Friday, February 17, 2012

Cameroon: Investment Graveyard.

I saw a video the other day on youtube talking about Kribi and encouraging people to go and invest in Cameroon. They tell you what they are doing and how the economy is growing. This article will give you pointers to verify for yourself and show you why Cameroon is a graveyard for investment. Except those who have resurrection power should venture investing in Cameroon. Most banks have stopped giving loans because most of the loans were given only to the CPDM (the ruling party) apparatchiks which they never paid back[1]. You see at least seven reasons why the present Cameroon is a graveyard for investment. Since Biya came to power, he has failed to preserve existing employment and worst still even creating any. During his time, almost all the Parastatals he met have died or gone into private hands. The private sector is almost nonexistent. Family income has fallen acutely that rather than an average family making 600 FCFA ($ 1) a day, most are now making 300 FCFA (50 cents) a day.
Poor economy: In the absence of loans, the consumer and business sectors cannot grow. That is why the economy is stagnant. All the government is doing is manipulating the numbers because there is no concrete result on the ground. Energy and water prices have increased while the people have no money to pay for anything.  Poverty has made young people to all become doctors that those who cannot resort to scams. How much more the authentic and genuine drugs if even the fake Chinese and Nigerian drugs have become too expensive for them? Most of them disregard expiration warnings because in the absence of reality the losers should be contented with shadows. Ask any buyam sellam who is really selling if not of the Chinese who have now invaded the country like locusts with fake and imitation goods. How can an economy increase when there is no increase in buying power? Since Biya came to power, no new industries have been created and even the old ones have all died down. The port that would have been a source of income has made a few rich than the country.The UN even says that Cameroon is threatened with hunger.
Withcraft: The belief and practice of witchcraft has promoted violence and great tragedy. Many people live in perpetual fear and widespread panic of being cursed by some juju men and witches. As a result, many fluctuate into the freemasonry as a means of overcoming these attacks.   All of these encouraged by the state as government ministers are seen doing undoable things to get promotion or remain in their posts as their patron Biya. Witchcraft being from Satan ,will only produce evil acts. Because of witchcraft, the demand for human body parts has increases as those of motor vehicles.
Land Grab: The government has been grabbing land from some local communities and selling them to expatriates. It will only be for some time before the Oguni situation comes to Cameroon. Buea and other places have been possible although with ferocious resistance from the locals that create animosity for the new investor because of bureaucratic corruption which enables foreign nationals who want to do business in Cameroon to be able to bribe the government. The bribe enables them to avert regulations that would have prevented them otherwise. That is the reason for the land grab in the country.
Corruption: Corruption (non- bureaucratic) has stalled development: political, administrative, legal, economic, social, or religious because they actually reduce outputs. All types of unwanted projects have been invented and a classic example is the tractors abandoned in the southwest province. We have also seen a lot of them abandoned in the south west province after the elections. Those in power have turned government property into private ownership. Corruption has fueled nepotism as government officials divert projects meant for other areas of the country to their own area of origin. Corruption has created some hopelessness and apathy in Cameroonians especially the youths in proportion unparalleled to any other country. Poverty and dust do compete in the streets and amongst people, and the gap between the rich and poor is like the one between the earth and the sun.
The government has neither transparency nor accountability as only political opponents or those who threaten Biya’s existence as eternal king are incarcerated. Due to corruption, the country's resources have been siphoned by Biya and his henchmen and capital flown overseas. There are inflated prices for everything bought by the government as evinced in Centre de formation (CEFAM) Buea which bought four (4) normal desktops for CFA 25 millions[2]. Biya’s son has put down almost every tree in Manyu division up to a point where they call some trees “Les arbres de Frank Biya” (Frank Biya’s trees). Despite this depletion, the Manyu people have no roads. Hear me well; NO ROADS!
Bad roads are one of the reasons no one should think about investing in Cameroon.  Most roads linking one city or town to another are not tarred and those that are tarred seem to be competing in potholes. Bad roads do not only make driving very very difficult, they are costly for human lives too. Just this year alone, uncountable numbers of people have died from road accidents in Cameroon. During the rainy season, people cannot even transport cashcrops and foodcrops which could improve the general welfare of the people and country. The roads help cars to break down faster than the people could maximize their profits before the cars become skeletons. The people are constantly digging bigger holes to fill smaller ones by trying to put cars on those roads.  When you see some cars on the roads, you ask yourself if they resurrected them from the scraps or junkyards.
To say that there is insecurity in Cameroon will be an understatement.  If you want to know how, you just have to look at the tourism sector. Young white girls are dragged in the streets and their jewelry snatched away from them. Good tourism brings in money, but the absence of one thereof brings poverty. Such has been the portion of Cameroon now for so many years.
The absence of pure democracy as we see in other countries like Ghana, South Africa and Zambia has created a semi monarchy with President Paul Biya ruling the country for more than 29 years and creating 10,000 job opportunities. There is less freedom of speech as opinion makers are arbitrary jailed as Lapiro de Manga and Enoh Meyomesse or even killed as Bibi Ngota.  
One of the reasons why Cameroon is a graveyard for investment is because of the high rate in infant mortality and young people. They die due to excessive paucity and practice of the occult as young infants are deliberately murdered so that their organs will be used for sorcery for the rich. 
There are so many youtube videos of journalists saying hundreds of women lose their children. There are times that the fertility rate does not match with the work force due to certain factors as we use the Crude Birth Rate and Crude Death Rate to determine the growth or decline of a population and not infant fertility. Fertility rate is used when cetiris parabus to determine the work force and not the growth or decline of population. My arguments are developed based on the Laws of Causality. The CIA Factbook saying there is a decrease in mortality rate could be misleading because there are other sources stating that there is increase mortality rate in Cameroon. If the infant is not murdered, it is stolen from the maternity with no explanation given to the mother as was the case with a young mother called Vanessa Tchatchou[3]. There are no young people in the parliament or governed as most; consequently, there is no assurance for passing the baton and securing the future of the country. At a given time, there will not be a working force as the old people will be more than the young people.
By privatizing all the parastatals, Biya sold government obligations to the society to the profit making motive of the private companies.  Now there are no checks and balances as the government runs out of government control. 

Until then, it is prohibited to invest in graveyards.

St Arrey of Ntenako.
“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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