stevie Johnson – "Damn, Plaxico Burress shot HIMSELF and got 2 years! This dude shot and killed another. Yet, he's going home to his sleep number mattress." That is not as egregious as the African American- Melissa Alexander's case.
In 2010, Melissas Alexander whose husband had been abusing her, fired a warning shot into the ceiling to deter his advancing threat. She invoked the same laws covering “self-defense” and the “stand your ground”, but a jury found her guilty and ditched her a 20 year prison sentence. In the Burress and Alexander cases, there is no judicial wizard to show that racism has been in their conviction. If the same stand your grounds could not work for someone who did not kill and did not shoot anyone, why should it work for someone who actually killed an unarmed child? The message is clear: racism and injustice bedevil the American society and judiciary system. In such comedy of farce and in unison, they sing how the American Judicial system is the best. Uncle Sam does not know he is naked!
One procedure teachers have always used to determine the agent provocateur of a
classroom fight is find out the sitting positions of the students and the scene of the fight. In this case, the first thing to ask is why did Zimmerman follow Martin even when the police dispatcher had told him not to do so? Why was Zimmerman trying to detain Martin when he was not a law enforcement officer? That alone is good enough to know that had Zimmerman not profiled Martin, the victim would have still been alive.
Zimmerman has his conscience to live with! He killed an innocent boy for nothing. The innocent verdict shows that there is little justice in America. It really shows that although the law is blind, the jury and judges see; they see the color of the black skin from that of the white skin. It is not like there is any doubt about who pulled the trigger; it is clear that George Zimmerman killed the little black boy-Trayvon Martin. Why then did he go free? How then is he not guilty? This is absolute miscarriage of justice! While Zimmerman has escaped THE JUSTICE OF MEN, HE WILL NOT ESCAPE THAT OF God except he repents. He has killed an innocent man simply because he is black. The message of the jurors is very clear; the black man has no value in this country.
Unfortunately, though, it is not only the white people who can own guns. The black man too can own one, even if he will be jailed after killing. This is one thing people should remember. If the black people cannot sleep because of what the white people are doing to them, the white people will not sleep for fear of what the black people will do to them. George Zimmerman will not sleep for fear of what people will do to him.
Ab initio, the white society had not found anything wrong with the killing of Trayvon Martin. That is exactly why he was not initially arrested and needed the populace to revolt for the police to arrest him and subsequently be charged after 48 days. The prosecution not being convinced in the conviction of Zimmerman deliberately botched the case to create a loophole through which the jurors could underpin their racism and exonerate him. This is new information i got yesterday showing the Medical examiner suing the prosecution and the county. That is why the medical examiner was fired for trying to show the case in court.
Notwithstanding, whatever has happened, Trayvon Martin will not come back to life. Zimmerman can bleach his hands, change his name, move out of the neighborhood, but he will never have a peaceful sleep. While the Dalai Lama may not have any trouble sleeping, no soporific will induce Zimmerman to sleep. There is one principle that has always worked for me, “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.” (Ex 14:14).   I encourage all those who seek justice to allow God do what He does best; meting justice without respecter of persons.

Until then, vengeance belongs to God!

St Arrrey of Ntenako.


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