Monday, August 13, 2012

Why DID 11Cameroon Olympians Decamp?


It is now certain that more than eleven out of the thirty-three Cameroonian Olympians are missing in London.[1] Perhaps they need a GPS, or perhaps they just need someone to tell the Cameroonian government that they have disowned her. When I hear the word missing, it makes me laugh indeed. At times, some of them bribe the Olympic officials so that when they enter London, they can vamoose into the oblivion as they just did. There could be two reasons why they deserted. They either ran away because they were too ashamed of their poor performance, or they ran away to escape the poor economy that would face them upon their return home. Not only the fact that they failed to major in any medal, at times they did not even future in their trials. In the men’s 100 meters heat, Idrissa Adam did not even finish the race. The others ran and left him behind that he got discouraged and dropped out. As for boxing, only one person (Thomas Essomba) reached the round of 16. That type of performance is enough to make them run away. Don’t you think?
It is not the first time that Cameroon Olympians are missing. It is a recurrent act just like in Congo, Cuba and many other developing countries. Cameroon is even better as those of Congo even got missing with the coaches too.[2]
Truth be told, they are not missing; they are in pursuit of happiness that Cameroon has deprived them. Why shouldn’t they stay in Europe when Paul Biya has ligated them to hopeless future and moribund economy? They should abscond quietly and file their asylum which is very justified. It tells the tales of a country whose president has been in power for more than 31 years and has made the youths and university graduates more or less nincompoops and sluggards. People may advise them to work hard and turn their country around rather than run away, but it is impossibility because the mentality is that of corruption. The Cameroonian government has no plan or program to train gold medal Olympians. 
I remember Françoise Mbango Etone who won gold in Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008 in triple jump. In 2012, she competed under the French flag because Cameroon has never supported her. These athletes trained themselves and sponsored their training. The government only comes in to carry them abroad as finished products, although badly damaged goods anyway.
I can only laugh when illiterate Americans and other westerners as usual exhibit their ignorance without any restraint by claiming that it is because of the civilization. If for civilization, they would have gone to Egypt where civilization began as there is no civilization in the West. In Africa, only derelicts, and paupers wear and walk with pants that have holes, but in the West, the manufacturers make the clothes with holes and charge a little bit more. Surprisingly, that is what "civilized" westerners buy most, perhaps as signs of civilization.
           One thing I must note is that these Olympians are talented and should dream of making the British team. Annabel Laure Ali reached quarter finals. Frederic Fokejou Tefot reached the finals for weightlifting.Victor Tanyi said " In a buffet party that was in honor of the Olympians in one of the best hotels in London could prove this. We saw some group of Cameroonian athletes that timidly walked into the hall but surprisingly were never introduced. The only stars properly introduced, were the Minister, who made a speech in English, Roger Milla, the High Commissioner and wife,  Elokobi a prof. footballer in England and some Musicians. The invitees did not border either about the athletes but celebrating in their honor."
Another reason why they should stay in Great Britain is because it is their right since the British pilfered during colonialism and the time when they were finally given Cameroon as a trust territory. More so, they have enabled Cameroonian and African dictators, so they can keep siphoning the natural resources. The Cameroonian Olympians should hold their heads high that they are in Britain to seek a better life as the pilgrims who left Europe did not only settle in America in the pursuit of godliness, they stayed there in the pursuit of wealth.
              The argument that if everyone left who will remain to rebuild the country is unfounded as not everyone will ever leave. There is always the oligarchy who will only leave after they have stolen everything named natural resource.
It is important to note that these Olympians have not violated any law as their visas are still valid. Did they tell anyone to look for them work? It is only a busybody who bothers about the baby elephant carrying heavy tusks. These guys do not need to remain in Britain as they have Schengen Visas. However, they paint a caricature of the country in which they live in. It is mind boggling to read people say that they are still not free even while in the West as they will be controlled by the laws and life style. In that case; even the British themselves are not free as they clock in and clock out and have to report to work. They are slaves to time as they have always been anyway..
I will advise the British government to issue them asylum as they duly merit it. It is expedient to note that this is not a common act amongst the Kenyans or Ethiopians. The last two countries have done well in the Olympics and only athletes who were not considered by their countries deserted to join other countries. They do not go to the Olympics and then decamp.

Until then, I wish them well.

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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