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“I lost my Virginity: Will God still forgive me? If you are saved, but sin, and repent, do you still have to pay for those sins to get into heaven?”

A few days ago, a young woman asked me if God will forgive her because she lost her virginity to a guy she did not even intend to marry. I felt sorry to hear what had happened to her because it is always bad to lose one’s virginity to a man who will not seal the act with an alliance. Yes (for the virginity), and  yes, and no, (for perpetual sin) because while we are forgiven if we ask for forgiveness, we may not escape the scars of the sin. You do not need to pay for your sins after you have repented to get to heaven. Conversely, the God we serve is a God of forgiveness and 490 chances. He says that if your brother does something bad to you, you should forgive him seventy times seven times a day (Mt 18:21-22). Thus, he will forgive you too seventy times seven times because he does not preach what he does not practice. Would that be all after God has forgiven you?

"If a man who married a woman, realized that she was not a virgin, he will raise an alarm. The elders of the city will punish, fine him a hundred shekels of silver and give the money to the father in-law, and they will force him to marry the woman for life if they find the girl innocent. Nevertheless, if they found the girl guilty of having a broken hymen, they will lapidate her to death (Deut 22:13-21)."  Can you imagine how many women and men will still be on earth these days?
In proverbs 28:13, the Bible says: “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy." She was aware and had not covered it, so she will prosper. John tells the believers: “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us (I Jn 8-10)."  God is the only One who can forgive and forget because when he forgives you, He buries your sins in the bottom of the sea (Micah 7:18-19). Therefore, do like Jesus said to the Blind man that was healed: "go and sin no more lest something worse happens to you (Jn 5:14)."
Yet, before reaching heaven or while waiting to reach heaven, you may be required to pay for something. Please, let me explain. Your sins may lead you to death or unhappiness after you repent, but that has nothing to do with the salvation of your soul. I will narrate this anecdote.
A young youth leader committed incest and repented. While driving home, he kept thinking about it. He made an accident and died. What would you say led to his death: his sin? Yet, would he go to heaven? Sure! While other times you may repent and not face any physical consequences, sometimes you must pay for the consequences: physically and spiritually. That means, at times we pay for our sins, spiritually and sometimes physically. 
If you went to commit abortion and took an overdose, you may die or at times become barren as a result. Although God may forgive you at the time of your death, it will not change your physical condition. That is why Jesus told the blind man “go and sin no more or something more terrible may happen to you (Jn 5:14)." Some women who went to commit abortion  became sterile as some Christians who are now barren can attest to this.
A young pastor went out for mission and fell into fornication. He came back with gonorrhea that became chronic. Although he confessed his sins and God forgave him, he still had to bear the brunt of his sin-chronic gonorrhea. Although David confessed his sins and begged God to leave the child to live, God still took away the child (2 Sam 12:1-24).
You may sin and repent and sin and repent, but you may pay while on earth. Although it will not hinder you from entering heaven because you have been imputed with righteousness from above. The rule is for you to confess your sins which becomes like the sinner in the Old Testament washing their feet in the Laver at the tabernacle or temple. That means, sins confessed although forgiven may disrupt our communication with God and deprive us of certain advantages like the case of the prodigal son (Lk 15:1-26).
If you went to steal and they cut your one hand while stealing, you will confess your sins, and God will forgive you. However, he will not give you another hand. You are not now with one hand because God has not forgiven your sins but because of the consequences of stealing. In Saudi Arabia, if you steal first time, they amputate your hand. The second time, the other hand and third, one leg and it goes further till you are forced to remain on one spot that you can’t steal anymore. That is what we mean by your sins finding you out (Num 32:23).
A word of caution: although you will not pay for your sins to reach heaven if you truly repent and forsake them, you may not obtain mercy if you have no desire to forsake it or them. You obtain mercy when you confess and forsake your sin (Prov 18:13).There is no in between. Furthermore, if you are taking pleasure in living in sin and confessing, there is no more sacrifice for it (Heb 10:26). The virgin will be forgiven, and  she does not need to do anything else because no matter whatever she does, her virginity will not be restituted. It is one of those instances where there is no restitution. She should sleep in peace after confession. However, that should not now apply an Open Door Policy because the consequences of her sins may find her out. 

Until then, beware of the physical consequences of sin.

St Arrey of Ntenako.
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