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What Type of Prayers Are You Receiving: Are Juju People Praying For You?

 " I was so sick, so I went to my pastor. he took me into a room with red cloths and a cock. They prayed for me. Since I came back I have been having nightmares."

There seems an alarm bell ringing around the globe of juju people praying for you. If God had not killed Ananias and Saphirra right in front of the other brethren, no one would have believed they were crooked. People with no character cannot do godly miracles. These ones extorting money from the hard earned wealth of their members by hypnotizing them with fairytales on fairylands. These people wheedle their way with religious lingua, but their hearts are far from God (Is 29:13).  Can anyone tell these members that these are juju men and not men of God? After all, they preach the bible and pretend to heal the sick and rain down blessings from the Most High. Let the modern Christian keep his or her ears wide opened to hear this warning because there are many juju people praying for you nowadays. When a juju man prays for, he puts an evil spirit in you that controls you and makes you loyal to him or her. The purport of this lesson is to show that not everyone healing people is using the power of God.  You can read my story Riflo Rifala.
April 8, 2008, the online version of the Ghanaian Journal broke the news that Pastor Collins Agyei Yeboah of popular and charismatic Vision Charismatic Chapel at Kato had used the amulets and fetish of a Fetish priest at Akomadan_Afrancho to establish his church. When the pastor wanted to start his church, he consulted the priest to give him a “special juju” to establish his church. They agreed for the sum of GH¢550. The pastor advanced 100 and later advanced another 100 as part of the payment plan, but he failed to complete the rest for the two years that ensued. That annoyed the priest who solicited the help of the police commissioner who accompanied the juju priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam on a Sunday morning to dig out his juju from the altar of the church. The pastor had refused to pay with the excuse that the juju did not work.
Many run to India, run to different places to look for powers from Lucifer, so they may appear as agents of lights. Do not be deceived, you should not allow yourself to be bewitched! As you know, I know what it means by God healings lest someone tells you that I am jealous. I prayed and my niece came back to life. I prayed for barren wombs, epileptic patients and other sick people, and they got healed. I prayed for the blind and they saw. I know what the power of God is. It exists, but many out there are using the power of Lucifer. They are exploiting your psychology. Beware with all these people who tell you to close your eyes first before they can pray for you. Those who make you stand for long with your eyes closed. I have also told you about those who make people fall backwards. 
There were two types of falling in the bible; prostrating forward and falling backwards.  (Ex 11:8; Isa 45:14; 49:23). For example, servant (Gen 24:52), Moses (Ex 34:8), Joshua (Josh 5:14), and Job (Job 1:20). No prophet or man of God in the Old Testament prayed and anyone fell backward.
In the Old Testament, people fell headlong or prostrated themselves before God. There is no case in the Bible where the people fell backwards in the Old Testament. If you see any please let me know. The reason is because God was revealing himself to humankind and that requires worship when man finds out. In the New Testament, people fell both forward and backward because God has revealed himself and his mission, the challenge takes the form of encounters. As such, those that recognized him as God, worshiped him, and those who did not, fell backwards because they had demons and evil spirits that prevented them from doing so. However, the common denominator in all this falling is that each time someone fell in the Bible, be it forward or backwards, their life changed. The non-believer becomes a believer and the possessed were set free. If it was in the OT that a barren woman fell, she would get up and become fertile. If a palsy patient fell in the days of Jesus, he will rise up completely well (Mt. 17:14).
            With the modern church, people fall to make a show of it, get up but still remain the same. Barren women fall under the “anointing” and still get up more barren than they were. Impotent men fall headlong to no change. Criminals fall and leave the church only to rob an 84-year-old widow. Do you see the difference?  I am not saying people should not fall, but there must be a true change in their lives and not an imaginary and presumptuous change, no matter what they reveal about your life.
These pastors give 90% of their time for your body and give only 10% to your soul. Tell me which one is more important? Doesn’t the Bible say what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul (Mk 8:36)?  Watch and see to whom you are giving your money. How do they live? Jesus was not sumptuous. Those who tell you to come to their temple before they pray for you; those who take your wives into a room to rub them olive oil while they are naked; those who do mouth to mouth respiration with women, should be signs of ungodly powers. They call your names and addresses. That is right. But if God can call your name, address and sickness to tell you what you are going through why can’t God heal you? Do you remember the story of Peter porpoff? He pretended that God spoke to him to heal people, but he was fake as the seven sons of Sceva (Acts 19:14). Him and others like Oyakhilome (also caught)  and many others tell you how they want to deliver you from witchcraft attacks. 
