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This is The Western Union Or MoneyGram Money Control Number .

Each time you receive a call from home, three quarter of the calls are for money, and they tell you to send the money via Western Union or MoneyGram, depending on which one is closer to them. When they take the money, you will not hear again from them. Today I will narrate an anecdote; perhaps this will help those who give and those who take. As Jesus was entering a village between Galilee and Samaria, he met ten male lepers. They lifted up their voices and cried for mercy. It is needless to say that lepers in Jesus’ days were put into quarantine. So Jesus asked them to go and shew themselves to the priests who will determine whether they were cleansed or not. On their way to the village, they were cleansed. When one of them saw that he was healed, he came back to thank Jesus (Lk 17:11-16). I am not using this passage to show that our relatives, friends and strangers we help are lepers; I am merely showing the state of mind of people who receive a favor.
As I look at this passage, I remember how many people we help in the world but how very few come back to say thank you. For those of us from Africa, we may get a glimpse of what I am saying. When relatives, friends, former neighbors, strangers want help from you, they will call you in the morning, they will call you in the afternoon, they will call you in the evening, they will call you at night, and they will wake you up from sleep as many times as they need to explain their problem to you. They will call you , “special brother, sugar sister, daddy number one, everlasting papa, uncle the uncle, the most high Rev, most learned Dr, Sesekou, Fai, Shey, Ntuifam, pastor, chief, igwe, man of God, the young brother of Jesus until finally you tell them that “take this number, it is Western Union or MoneyGram. They will say,  "You have done it again. May you live long!” That will be the last time you will be talking to them until the next time that they need help that is when that elusive call will ring again.
            When you call them now to ask if they have received the money, some of them not knowing that you could find out when they took the money will tell you how they are just taking the money now. Others will say, “I was just on my way to come and call you that I have taken the money.” Perhaps you did not meet their expectations; perhaps it is not up to the amount of money they wanted, but for God’s sake and civility, just show some appreciation by calling and telling the giver that you have received the package. .
Do they know the sacrifice we make just to send a dime from home? Do they know that one cannot differentiate between some of you who work as nurses or CNAs and the real patients because you are always in the hospital or hospice 24/7? Do they know that some of you have postponed buying the recent gadget just so you can help them?
When they ask you for money and you do not send, they will not call you again. When they talk about you now, they call you by your first name. If they used to call you chief or brother or sister or uncle, they will say, “chief my foot; na some teacher dat, na teacher we di chop? Sister, sister, doesn’t she see Whitemen there to fuck them and send us money?” Some will be bold to say,  “sister, you are sleeping. How come your friends are sending containers back home and you are always there? Please try something.”  When some of the women ask their boyfriend the bushfaller money, and he does not give, they will say, “make he go sef with da yi jigga foot. He go cam see me I call yi again.” The men will say, “dat old thing. Yi no know say I just di manage yi daso.
I have refused to set such a pattern in the lives of my relatives. I told one of my friends that, “if you will only call me when you have problems, or when you need money and after you take the money I never hear from you again, please don’t call me again.
It is not like they calling and thanking you after they have received the money you will become immediately rich, but it is just a form of decorum and probity. Some of these people think that because they are your siblings, relatives or friends, you owe them something. They think that it is their right for you to suffer for them. Perhaps, you should tell them that here in America, there is no such entitlement as even sisters pay rents to their brothers and daughters ask their mothers to pay rents. Tell them that very few people know about extended family like we do, so everything that comes their way should be something to thank the Lord for. I am always very grateful when someone gives me food and drinks, not because I cannot buy, but because if someone is not your own person, they cannot offer you anything for free. Did you know that you did not give anyone anything to keep? Whatever someone does for you, it is a sacrifice and something to thank the Lord for and be grateful to the person. 
If you thank someone who gave you the money after you have received it to show him/her how their gift impacted your life, they may be encouraged to do more. Let me tell you this little story. My cousin had called my mom that her child would be refused from writing the Common Entrance if she did not bring seven thousand FCFA. My mother told her she did not have money, but she informed me. I asked her to give me her number. I called her, and she told me the same story. I told her to read her name as it is on her ID card. She told me there was no light. I asked her why they did not have light, and she told me that SONEL interrupted her light because she owed CFA 5,000. So I told her that I will ask a friend in Douala to give her the CFA 12,000. Just the way she cried and thanked me, I decided to go to Western Union myself and send her CFA 50,000. After she collected the money, she called my mom back and thanked her again with tears. My mom told me, so I made up my mind to send her more so she could do business. What motivated me to do more? It is her behavior of non-entitlement. It is not like I owe her something. When you appreciate what people do for you and you show them so, they will do more.
Some people say I want to help my brother’s children so that they will come and help me. Don’t, it is not a good enough reason to help anyone. Have you ever thought about helping a child in the village who had lost all her or his parents? Help them because God wants you to help someone. Some of you who only help your relatives because you think they are the only ones that will help you too or your kids tomorrow. It is a myopic mistake! Do not forget that whatever good thing you do to people; you are doing it for God. Therefore, do not worry whether they tell you thank you or not; God is preparing your reward on earth and in heaven. Do not worry to help only people you know or your own blood because since your reward comes from the Rewarder, it may come from any source. If you liked my article, you can make a donation.

Until then, be grateful for every little favor you receive from anyone and be grateful for being able to change someone’s life.

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