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Should Christians Do Anal Sex?

"P.A., should Christians do anal sex; what if that is what the woman wants though?" 

In 2004, in the nursing home I visited regularly was a 72 year old white lady. The week before I had asked them what they hated the most in the nursing home. The majority said it was loneliness. So that week I asked them what they regretted the most in life. When it reached her turn, she looked at me and smiled. I foresaw some mischief, and lo and behold it was. She said that what she regretted the most was having anal sex. “Now I have to be wearing these diapers at 72.” She jokingly lamented. It is said that ¾ of American women have tried anal sex, and some actually prefer it in their pursuit of masochism. Some do it for religious purposes. For example, in June 16, 2011, Abdallah Al- Khalif encouraged Muslims who wanted to do suicide bombing and fatwa to allow themselves to be sodomized so that their anuses will be widened enough to carry explosives. Others say that it is what the woman wants. The adult industry does it for women who want to make quick money. Why then do people do it, and does the Bible condemn it?  I will use  logic, biology, science and the bible to answer this palaver so pay attention.  
Logically, one will question why anyone who says he loves someone will want to inflict pain on them while having sex. Love is the bond in spirit that is physically administered in friendship.  Isn’t sex for love? I don't know friends who enjoy seeing their friends cry. What love causes such pain and tears? I don't know lovers who enjoy inflicting pain on each other. Men have argued that some women only prefer anal. Simply because the woman wants something does not make it right. Any sex that causes pain is a deviation. It is not just experience (tales from women) or logic, but even science is against anal sex.
           Biologically, the anus was not made for entering; it was made as an exit. What comes out of it is not as large and hard as a large  erected penis people try to put in it. When forced too hard, there is anal fissure as the anus tears because the sphincters (o ring between the rectum and the anus) are wounded as they have gone beyond their elasticity limit, and this causes bleeding. The bleeding is what facilitates the transfer of HIV/AIDS and other STDs because the fresh blood is driven into the blood stream. The risk for diseases is higher for the receptive partner (woman) than the insertive partner (man) because the recipient acts as a depot during anal sex. .
            Naturally, the anus is a very dirty place harboring too many diseases but because of the notion that the anus is bacteriologically cleaner than the mouth, people think it is better. However, although the mouth has about 100 million bacteria, they are naturally neutralized by enzymes from our saliva or stomach. Unlike the mouth, the bacteria from the anus are very harmful in themselves and can easily be transmitted from penetrator to recipient. The anus can only serve as an intake when it is receiving treatment like suppository or enema. Other than that, it is an abomination and transgression of the law.  
Biblically, while the Bible does not mention anal sex directly, it evokes and condemns the concept. In Leviticus, the Bible says “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination” (Lev 18:22). The only way men and men could lie together was by using the anus; thereby, doing the abomination (disgusting thing) by violating the natural law of sex. This violation of the law (transgression) is sin because if a man was to lie with a woman, he will insert his penis into the woman’s vagina, but if a man was to lie with another man as he does with a woman, he will insert his penis into his anus. That is the violation of the natural law; consequently, disgusting act before God that should be rewarded with capital punishment (Lev 20:13).
Anal sex could not have been such a pleasurable act for God to reward it with death. When the men of Sodom requested Lot to bring out his male guests so they could sexually abuse them, Lot instead proposed his daughters as replacement because it was unnatural for such an act-wickedly (Gen 19:4-8). To an extent, it was wickedness (being evil). If we use the presupposition or circular logic, then we will see that the Bible is against anal sex. God does not like wickedness. Anal sex is wickedness. Therefore, God does not like anal sex. That is as simple as it could go.  
The Bible tells us about a Levite who went to Bethlehem, Judah to adjure his whorish wife to return home. After staying there for about six days, he rejected the last plea of his father in-law to keep spending the night there, so he decided to go and night befell them. They struggled and reached Gibeah in Benjamin. They tried to find a place to spend the night, but no one will take them until an old man from Ephraim who was living in Gibeah took them home. 
While they were enjoying themselves with the hospitality he had provided, some of the people termed “sons of Belial” came to the owner of the house and demanded he brings out the man (not his concubine), so they would have sex with him. The host tried to reason with them that he will prefer to give them his virgin daughter and the stranger’s concubine just so they leave the man (the stranger) alone and avert the vile act. That means, anal sex is a vile (disgraceful and immoral) act. The man took his concubine and gave to them, and they raped her overnight until she died (Judges 19:1-27). You can read the rest of the story in chapter 22. Rather than accept them to have an unnatural sex (anal), he surrendered his concubine to them because anal sex is disgraceful and unnatural.
When men sleep with men and women with women, they exchange the natural use for the unnatural for the just recompense of their error. If anal sex was acceptable in the Bible, then the Apostle Paul will not call it error (straying away) and unnatural use (Rom. 1: 26-27). Men who sleep with other men defile (abuse) themselves (I Tim 1:10; I Cor 6:9). Since when did abuse then become normal and acceptable in Christendom? Since when did and does God tolerate abuse of others? Shouldn't we as Christians love our neighbors as we love ourselves? If we practice anal sex, we abuse the receiver; thus, we show no love for them. It is an abuse of the other person, especially as they undergo serious pain.
I have not seen a single woman or worst still man who said there was no pain in having anal sex. Anal sex is painful. That is why even in prostitution circles, anal sex costs more. 
In 2008, one of my students was sitting with one of her buttocks. Methought it was just her usual histrionics to attract attention, so I asked her to sit properly. She said “Mr. Ayuk, I can’t.” I asked her why she couldn't. She retorted “you don’t want to know.” I said, "yes, I do! What wearies you, wearies me!" She said, “Fine then. I took it from the back. It is killing me. I will never ever let no man f..k me from the back.” Now my ears have overheard, so I just went back to work with no comments. Kids always ask me if I like women. Well, I do like women and the front door, so I never fantasize or dream one day of passing through the back door. Those who want to grow old wearing diapers can continue with their backdoor policy. I am also aware that a heavy man on a skinny little girl could spell danger like in the video below. 

Until then, anal sex is a disgraceful and abominable act condemned in the Bible.

St Arrey of Ntenako. 
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