Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Maestro and Entertainer, Ebeny Armstrong in "Fermez La Bouche".


In the US, one of the outstanding Cameroonian artists amongst the Diaspora with a real talent is none other than Eberny Armstrong. As if he has not done enough with Tapez-Tapez (You Mess Your Life You Pay The Price), he has strung together what even the lame will feel excited to dance, the deaf will mimic as they feel the acoustics, and the blind will shake themselves as the ambiance contaminates them. His video has less special effects because he does not need them; he is the special effects you need to feed into the music. Before this music ever came out, the fans all over the world but especially those of HotAtlanta glamoured for it, and he did not disappoint them. You should watch for yourself.

Ebeny Armstrong is such a solo artist who can entertain a community from dawn to dusk, and the partygoers will not be bored. He is a singer, a dancer and an ambianceur. During his live performances, he gyrates as though his waist has no bones and his feet moved as if trained to walk together. What has always made everyone to like his music is his didactic messages whose sole purpose is to bring the good from the society. Ebeny always has a crucial message for the people no matter their age or culture. This could be seen in his recent video “Fermez La Bouche.” In "Fermez La Bouche," he tells gainsayers to shut their mouths when they have nothing good to say. There are many people here who will always attribute someone’s success to some devilment. The content of his music is always age appropriate that parents and adults do not need to bother about what their children are listening to. He is never out of sync with the values of the people. You can watch and listen to "Tapez Tapez: you mess your life you pay the price."

Ebeny Armstrong has always served as a great designer with his many costumes that fit perfectly right and could even be used off stage. He knows how to exploit the local color, integrate the setting into his music to produce a totality effect that leaves whoever listening or dancing in wonderment. Ebeny is not just a singer, but he is a dancer.  In short, he is an entertainer. His troupe will give you an unparalleled choreography that will leave the participants asking for more. No one can attend his concert or any occasion where he is playing without being emotional. He draws the best of emotions and makes the moment feel as though it was your last. The enjoyment leaps from crescendo to crescendo until dawn when the cock starts to crow.

What is life without fun? If you want fun in your occasions, call Ebeny. He will bring you modern and folkloric fun. It is not difficult for people of different cultures to understand and dance Ebeny’s music. His messages are always very easy to understand because they are conveyed in such guileless style. Whenever he pops into town and visits the people, he delivers and the floor becomes green with dollars because no one can be indifferent when Ebeny is on stage.

Until then, enjoy!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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