Witchcraft diseases have the following characteristics: they appear and disappear and do not obey treatment. Their cause is never seen by our naked eyes, scans or X-rays. They are never cured with physical therapy or using physical medicine and the victim becomes psychologically disoriented. If that is the case then the victim needs to fast and pray. Such a disease can only come out by fasting and prayers (Mark 9:29.) But before they fast, they must confess and forsake their sins. If you were sleeping with someone’s husband and your hair is falling off, you must break that relationship physically and in your heart too. If you are sick and still desiring the man, you will never get well.
On August 12, 2011, news again broke out about Bishop Daniel Obinim of the International God’s Way Church. Bishop Obinim was constantly surrounded by a bevy of female church members no doubt he was accused by his  estranged pastor William Fobih for clearing his wife’s bush with charm. The pastor said “Bishop Obinim used ‘juju’ to charm my wife into his bed,” because his wife (Gifty Pokuah) had been so faithful that she would not have fallen without the underworld powers. He lured the woman with money and cornflakes.
I remember reading a question from a young girl one day. She asked, “it first began as a mouth to mouth respiration, and now I have his baby. What should I do?” Beware of those pastors who must hit you with a staff, or a handkerchief or some other physical object to transmit anointing! I say again unto you beware! They are out to lure you to explode their membership for financial buoyancy. I have watched Tele- preachers sell crosses and pieces of cloth. One even sent a brother a cross to always keep underneath his pillow because that was his guarding angel for a donation of $25. To continue this practice, they support it with situations like that of Elisha when the waters were polluted and the ground barren (2Kings 2:19-22), Peter’s Shadow (Acts 5:5) and Paul’s handkerchiefs healed the sick (Acts 19:11-12).
Let me make some explanations right quick. In the case of Elisha, it was spontaneous. He had ten miracles and non was the same. He did not start to sell salt to the sick and possessed. Did he? He did not start to sell water in bottles for the sick and possessed did he? In the case of Peter, he did not tell the people to wait for him or only pay into his conference for “power” but they waited for him on his path so that when he passes his shadow will fall on them. As for Paul, people took his sweat handkerchiefs to place on their sick. It was not Paul selling them. It was not his disciples selling them and giving him the money. Is it not written “freely you have receive freely you should give”? (Mt. 10:8). Where does all this selling of healing products come from? Can anyone show me where is it written that healing products from a man of God should be sold?
            In two out of ten Nigerian movies, we see the preacher using underworld powers to make miracles and attract people to their church. They are not just movie pranks. These things really exist. If you are condemned to a particular preacher watch out. If it would seem without them, your household would never be free of demonic powers or you can never win or progress then watch out; you need deliverance from witchcraft authority. You have been bewitched. Yes you are! You can know a good preacher and a true man of God from the qualities I stated above. Look at them well.
If any man or woman of God is selling anything that will heal, deliver, or save do not buy. That is ungodly. Run away from them. Freely they have received and freely they should give. If you have to stand on a particular altar before they pray for you, then watch out. If they never pray without a ring, handkerchief, stick or something conspicuously displayed then be careful. If they want you to pay an allegiance or even swear to be their follower then it is time to run for your life. When you see churches with laws like do not come here with your shoes, or people who are healed that no one recognizes them then it is time for you to run. If people are healed and the sickness comes back or may be, attacks another family member, please watch out for your life.  Go seek a true prophet for deliverance
You want to ask me what about Jesus who healed with mud (Jn 9:6). It was not habitual. He even asked a paralytic why he did not dive into the waters for healings like the others (Jn. 5:3-18). Nonetheless, after that he healed the man by mere command. Now, remember, if you stay faithful and truthful to God “no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper and any tongue that shall rise against you shall be condemned. For that is your heritage and your righteousness is from God.”(IS 54:17). Beware with those using juju oil and juju altars!

Until then, beware of the juju preachers.

St Arrey of Ntenako.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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