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"How Long Do You Think Adam and Eve Lived in the Garden before they sinned?"

It did not take them long to sin from the time they were created. They would not have lived for centuries (100+) before sinning when the Bible says Adam was 130 years old when he had Seth (Gen. 5:3). If he had Seth  (his third child) at the age of 130, do you think he had Cain and Abel before 30 considering that the earliest any person in those days had a child was 65 years (Gen 5:15, 21)? The thousand year’s figuration would be invalid because in Gen 5, Adam’s real life span is stated as 930 years (Gen. 5:9).

If the earliest anyone had a child was 65 years, and Adam and Eve had Seth at 130 years, then they definitely had their first child at the age of 65 years or after. Before they could have their first child at the approximate age of 65 and above, they had already sinned because they were driven from Paradise when they had no children because during their sentencing phase, God said, " ... I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thy shall bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee," (Gen 3:16).  Gen 3:22 portrays that they have attained  post conventional morality stage. Consequently, we can only look now above 12 years of age but below 65 years of age. Adam was probably created at an adult age because he was able to name the animals, and they could till the ground. We will presume that Adam and Eve probably sinned when they were in between 18-20 years old. Remember that this age slot is a time when teenagers think they know more than their parents. It is also the time of identity confusion. That is why the Devil starts by questioning their identity. This is the stage for identity crisis. It would be that Adam and Eve hearing the Devil thought that they had found some revelations that God had hidden from them about them.

More so, the Bible says that after their sin “God drove them out” of the garden and placed a guardian angel to prevent them from coming back (Gen 3:23-24). It was after they left paradise that they began to have children. The garden was the paradise and did not mean they would not have any more land to till or were they prohibited from multiplying. It is important to note that the word paradise means garden or playground. They were merely driven out of the garden, but they were free to till the ground outside. They were driven from the playground, but they were permitted to go around the farmland. There are some people whop have been banned from curtains parks because they broke the laws of that park. it doe snot mean that they have been banished from the city totally. There are parents whose kids have been banned from playing at the MacDonald play ground, but they are still permitted to go and buy food fro  MacDonald. That is how the man was going to earn his living (Gen 3:17-19).

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