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What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?

                Homosexuality has become a serious issue that it determines public perception of people according to their positions. From America to Europe, Asia to Latin America, Australia to Africa there are now gay pride days where homosexuals and lesbians come out to declare themselves adherents of that philosophy. American and European governments and even world monetary institutions now tie their aids with gay-friendly strings as begging nations must show themselves marching towards the gay agenda.  Asylum seekers to Europe and America just have to say that they are gays, and they have stay. People who say homosexuality is evil are brandished "homophobes". Just because someone says homosexuality is evil does not mean he or she hates the gay people. The President of Belarus: Alexander Lukashenko once said: "It is good to be a dictator than to be a homosexual"[1]. Is Homosexuality that bad? Does the Bible speak in favor or disfavor? This screed will expose on the position of the Bible.
                 This treatise is in reaction to Oliver Thomas’ “When Religion Loses Its Credibility”[3]. The author starts by asking: “what if Christian leaders are wrong about homosexuality”? No, they are not wrong! No one is wrong in condemning homosexuality and lesbianism. This deviant life style is a misuse of the body orifices. Apart from being morally aberrational, homosexuality and lesbianism are economically, socially and anatomically destructive. If everyone was to be a homosexual or lesbian then the present human age will come to an end. Then the kids they so claim they love, will live no more. I guess, we will clone and make more test tube babies, huh? Then in the next 50 years, the economy of nations will collapse because we will lack young people. Homosexuality does not even exist in the animal kingdom, so for humans to even think of it shows a deviant mind serving as a copycat of foreign philosophies.
              First, let us consider the responsibility of the Christian vis a vis sin. Where in the Bible does the Bible say “do not condemn sin”? Does condemning the act of stealing mean that one hates thieves? If the thief does not like their status, they should repent of their sin. If you did not know the responsibility of the Christians vis a vis sin then read (Ezek 3:17-21; Ezek 33:6-8). Now does God condemn Homosexuality? Take a look:
“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination” (Lev 18:22). This is an injunction against Homosexuality and Lesbianism. Lot called it wickedness (Gen 19:4-8) and God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for it. God calls it abomination rewarded with death (Lev 20:13). The Bible calls them sons of Belial (Judges 19: 22 but read the entire story: very interesting). The Apostle Paul says they are in error by practicing homosexuality and lesbianism (Rom 1:26-27). Paul tells Timothy that homosexuality and lesbianism are against sound doctrine (I Tim 1:10).
            The author plunges further into his error to say that when the Lord created the heavens and the earth, the Bible says:  "And, the Lord saw that it was good.” At the time that God made this statement man has not yet fallen into sin. Looking into the author’s assertion that God was not against homosexuality per se in Romans (Rom 1:26-27) but against pedophilia tells us he has made up his mind to go astray. There is nowhere in those verses where the root word indicates pedophilia. The word /mankind/ and other related nouns like men all indicate the root word /arsĕnŏkŏitēs/ standing for “sodomite” meaning “abuser of themselves with humankind”[5]. All the verses mentioned above in the New Testament have nothing to do with the age of the indulger. Their blanket condemnation is homosexuality and lesbianism.
Therefore, why would God ever say anyone is hurting gay people because they tell them to live like the Bible says?  Concerning the false teaching of “don’t judge” (Mt 7:1), please, take another look at I Cor 5:11-13. If that is what the Bible says in Mt 7:1 and in I Cor it says judge, then the Bible is contradictory. And as you know, the Bible is infallible. Homosexuals and lesbians must repent of their sins or face the wrath of God in eternal damnation like any other sinner who refuses to repent.
            The author himself loses credibility by falsely stating a reference. Galileo did not pose a “challenge to the biblical view that the Earth, rather than the sun, was at the center of our solar system”.  Galileo instead stated that the earth rotates on its Axis around the sun. And contrary to gainsayers: the church embraced his view and the church fathers wanted to take a look at his telescope[6],[7]. Just like this author, Galileo’s mistake was that he thought all answers could be provided only by science. Science does not supersede the Bible in providing truths about nature. On the contrary, science correlates as an appendix to enhancing the truths of the Bible because since truth is not relative, there can only be one source of truth, and that source is in Jesus who incontestably says “ I am the way, the truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the father but by me” (John 14:6).
