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Should Christians Do Oral Sex?

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I don’t know if you are ensnaring me, or if  you are genuine in this question because you are well educated enough as a married woman to know about oral sex. Sex is a spiritual act, so only the Spirit puts limitations. To the best of my recollections, the Bible does not define how Christians should have sex; it tells us that sex must be in marriage. Nonetheless, permit me delve into the sacrosanct topic. First and foremost, all sex must be under the umbrella of marriage or for betrothed couples. All sex done out of marriage or within marriage with a third party is sin; it is either fornication or adultery.
Nowadays, most youths practice oral sex because they think that it is safer. Unfortunately though, CDC says most STDs like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes and even HIV/AIDS could still be contracted from oral sex. You can also get throat cancer from oral sex. Sexual intercourse could even be safer as one could use condoms, but I doubt that many use condoms when doing oral sex. Thus, those who are doing it for safety may want to think twice. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
The fact that the Bible does not prescribe the type and method of sex amongst couples is left for the couples to consent on what is acceptable and what is not.  Some have concluded that because oral sex does not lead to procreation, then it is sin. However, the intent of the marriage institution was not only for procreation; it was for the aversion of loneliness and to secure a helpmeet in the process of catering for the garden; thus, sex becomes the vehicle through which humanity replenishes the earth via procreation.
If marriage was only for procreation, then the marriage between Abraham and Sarah should not have gone any longer since they were childless for some time. The marriage between Isaac and Rebecca or Eli and Hannah should not have continued as there was a time of infecundity in their marriage. Those who say that oral sex is bad because it does not lead to procreation are inferring that childless couples should not have sex and should dissolve their marriages as it becomes null and void in the absence of children.
It would seem oral sex appears in the bible in versification rather than prosaic language, by eisegesis rather than exegesis; consequently, the interpretation greatly differs from one Christian to another. It is really difficult to equate the word fruit in Songs of Solomon 2:3 to the penis and fruits in 4:16 to the vagina (thus setting the stage to defend the presence of oral sex in the Bible) because the word fruit has been used differently in the bible.
If used as actions (Mt 7:16), it will mean the actions of her beloved are agreeable to her. Fruit is used as offspring (Ex 21:22; Ezek 47:12-precisely first child), but there is no mention in the Bible that they had children. As a result, it will not mean children. Fruit is used as produce (Lev. 23:39; 25:3, 21; Prov. 10:16; Is.27:6). Bearing in mind that the beloved had an orchard, it is acceptable to believe that what she was eating is the direct definition of the ovary and edible part of plant she harvested or he gave her. 
 Nonetheless, Christians are free people, so they should use their freedom to consensually explore that which is acceptable to God and can procure them happiness. Oral sex could be a great exercise if the genital organ is kept clean and healthy. I have had some spouses confess to me that they don’t do oral sex because an unclean vagina traumatizes them. I am sure it is same for some women. If you do it and are worried that you are sinning, then you are really sinning because anything not done in faith is a sin (Rom 14:23). As it is with sexual intercourse, the only way to be safe is to be disease free initially and then stay faithful to one partner. If you suck here or lick here and then go elsewhere and suck or lick, there is no way you will be disease free. When diseases come, sex becomes a liability rather than an asset.  Sex was not made as a liability; it should be a plus to your happiness! 

Until then, I am unable to determine the certification or decertification of oral sex in the Bible.  

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