Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is There Any Such Thing As A Christian Marriage?

People do not need to be together as Christians to be considered married as there is nothing as a Christian or non-Christian marriage. Consequently, marriage has nothing to do with Christianity for there to be a Christian marriage. Two people could get married in a church, but it does not mean they are Christians, or two people could get married in a buddhist temple while they are Atheists. Are we Christians because we go to church, or are we Christians because we believe in Christ? Would two Christians who married in the forest still be a Christian marriage?  Is everyone who married in a church, a Christian, or is everyone who got married on a beach, a non-Christian? Is there a prescribed marriage for Christians? What if a Christian and non-Christian marry? Would that still be a Christian marriage, or would that be a non-Christian marriage? Would that be a Christo-Pagan marriage then? 
The nature of marriage is one; the people doing the marriage may be Christians or non-Christians. However, if there is a bond in blood that is sexually administered, they are married before God. If they have been living in fornication or illicit sex, they do not need to believe before their marriage is witnessed as both actions could happen simultaneously. Nonetheless, they must show that they have given their lives to Christ by bearing the fruit of the spirit and having righteousness that exceeds that of the Pharisees. 
Those couples who come to church and get a church marriage after having been together are doing the right thing, even though the church does not approve marriages; it witnesses. Their union is being witnessed; thus, it is sanctioned by God. Despite the fact that they have been living together, coming to make things right is a good thing. It is the same as people who did not give their lives to Christ and then later believed. God will not send them back that you must first believe. What they did in the past is called the ‘time of ignorance” which God winks at (Acts17:30).
To have sex in a relationship or out of wedlock does not mean you have consummated the marriage as there was no marriage without the bond in blood which is sexually administered. The people must stand before God and say that they do promise their lives to one another for good or for bad, in poverty or riches, in sickness or in health before the marriage covenant is established. There must be a bond, but sex is just the medium to demonstrate this bond. If we say that people who have premarital sex have consummated the marriage, we are saying that, everyone you had sex with was your husband, or you are married to everyone you have had sex with. That is gross misrepresentation and interpretation of Scripture.
Even though Cameroon only recognizes only marriages that are registered in a civil status, it still does not make it marriage before God because some people can do marriage for hire or marriage for papers. Such a marriage has no covenant. Furthermore, just because a union is not recognized by law does not mean that that union is not accepted before God. For example, if two people fulfill the customary requirements to be married, they are married, whether they went to court or church or not because they established a covenant and had it witnessed. The church, the law and customs actually do not established the covenant that forms marriage; God does. The church, the law and customs only serve as witnesses, so you can benefit from the advantages they provide.  That is; if you want to profit from state benefits as a legalized union, you must comply with the state requirements for married couples. 
It is this presumption that a human being could form the basis of a marriage covenant that some pastors have arrogated themselves with the authority to select who marries who in some churches.  No mortal can curse he that God has not cursed (Num 23:8), and the children of God have been liberated from the curse (Rom 8:1).
There is nothing like a Christian marriage. There is no such mention in the Bible. There is nothing like marriages must be approved by the church. It is a tradition that was started to control the parishioners. The church does not even bless the marriage. God does! The church serves as a witness because in some cases vox popoli vox Dei. Those verses in Genesis 2:22-24 have nothing to do with Christianity as Christianity only began around the 1st Century. God established the marriage institution, so He is the only one who approves it. If the church is the house of God and the only place where marriages are approved, what about the days before churches were built as churches only came during the First Century? Does that mean God did not recognize those marriages?  Does it mean Isaac and Rebecca were never married, since their marriage was not in church?
Because marriage is a bond in blood that is sexually administered, the individual must know that they are entering into a covenant that must be administered daily to keep it alive. There is nowhere where God has appointed pastors as people to unite people. They fulfill those functions by virtue of them being leaders of the congregation. In other words, two people could unite before a brother or a sister and because they are doing it before God, God will honor that union. The church building is not the house of God; the house of God is the men, women and children who have given their lives to Christ. These too could serve as witnesses to any marriage. 

Until then, there is nothing like Christian or Church marriage!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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