            We do agree that DNA is a proven science. However, not all DNA has always been correct. There are reasons and occasions when DNA has been incorrect: when DNA results are contaminated, when a mistaken identity is used or faulty equipments could result in a wrong DNA test result. More so, there is no human test or equipment that will ever be faultless. If it was, why is it not the only evidence in the conviction of a criminal case in the court of law?  Since we do not use a tribe to find a country but use a country to find a tribe then, we cannot use DNA to support or fault the Bible. We use the Bible to support or fault DNA results.
            The author starts by misinterpreting the verse in Lev 18:22. It does behoove me to give a reclassification of biblical laws. The laws were divided into three groups: the ceremonial laws (guiding Israel‘s worship only), civil laws (regulating daily living) and moral laws (the Ten Commandments). While the first two do not transcend cultures, the last one does. However, whenever God wanted a given law in the first two categories to overstep a given culture, the concept was carried forward into the new culture. That is the case with homosexuality in that it would have been wrong like the author said for anyone to apply it in modern culture while leaving all other civil laws. That is why Paul mentions it to the Romans (Rom 1:26-27) and Timothy (I Tim I: 10) so that it would be carried forward to other times and culture so as to reactivate the law within modern cultures today.  Both the Old and New Testaments show that the concept of God being against Homosexuality and lesbianism goes beyond the Jewish people as I showed you above.
Another mistake the author does again is failing in his isagogics to horizontally interpret his verses. Under recommendation in what would Jesus do he cites "Judge not lest you be judged." (Mat7:1). I guess you believed him. Now take a look at these verses:  (I Cor 5: 9-13). If the Bible says in Mt not to judge and in I Cor. it says judge, then the Bible is confused. As you know God is not the author of confusion (I Cor 14:33), for He orders us to do everything decently and in order (I Cor 14:40). Hence, to get the proper interpretation one has to consider the root word of the word /judge/. While both have the same root word /krino/, we can separate their meaning contextually. In Mt 7:1, Jesus is preaching against impartial judgment as if saying, if you judge people impartially, someone will do same to you. That is why he concludes in the golden rule “therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets“(Mt. 7:12). In I Cor. 5: 12, Paul is talking about disciplining the person who says he or she is a believer but is still living like the cousin of the devil. He even recommends isolation and excommunication (V 13).
            It is a terrible thing for anyone to say they have no control over the choices they make in life or their life style. I guess the author that was being scientific has quickly delved back into superstition the same sin he accuses the church of. Psychology teaches us that man is made of the Id, Ego and Superego. The Id is the home of the primitive instincts, the ego is the executioner of those instincts, and the superego is the check valve to the ego. The Bible calls man’s check-valve conscience to consider his alternatives before making a choice. Even as babies, we still make choices: the choice to cry or to kick with our legs or to pinch our mothers when hungry. As teenagers we still make choices:  to stay in school or to drop out of school. As business people: to rob the poor or share our wealth. Each of us holds our destiny in his or her hands.  That is why the Bible says that God will reward us according to our works (Rom 2:6; I Cor 3:8; 2Cor 5:10; 2 Cor 11:15; Eph 3:20; 2 Tim 4:14; Rev 20:12-13; 22: 12). How and why would the good God (as you confirm” judge anyone according to the works they have no power to control? That means; to be a homosexual is not an accident or predestination but a thoughtful choice after considering alternatives. We can thus rescind from it by repenting and forsaking our sin.
Some people equate homosexuality with masturbation. There is a fine dichotomy between homosexuality and masturbation. In masturbation, the act is solo; meanwhile, in homosexuality it takes two or more of the same sex. While there is a clear injunction in the Bible against homosexuality, there is no such prohibition against masturbation. Masturbation per se is not sexual intercourse as stimulation of sexual organs is not what constitutes sexual intercourse.  For sexual intercourse or copulation to take place, there must be an insertion of the male penis into the vagina[2].  
Although the word homosexuality is not used in the New Testament, but the concept is. Christ spoke against homosexuality at least three times in the Bible. The first instance is when he reiterated the nature of marriage as being between male and female (Mt 19:4-6). By making that assertion, he applies the Law of Excluded Middle (LED). By saying it is between male and female, he is disqualifying the relationship between male and male or female and female.
