Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yaoundé 1 & Buea Universities: The Devil’s Transcripts Factories.

University of Buea Main Library.
The Rectorate of Yaoundé University 1.
 If you have ever lived abroad and gone to school or tried to work in a job where your undergraduate transcripts were required, then you will know that the university of Yaoundé 1 and Buea are factories where the devil himself works. Today, I will talk about two universities in Cameroon: Yaoundé 1 University and University of Buea (UB). As for UB, it is so corrupt that the leading translation and evaluation agency in the US called World Education Services (WES) does no more accept their transcripts. WES had to stop evaluating their transcripts when the same student is given three different transcripts by the same University. Most UB students are forced to repeat some courses in community colleges just so they can obtain admission.  Anyone living abroad knows what I am talking about obtaining transcripts from the University of Yaoundé 1 and Buea. The transcripts may take from 3 months to one year, or they may never ever come out, depending on how you go about it. I called a few friends who were former professors of Yaoundé 1 to enquire how they got their own transcripts. They told me to make mine because they made theirs. We are talking here of transcripts that everyone can just bake from their oven anytime anywhere.
In 1997, I wrote a mail to the then rector and copied the minister and others about the fraud and corruption in the university. A copy of the letter which I have reposted today ended up in the web. On April 16, 2012, I wrote the current rector of Yaoundé 1 showing my disapproval about the transcripts situation, but he neither responded nor acknowledged receipt, even though he told his secretary to tell me to fax the letter rather than send it via email or post.  Many students have gone about making their own, having brokers, or relying on them and missing out on their big opportunities. If you graduated in the 90s, it is even more difficult to get them because your transcripts are still in paper form bundled up in the former resto of Yaoundé 1, perhaps to cook the grades better this time. For the secretary to reach there, it will need about two weeks of hard labor like a prisoner in Kondengui to dig deep and to carry those piles one after the other whence Satan had stored them.
            Both Yaoundé 1 and UB do not know about technology. Look at even their websites; they do not have a single school phone number to call the institution. The number they have there on Yaoundé 1is that of the IT guy. It is his personal cell phone.What is the purpose of their Centre d'Informatique?
University of Buea and Yaoundé 1 have their professors organizing private classes. They tacitly oblige students to attend and worst still buy their hurriedly and poorly written “polycops.” At times, they set their exams citing the page of the Polycops. If the professors themselves don’t organize the classes, their assistants do them. In fact, their assistants recruit other students  from other departments or even the Délègues  in some cases to do their dirty jobs for them. They charge very high fees and then register the name of the buyer. It is your pass already. The girls who cannot afford the money are obliged to open their legs. As for the men, they will be happy with a 10 or even failed grade for a course they could pass very easily and well. To make sure everyone buys the polycops and attends the private classes, the professors mystify the courses. In which other university do professors give private classes and sell polycops on the courses they teach and to the very students they teach? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Isn’t that why they give students very poor grades? I have given you details in the letter (above) I wrote the authorities in 1997 and 2001. Why can’t a student see their exam paper? I just don't understand why teachers from Yaoundé 1 still give students grades of 11 or  worst still 10 simply because they want you to come for “negotiations.” Girls line up with “ I am going to see Mr. so and so in his house." That is why you see some of the ugliest professors with very beautiful girls. Isn’t it a shame that a teacher will be dating 3-4 of his own students? Where is the professional ethics? The same bed he is sleeping those girls was bought with the money he extorted from the boys. Did the professors and staff of Yaounde 1 and UB get a transplant with the Devil's heart or transfusion with Lucifer's blood? 
Many people believe, and I believe it too that the reason the rector of Yaoundé 1 and the chancellor of UB do not clamp down on the behavior is because the professors and staff share their booties with them. Just as pigs strive better in a sty, these two function better only where there is corruption. If not, why would they be indifferent?
I read a letter from the president of UB student union pleading with the University not to add fees. Why shouldn’t they? They cannot hire all those graduates, so they must discourage you all to drop out of school. If the only success is a First Degree, many will preferably just learn a trade, and no one will be crying about graduates being jobless. Cameroon should not add fees for Masters and Ph.D. Students.  There are two reasons they are using University of Buea as a placebo to test the policy. If it works in Buea which has been very vocal, they will implement it all over the country. The main reason the government is doing that is because they want to discourage many students from doing Masters and Ph.Ds. That way they will go out to any type of job because they realize that with First Degrees, they cannot hire them, how much more with Master s and Ph.Ds.?  They have all these graduates roaming the streets jobless. If you go to Liberia, Somalia and even Burundi right now, you will see Cameroonians with Ph.D. looking for jobs. I even met some Cameroonians in Mexico and others in Costa Rica looking for work. Don’t we have more natural resources than these countries?Therefore, I urge UB students not to allow the government to hike their fees from CFA50,000 per annum to CFA 600, 000. That is an increase of CFA550, 000; a staggering 1,200 percent.
What is wrong with that admission office of Yaoundé 1? Obtaining transcripts should be the least the institution can do for its alumni. What good is their certificate if they cannot use them? If the people are not doing their jobs, the office should be closed so that students know they don‘t have an admission office.
There are serious proofs that it is too difficult for former students to obtain their transcripts because those who issue them are either crooked or lazy. They ask for money and even when the money is given, they do not do anything. I will withhold a few names who have taken money from people we know.  Upon the day of request, transcripts should not take more than one week to be sent to a former student. Please, do not take our word for the gospel; you can carry your own investigations too. Because it is difficult to obtain transcripts, even those who wanted to go to school abroad cannot do so because they cannot take their transcripts.
I know they are not being paid much, but they knew the salary for the job before they took it. Furthermore, if they just did their jobs well, someone would be grateful to remunerate their efforts more than the chicken change they are trying to extort from the alumni. Some kind person could say "take this small thing and buy some soap to wash those clothes that you have gone and dug shit just to remove my transcripts." Most teachers and professors do not know that by treating a student well, the student may come back one day to either help them or their child because goodness can never be forgotten, even though it tarries.
If these ex-students of the universities are doing well, they will come to sponsor the universities like we see everywhere. We have very intelligent graduates who could go back and teach for community service to help the university. Hellas, they are not well treated or even given the appetite. Is there any past student from the University of Yaoundé 1 or Buea who will like to donate anything? The poor treatment they have received from the university cannot motivate them to give even a pencil. That is why all the alumni are only raising help for their past secondary and high schools, but they don’t even want to identify themselves with their former universities. It is behaviors like these ones that make Cameroon not to even future on the list AcademicRanking of World Universities. While the classification may be very subjective, it is necessary to see why we are not even mentioned as a country; talk less of even appearing as last coco. Sometimes last coco could even be satisfactory because at least they have mentioned you.
 For example, Idrissa Adam: our 2012 Olympian for the men 100M did not even finish his heat, but they mentioned him that he was last and did not even bother to finish. Poor boy! Did  they mention you and me? They did not because we did not even feature. Does it mean that if they kept students from Yaoundé 1 and Buea against those of Harvard, they will be no match? Not at all! However, if you look at their indicators, you will see why they are right not to even mention neither Buea nor Yaounde1.  Isn’t it time for us to start doing things right for our young ones? What you are doing to the kids of others today will happen to your own kids tomorrow because the evil that people do, live with and after them. Notwithstanding, I have made suggestions to the authorities in my last letter (below this article) on how to cure the conundrum.

Until then, universities that cannot even help their graduates to excel and blossom should not even exist!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). "It is not how well you know a person; it is how well you treat them that they will live longer and happier with you." Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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