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What Is The Difference Between Deliverance and Exorcism?

There is a huge confusion as to whether exorcism is the same as deliverance. We will proceed to find what God says about casting out demons and practicing magic or witchcraft. Conclusively, we will dichotomize between exorcism and casting out demons, or if both acts are really from God or to say the least, honoring God. This lesson will look at their definitions, their operations, the byproducts and the consequences of each act. Due to the misperception, many compare exorcism with deliverance. That would be a wrong comparison because exorcism’s main goal is to deliver the victim from evil spirits. That means, there is actually deliverance when exorcism is practiced. What they actually wanted to ask was if casting out demons is the same as exorcism. Casting out demons’ (like exorcism) main goal to is to deliver from evil spirits. However, both acts differ in their source of power or inspiration and methods.
 The definitions establish the contrast in terms of source of deliverance, the methods and the end results. One way to find the meaning of a word is to look at the synonyms or antonyms. The synonym of exorcism is magic. The synonym of magicians is sorcerers (Ex 7:11). Magicians are people who perform miracles or strange things by way of occult. Furthermore, they are always categorized with sorcerers, soothsayers, and astrologers (Dan1:20; 2:2, 27; 4:7, 9; 5:11). Consequently, to exorcise is to make magic or practice sorcery (witchcraft) or to deal with the devil and his agents. People who use amulets and fetishes are practicing exorcism. 
Deliverance means to release as of imprisonment or bondage. Therefore, deliverance will be the end result of someone who has been exorcised or from whom demons have been cast out. So, we cannot compare or show any difference between deliverance and exorcism, but we can show a difference between casting-out-demons and exorcism. The main approach to effectuate deliverance is to cast out the demon. The expression “cast out” means “to send out, to drive out, or to thrust out.” The root word conveys strong emotions. On the contrary, to exorcise is to employ a formula of conjuration for expelling demons. Catholics perform exorcism and usually by permission of their bishop. The power is actually bestowed on the priest, but the Bishop is the chief exorcist.  It behooves me to show you a clear example of exorcism in the Apocrypha.
Tobit is guided by Angel Azarias against a fish that wanted to devour him in River Tigris.  The Angel tells him to catch it, open it and take its heart, the liver and the gall for human demonic deliverance by burning those parts or rubbing the victim with the gall. Angel Azarias also counseled Tobit to use the same method of driving evil spirits and chase away the demonic spirit that always killed the 7 husbands who married young woman (Tobit 6: 1-17). This is called exorcism and not casting out demons or godly deliverance. This is when your power comes from earthly things or other powers other than God's. The power of the exorcists comes from another source other than God; meanwhile, the person casting out demons relies on God for the deliverance. Many preachers and priests nowadays use exorcism. You can see it here yourself. 
Casting out demons was one of the signs that would follow them that believe (Mk 16:17). Those who are casting out demons use the name of Jesus to do so because it is in the name of Jesus that every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord. This presupposes that everyone attempting to cast out demons must have Jesus as their Lord and savior. That does not mean that the person must go to our church or believe the way we do. Trying to box everyone casting out demons into our soapbox produces confusion as the one in Mark.9:38-39. Therefore, we use the name of Jesus and then command out the demon (Acts 16:18; Act 4:30). There is power in the name of Jesus.  Whichever demon was driven, it was by way of mere command of the mouth in (Mk 9:2)
Casting out demons is a major theme in the New Testament but not exorcism. When deliverance takes place, there is physical initial evidence in restoration of the sick organ or person (Mt 8;16; 30-32; 9:32-33; 10:1; 12:22, 43-45; 15:22-28; 17:15-18; Mk 1;23-26; 3: 22-26; 5;6-20; 6:7; 7:25-30; 9:11-29;16:9, 17; Lk 4:33-35, 41; 8:2-3, 28-36; 9:41-42;11:14, 15-20; 16:16-18; 19:13-16). 
             Meanwhile, a major characteristic of exorcism (magic) is enchantments-secrecy (Ex 8:7, 18). That is why the Catholic priests and others who exorcise will never show you what they are doing and how they do it. There are pastors and preachers, apostles and prophets who exorcise too by making people stand on some special pulpits or perform acts with great deal of secrecy. The things of God should have no secrecy, none at all! 
The exorcist exorcises from evil spirits and the one casting out demons does so to liberate from demons too. The sorcerers (exorcists) will be in hell (Rev 21:8; 22:15). Luke describes a scene in Acts where certain vagabond Jews who were exorcists took upon themselves, neglecting the name of Jesus to cast out demons.  The evil spirits told them that they knew Jesus and knew Paul, but they did not know them. They beat them and tore all their clothes (Acts 19:13-20).  They did that because they thought that casting out demons in the name of Jesus was a mere formula as with their practice. With spiritual things, there is no professionalism because we must only do it in the ability that God has granted us (I pet 4:11). 
It should be noted that exorcists eventhough empowered by demons too, may possess special powers that could even enable them to foretell and forthtell (Acts 16:16). More so, since demonic activities are from demons, it is possible with someone with demonic powers like the exorcists to deliver the demoniac. When you compare the usage of handkerchiefs by Paul (Acts 19:12) and the handkerchiefs by exorcists, you will see a difference. While Paul could give his handkerchiefs to people and onlookers, exorcists cling to theirs because their power is in the handkerchief. It is important to note that deliverance does not exempt going to the hospital or seeing a doctor. 

Until then, exorcists are ungodly demonic deliverers.

St Arrey of Ntenako.
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