Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eric Ohena Lembembe’s Death: Huffington Post Misplaced Priority.

This article is in reply to Robbie Corey-Boulet's article entitled "Eric Ohena Lembembe, Gay Rights Activist, Tortured And Killed", published 07/16/13 on Huffington Post Gay Voices. It is mind boggling how the author of this post considers this a topic of priority when the continent is being ravaged by poverty, poor governance, diseases like HIV and malaria, child trafficking, and unemployment. How would Americans feel for any journalist to be advocating lawlessness in their country? Why then does America want every country to do it? Aren’t there other priorities? If we are free to love who we want, why do people then make a deal when a father is loving his daughter or a mother is loving her son? Why shouldn’t a sister love and marry her brother or a brother love and marry his sister? Aren’t they pushed by instinct and innate urges that they have no control over? Notwithstanding, Africans are very private with their sex lives unlike westerners who have this compulsive behavior to tell it all for fame or financial gains. So, it will be difficultly to know who is gay and who is not. It is not a closet or market thing. Even heterosexuals do not go about telling people who they sleep with. It is probable that gay activists killed Mr. Lembembe to promote their homosexual agenda in Cameroon as they could use it as a bargaining point to mount pressure on the government to do more. 
Homosexuality is against the law in Cameroon punishable by between six months to five years imprisonment just like polygamy is punishable in the US. Why is there an alarm that some countries have laws against homosexuality? If the author was so concerned about human life and the rights of individuals, he should have looked into the reasons why Zimmerman was acquitted after killing an unarmed black kid. He should go down to the prison and see why African Americans make 90% of the prison population despite being 23% of the general population. He should go to the courts and find out why the color people receive more traffic citations in predominantly white neighborhoods. That is a priority in his own backyard!
I do regret the death of Mr Lembembe, and I don't believe anyone should be punished or killed for marrying whoever they want. I prefer humans to allow God to be the judge on the final day. However, I don’t believe Mr Lembembe was killed by the government or homophobic goons. Furthermore, there is no proof that he was killed because he was gay. Mr. Lembembe could have died of natural causes which are the same ills killing the majority of the people. The need to make everyone gay is why 90% of the asylum cases as gay cases are bogus. More so, Africans do not feel suspicious seeing two men in bed or two women in bed. We walked as two men, slept in the same bed as two men, and danced as two men without having the thought of homosexuality crossing out minds. I am from Cameroon and I know that the government can kill dissidents and the populace can apply jungle justice on those accused of witchcraft. Therefore, I do not believe that Mr. Lembembe was killed because he is gay.
As you heard Ghoshal say that the conclusion that he is killed by homophobic individuals is mere speculation. A more sustain cause of his death could come from some character weakness. Considering that homosexuals are very intolerant people, Mr. Lembembe had made many enemies that could actually cost him his life too. When they say that, "As far as they know he didn't have any other disputes, relationship disputes or money matters, so they attribute this to a likely homophobic killing,” they are saying that they slept with him and lived with him. Even when two people live together, one can still have a dark side without the other knowing. Therefore, the speculation is wrong! 
Although homosexuality has been part of the human family, it was not in creation neither was it an  acceptable behavior. The argument that homosexuality should be encouraged because it is protecting and promoting human rights is unsustainable because it is not everything that should be given to humans. There are certain times when human rights are denied and rightfully so. It is uncertain why people think that Eric Lembembe Ohena is a copycat syndrome fatality. Homosexuals should not be given the right to adopt children, and they should not be given the right to take into their homosexual homes children from their heterosexual marriages because their lifestyle does not endorse the means through which the children were born.  Homosexuality is a very strange concept in Africa and will be for a long time. If we are talking of human rights, then we must accept that African governments have the right to determine what lifestyle they want their governments to adopt. While most African governments accept polygamy as a form of matrimony, the West has ligated itself to monogamy with side dishes of polyamory, swinging and bestiality. However, the Africans do not tell them or try to impose on them to be their copycats. The westerners themselves are of age to select the matrimony they want. Before the advent of slavery or colonialism, the Africans were very well organized democratically and vested in problem solving skills that they do not need Western aid to figure out how their society should function. 
I always hear that what two adults do in their bedrooms is no one’s business. In December 4, 2003, in Germany, the world was alarmed to hear that Armin Meiwes agreed to kill and eat Bernd Juergen Brandes. Jurgen Brandes wanted to be eaten. This is a bedroom negotiation by two friends who were internet lovers. After eating the penis of Juergen, Meiwes decided to just eat his friend after exsanguination. Simply because it is a negotiation by two adults in their bedrooms does not make it right. Shouldn’t it be no one’s business that Meiwes ate Jurguen?
Another argument I hear constantly is that what an individual does with his life is none of our business. That too is preposterous! Just this year, on the first of this month, in Surprise, Arizona, the police fatally shot 52-year-old Joel Byne who was trying to kill himself. Why did they even had to bother seeing that he was trying to kill but himself? It is simple, the life he was trying to take does not belong to him. Simply because we bought and built a home, we cannot just burn it down without facing charges because we built it. The cock that crows may belong to a household, but it crows belong to the community.
The above anecdotes discredit the notion that what two consenting adults do in their bedrooms or what a man does with his life is no one’s business. That is why we are a community. The laws of the society are there to check and balance the excesses of certain people who are allergic to abiding to community rules. As such, Mr. Lembembe cannot just do anything he wants in Cameroon, talk less of permeating sodomy in the name of human rights. Corey-Boulet too has many priorities to fight for than fighting for a lost cause. Perhaps Africans do not want homosexuality; they have enough of evil already sapping godliness from the continent that they cannot afford to add another!
Until then, Corey-Boulet and the Americans should seek to find out where African priorities are right now. 
St Arrey of Ntenako.

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