Thursday, April 19, 2012

When The Blood Of The Innocent Flows On The Carpet Of The Sparrow Hawk.

When news broke out on April 16, 2012, that former Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni and Marafa Hamidou Yaya have been transported to the YaoundĂ© Central Prison in Kondengui, it was with mixed feelings; those in support and those against. To all or most, it was full of surprises as it was the first for a former prime minister to be locked up. Those who rejoice at their demise feel justified for them allying with the regime to mete out repression and others feel anyone that has worked with the regime should be sent into a special dungeon. Many think the accusations are justified and thumb their chests that “it was just a matter of when and not if.” It is surprising to see that Cameroonians have not realized the falsehood of Biya’s Operation Sparrow Hawk. In my first treatise, I had heralded the falsity and intend to unfold more with this current saga. It is alleged that both Chief Ephriam Inoni and Marafa Yaya are locked up because of the Albatross Affair. Here are some questions to start with. Should the aircraft have been bought at all? Why was the $31 M aircraft being bought via a third party? How much did these guys embezzle, and why did it take so long for them to be indicted and charged? Has there been due process in their detention? Those are the questions I will answer briefly. Why are Chief Ephraim Inoni and Marafa Yaya locked? 
Like I told you earlier in that Operation sparrow Hawk and Albatross do not sleep onthe same bed. There is a reason other than embezzlement why Ephraim Inoni and Marafa Yaya are incarcerated. They were the last bastions to fall despite ample proofs that they were involved in the purchase of the Albatross. Why were they left out that long? Were they still serving in the government meanwhile their co defenders and accused Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara, Jerome Mendouga, and Yves Michel Fotso have been put in jail years ago?
It behooves I lay the setting for those mixing up the timeline and asking why and how the former prime minister should be implicated. Marafa Yaya was the secretary general at the presidency and Ephraim Inoni was his deputy. Ephraim Inoni was later appointed as the prime minister from 2004-2009 while the Albatross affair has already been staged.  They participated in the purchase and transfer of the aircraft. Chief Inoini was brought in by Jean Marie Assene Nkou a former parliamentarian for Mefou And Afamba. Being at the presidency, Chief Inoni was part of the delegation that traveled to the US. Jean Marie Assene was paid $2 million for serving as a liaison or middle man in the Albatross Affair. When the deal went flat, Nkou Assene was arrested and locked up but was later released. In 2008, their passports were confiscated by judge Pascal MagnangamabĂ©. So why were they not investigated? Instead, the president went on his defence.  
It is not Cheif Inoni’s ties with APM and Ansett Worldwide sagas on embezzlement that have embroiled the former prime minister to be bundled to Kondengui else he would have been in jail ere long since these were independent acts committed out of the Albatross. Furthermore, he was arrested with Marafa Yaya and interrogated on the Albatross rather on the APM and Ansett Worldwide affairs before being taken to prison portraying that his fall is more tied to the Albatross than with the other cases of embezzlements.
Albeit, each of the accused was involved in one way or the other. However, Biya’s anger is not that they embezzled and bought him a dilapidated aircraft but that it was a tacit ploy to assassinate him after all, Atangana Mebara and Jerome Mendouga fall in the other Beti clan he suspects planning his demise.
 Whatever crime they have committed, whichever party they belong too, they still merit due process. It is sad to see someone like Mendouga being jailed for embezzlement while the case is still ongoing. That is because Biya has been brainwashed to believe that his onetime myrmidon is behind a plot to assassinate him. It is the same thing with Marafa Yaya. The latter has been dubbed as Biya’s immediate and incontestable replacement from the wikileaks revelations.  The best was to eliminate such a hindrance is to lock him up.
In fact, if any of these guys has embezzled or is found guilty of corruption, the most logical and justified solution would have been to imprison them. Conversely, that is not why they are jailed; there is an underlying reason behind the veil of the Sparrow Hawk vitrine.
Cameroon was under the IMF and World Bank structural adjustment program (SAP) where she was not allowed to make such expenses. To camouflage the state expenditure, the Biya regime decided to use CAMAIR Airlines to do the purchase. In other words, Biya has embezzled public funds for a personal luxury. If it was only for embezzlement, Biya should have been indicted and locked up. He that comes to equity cannot come with dirty hands, but here is Biya with blood in his hands. The other guys were like the drug lords, and Biya was the king pin. Once he had the booty, he decided to eliminate the chefs des gangs.
The plane was old but functional as it passed all the tests and the representatives of Boeing had testified that Mendouga had nothing to do with the money. So, why has he not been released if it is just the Albatross affair?  It is surprising that this affair began in 2004 and eight years after, we are still talking about arrests and detention even with closed doors trials? Should a mere case of corruption be done behind closed doors? What is the Biya regime hiding?  
If you look at all the more than twenty dignitaries locked up already, almost all the Beti are people who have resisted Biya continuous reign as president. This is a ploy by Biya to take Cameroon back into the early Ahidjo days whereby everyone kowtowed just to save their lives. This has shaken the ranks of those in government that all are too afraid because almost all are embezzlers and crooks. None of them can come to equity with clean hands. Even members of the opposition who worked for the government know their files could be dug out now at anytime, and there will be free transportation to Kondengui.
Ephraim Inoni is a collateral damage of Biya’s insatiable vaulting ambition to remain as president by eliminating possible adversaries as corrupt members of government. With the arrest of chief Inoni, it shows that no one is above the law and now the hunting dog of Sparrow Hawk can now spill the blood of Biya’s enemies as it has started spilling on the Albatross.  
Until then, Cameroonians, the time has come to resist Biya’s attempt to form a monarchy.

St Arrey Of Ntenako.

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