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Why Are Our Young People Dying Young, So sick, and Very Unhappy?

Many young people have died very prematurely, others are more than valetudinarians, and some are a vitrine of misery. Actually, their parents should have named them sickness, ephemeron, and unhappiness because the names they have now do not fit them. It seems their parents made a mistake. So why are young people dying so young? Why are they so sick? There are many young people with terminal diseases. Many are hopeless. Those who venture into relationships smile without but weep within at midnight. Kids should bury the parents, but nowadays, that is the opposite; parents are the ones burying the kids as if it is fortuitous for the kids to bury the parents. In this lesson, I will show you four aspects that have caused this situation, and I will propose sapient solutions on how young people can regain their good health, long life and prosperity-happy living (Prov 1:8-10).   
The factors contributing to sick nature, premature death, and unhappiness of young people are disobedience to God, disobedience to parents, sexual immorality and debts.  You do not need to be a hermeneutist to know that reversing those factors will change the situation and give the young people a propitious life. This lesson will show you how young people will obey God, obey their parents, run away from sexual immorality and how to avoid debts.

The first is to obey and learn from our parents (Prov 1:8-10).
The parents were the role model teachers (paladin of virtues) whiles the son or child was a student or disciple. This is why although divorce is permitted, it is not always necessary as it leaves the child exposed to outsiders.  The parents are there as the first school teachers. That is why the British say "charity begins at home." If parents do not teach their children what to learn and believe at home, someone else outside will do so, and it may not be good.  When young people follow the wisdom of their parents, they obtain the fear of the Lord. Obedience to parents brought grace and victory.
 Again hearing the sayings-wise counsel of the father, the preceptor was a direct method to acquire wisdom that brought salvation. Prov 4:22 now spells the benefits of obedience to parents as long life and good health. If the son decided to listen to God and the parents, then it must not follow the zeitgeist (Prov.19:27). 
Filial respect will be trophies for the family. There are many homes nowadays where kids do not talk with their parents.  Most of those children if they do not die young physically, they die young psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. In other words, wisdom is an acquisition of trophies. A child well taught at home will not consent to evildoers.  The direct opposite of wisdom is nescience.  The majority of our young people are witlings. It is the same as cleaning our home. It is a luxurious necessity. We do it for pleasure, but if we do not do it, we get sick. Therefore, we actually have no choice.  It is a "Catch 22". The second escape route is obeying God’s commandments.

Keeping the commandments of God  (Pro 2:1; 3:1-3; 11, 21)
The parents and God were the preceptors of the children.  In Proverbs, God promises three things: good health, long life and prosperity.  Let the commandments be anear and within reach at all times as the rudiments of their existence. Do not be tired of the correction of the Lord or his chastening as there is a difference between correction and chastening.
This commandment goes far beyond a physical command because it brings in the spiritual sons and daughters of God who are those who have received Jesus Christ in their lives (John 1:12). Those who say they believe in Christ must live according to the word of God. They are not only examples to their own kids but also to their spiritual children. They have a double responsibility.

Young people need to guard against sexual promiscuity (Prov 5:1-4).
The reason kids have to listen to parents is because they have the experience. They have lived a lot of things that the kids will live. They have made their own mistakes that will enlighten the kids and make them jump over the very doldrums that ensnared them. The experience of parents has made them polymaths. Statistics have shown that most elopements have crumbled when the test for true love came.
Therefore, if a young man or woman allows his or her paramour to ensnare him or her, they first wheedle sweettalk that they infuse into them, and then later on they are affected as the venom from a snake penetrates its prey. Sex from adventure makes one feel good, but it destroys the soul.  It first destroys the body and later the soul. Sexual promiscuity will destroy you, young man or young woman! You cannot know all the tricks of your paramour. You just have to avert him/her. There are so many reasons why the bible cautions against sexual promiscuity. You will have unwanted pregnancies, bad reputation, sexually transmissible diseases, addiction and possible drug use, inability to maintain a stable relationship, and the possibility of eternal perdition.  

The last thing making young people to die young nowadays is debts (Prov 6:1-3).
 Do not cosign for friends to take debts and do not take debts yourself. If you want to live healthy, long, and prosperous, you must avoid debts and pay your debts. The context here is about your situation in debts and not if you need to be in debt or not. That means; when you find yourself in debt like in student loans or personal debts. It behooves me to add a necessary appendix that student loan is a necessary evil unlike some personal debts. Student loan is like borrowing money to do business. The debt that I will discourage everyone to take is that of borrowing to eat in a restaurant, buying clothes, taking a girlfriend out or offering gifts for Christmas and some important holidays. I have developed a principle not to buy if I don’t have money. Fight by all means as an antelope in a trap or a bird in a cage to free yourself from debts. Plan your life like an ant. Rich people do not work for money; their money works for them as they plan in investments. We must have foresight in planning, be industrious in managing resources and economical in expenses. We must encourage surpluses but discourage deficits. Shopaholics or wizards and witches for shopping will not live happy lives. Those are poor habits you must get rid of. How many people do you know who made millions but are today bankrupt? It cautions you again to avoid prostitutes, gambling, excessive shopping, dilatory volitions and money wasting mechanisms.
Therefore, the young people have no excuse to be dying young. They can escape whatever destiny the society and human beings have ligated them to by obeying the commandments of God, obeying their physical parents and adults, running away from promiscuity and avoiding the snare of debts by all means.

Until then, young people can live healthy, longer and Happy.

St Arrey of Ntenako.
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“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).


  1. Hello Prince, you are one of the serious minded Cameroonians i have come across. Thanks to Facebook. Now to add to the points you mentioned is the quest for quick and unmerited wealth. Today,there's noting that leads to the youth's sudden death as the quest for wealth. Young men and surprisingly women too are prepared to do the unthinkable only to make money and live boastful lives even with the knowledge that it carries a heavy price. banditry,duplicity, advanced free fraud(419)drug trafficking and much more make the list.

  2. Mr Akuo, thank you so much for the kind accolades! Like you, I am in lost of words when I see how young people are dying. Please if you like the blog, share it with your friends and family. Furthermore, if you find a topic or question you want me to treat, please send it my way. Once more, thank you so much.


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