The second instance where Christ talks about Homosexuality is with the allusion to the annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah (Lk 17:28-32; Mt 10:11-24; Mk 6:11). Although the verse is in reference to the destruction of the earth, yet it states a truth whereby the earth was destroyed for a cause: homosexuality and lesbianism. He went further to say that the punishment will even be more than it was in the days of Sodom had the people of Sodom and Gomorrah the chance to repent  which they would have done so. Why would they be repenting if homosexuality wasn’t evil? That is why the gays must take this opportunity to repent of their sexual deviation.
The third instance is in his illustration of those left behind during his Parousia. He says:
“I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken,
and the other shall be left. Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be
taken, and the other left. Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and
the other left” (Lk 17:34-36).
The words /men/ and /women/ are not metonymies for the human race. The Greek root word for men there is /anthrōpŏs from the root noun anēr meaning individual male and women /gunē/ for a woman, or wife. Now compare the Hebrew root for this man /ĕnộwsh / and the equivalent is /mortal/ as in Psalm 8:4. The first is for male only and the second is for both male and female. Jesus said specifically “two men in one bed” and one of them would be raptured: the one whose heart is towards repentance. By stating that example, he directly disqualifies two men being in bed and indirectly approves a man and a woman being in bed within the sanctity of marriage. As you proceed, the verbs around the nouns reveal intimacy, and one can easily conclude that it is in reference to homosexuality and lesbianism. Jesus was aware of homosexuality in his days and wanted to stand against it. Consequently, homosexuality is condemned in the Old Testament and the same emphasis restated and condemned by Jesus in symbolic imagery in the gospels.
Furthermore, during the salvific diluvian incident, God asked Noah and his sons to come in male and female and to take in animals, male and female (Gen 7:1-4).  Again the Law of Excluded Middle will mean that by requesting for heterosexual couples, He was prohibiting homosexual ones. It was an endorsement of heterosexuality above homosexuality.
In African traditions, when the cock held down another cock, and someone witnessed it, they reported to the quarter head who ordered the cock killed to eliminate evil and a curse from the society. The cock learnt to look for a hen in the pot of soup. Knowing that I am an African, people always say “polygamy has brought many problems than homosexuality”. To them I say this: are the children in Downtown Atlanta who live in rodents’ infested and roaches-friendly communities from polygamous homes? Are the families in Alabama and New Orleans who are living in a Tanga Nord and Tanga Sud; segregated from benefiting from the educational and economic success of the US from polygamous homes? Polygamy like monogamy have their migraines but to prime them with the ills of the society is sheer provincialism to avoid rebuking a wayward compatriot attempting to permeate sodomy. So I will limit this debate only to homosexuality and not which type of marriage is better. There are even polygamous gays as you know very well!
Homosexuality is different in Africa from the one in the West in that, while their western counterparts claim that they were born homosexuals, the Africans use it as a cultic means to achievement. How come the gays in the West are born gays and those in Africa become gays. In most Asian and Latin countries, you find the same aberration to become rich or find political favors. At first, the gays in Africa slept with underage girls to find their way to the top of the society in appointments and nominations. It would seem their gods have brought a new concoction, and sodomy is one of the ingredients. Again, this is totally new to the African society.
This theory of being "born gay, so we must practice homosexuality" is illogical too because we are all born sinners. Should the adulterers, pedophiles, armed robbers, serial killers etc be allowed to practice the urges of their Ids? Should they be legally permitted to fulfill their primitive instincts? Why should the homosexual then claim that their sinful condition is innate; as such, they must be allowed to fulfill them?  
            Anatomically, not every orifice of the human body was made for sexual purposes. Wikipedia lists the body orifices and their purposes as follows:
The nostrils, for breathing and the associated sense of smell. The eyes, for crying and the sense of sight. The mouth, for eating, breathing and vocalizations such as speech. The ear canals, for the sense of hearing. The anus, for defecation (hear me well). The urethra, for urination, and in males, also for ejaculation. In females, the vagina, for sexual intercoursemenstruation and childbirth. The breast, especially in females for breastfeeding.[4]
Until then, homosexuality is a sin.

St Arrey of Ntenako. 

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