Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is There Any Such Thing As A Christian Marriage?

People do not need to be together as Christians to be considered married as there is nothing as a Christian or non-Christian marriage. Consequently, marriage has nothing to do with Christianity for there to be a Christian marriage. Two people could get married in a church, but it does not mean they are Christians, or two people could get married in a buddhist temple while they are Atheists. Are we Christians because we go to church, or are we Christians because we believe in Christ? Would two Christians who married in the forest still be a Christian marriage?  Is everyone who married in a church, a Christian, or is everyone who got married on a beach, a non-Christian? Is there a prescribed marriage for Christians? What if a Christian and non-Christian marry? Would that still be a Christian marriage, or would that be a non-Christian marriage? Would that be a Christo-Pagan marriage then? 
The nature of marriage is one; the people doing the marriage may be Christians or non-Christians. However, if there is a bond in blood that is sexually administered, they are married before God. If they have been living in fornication or illicit sex, they do not need to believe before their marriage is witnessed as both actions could happen simultaneously. Nonetheless, they must show that they have given their lives to Christ by bearing the fruit of the spirit and having righteousness that exceeds that of the Pharisees. 
Those couples who come to church and get a church marriage after having been together are doing the right thing, even though the church does not approve marriages; it witnesses. Their union is being witnessed; thus, it is sanctioned by God. Despite the fact that they have been living together, coming to make things right is a good thing. It is the same as people who did not give their lives to Christ and then later believed. God will not send them back that you must first believe. What they did in the past is called the ‘time of ignorance” which God winks at (Acts17:30).
To have sex in a relationship or out of wedlock does not mean you have consummated the marriage as there was no marriage without the bond in blood which is sexually administered. The people must stand before God and say that they do promise their lives to one another for good or for bad, in poverty or riches, in sickness or in health before the marriage covenant is established. There must be a bond, but sex is just the medium to demonstrate this bond. If we say that people who have premarital sex have consummated the marriage, we are saying that, everyone you had sex with was your husband, or you are married to everyone you have had sex with. That is gross misrepresentation and interpretation of Scripture.
Even though Cameroon only recognizes only marriages that are registered in a civil status, it still does not make it marriage before God because some people can do marriage for hire or marriage for papers. Such a marriage has no covenant. Furthermore, just because a union is not recognized by law does not mean that that union is not accepted before God. For example, if two people fulfill the customary requirements to be married, they are married, whether they went to court or church or not because they established a covenant and had it witnessed. The church, the law and customs actually do not established the covenant that forms marriage; God does. The church, the law and customs only serve as witnesses, so you can benefit from the advantages they provide.  That is; if you want to profit from state benefits as a legalized union, you must comply with the state requirements for married couples. 
It is this presumption that a human being could form the basis of a marriage covenant that some pastors have arrogated themselves with the authority to select who marries who in some churches.  No mortal can curse he that God has not cursed (Num 23:8), and the children of God have been liberated from the curse (Rom 8:1).
There is nothing like a Christian marriage. There is no such mention in the Bible. There is nothing like marriages must be approved by the church. It is a tradition that was started to control the parishioners. The church does not even bless the marriage. God does! The church serves as a witness because in some cases vox popoli vox Dei. Those verses in Genesis 2:22-24 have nothing to do with Christianity as Christianity only began around the 1st Century. God established the marriage institution, so He is the only one who approves it. If the church is the house of God and the only place where marriages are approved, what about the days before churches were built as churches only came during the First Century? Does that mean God did not recognize those marriages?  Does it mean Isaac and Rebecca were never married, since their marriage was not in church?
Because marriage is a bond in blood that is sexually administered, the individual must know that they are entering into a covenant that must be administered daily to keep it alive. There is nowhere where God has appointed pastors as people to unite people. They fulfill those functions by virtue of them being leaders of the congregation. In other words, two people could unite before a brother or a sister and because they are doing it before God, God will honor that union. The church building is not the house of God; the house of God is the men, women and children who have given their lives to Christ. These too could serve as witnesses to any marriage. 

Until then, there is nothing like Christian or Church marriage!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Do Christians Joke While Jesus only Wept?

When I was growing up, I visited a church called Deeper Life Church.  They were singing a wonderful song, so I began to dance and shake my body as I did in my Full Gospel Mission. A leader came from behind, tapped me on my back, and when I looked at him, he said, “The Bible says Jesus wept, he mourned, but did you see that Jesus laughed or danced.” I have time and again heard people tell me that cracking jokes is a bad thing as it is foolish jesting.  They always cite Ephesians 5:4. Why would laughter be rewarded in the world to come to those who weep now (Lk 6:21)? Good Jokes produce laughter and laughter produces good health because it is the will of God that we should be healthier (3 Jn 2). Perhaps jokes must be integrated into our daily living as they have great medical advantages[1]. Therefore, in this lesson, I will unravel that God laughs, Jesus joked; thus, the Bible encourages clean jokes and laughter.
Firstly, it should be noted that “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance (Eccl 3:4).”  Sara had mourned for childlessness and laughed when she was promised one. It was never counted on her as sin (Gen 18:3). In a later passage, God made Sara to laugh by giving her a child in her old age (gen 21:6). Later the psalmist tells us that God laughs at those who plan against him Ps 2:4; 37:13; 59:8. So, if God can laugh, who are we mortals not to laugh? Have we become too righteous than the holy god himself?
          There is a comedy of manners cinematographically enacted in the melodrama between Elijah and the prophets of Baal (I kings 18:26-29). They were competing to see whose God was the real God who will send down fire to consume the burnt offerings.  While the prophets of Baal were invoking Baal to send down fire, it was taking too much time than expected.The prophets of Baal began interceding from morning until noon, but there was no fire. They began leaping over the altar, still there was no answer. Elijah mocked them, asking them to cry louder to get his attention because he might just be in a conversation, on a journey, sleeping, or busy. That made them to cry again louder but this time cutting themselves with their knives and lancets until blood gushed upon them. Despite all the histrionics until the evening sacrifice, Baal did not send down fire.  Don’t you see any joke in the prophets of Baal praying while Elijah is mocking at them? Elijah had a time for everything; a time to joke and a time to pray earnestly to withhold rain (James 5:17). Perhaps that was the Old Testament, permit me take you to the New Testament and Jesus as the case study.
         While the Bible does not say in explicit terms that Jesus joked or laughed, it is proper to suggest that it does say so in implicit terms as his discourses are clear that he joked. Jesus was constantly Joyful (Jn 15:11), and the beatitudes are a pathway to that Joy. Joy cannot be without laughter, and laughter can never exist without jokes.  If he attended parties up to turning water into wine (Jn 2:1-11), I am certain he did laugh. I am sure there is a different mood between a funeral and party.  He was always eating and drinking with sinners (Mt 11:19; Lk 7:34).  Would there be any gathering amongst acquaintances where they eat and drink without cracking jokes?  By virtue of his nature : God and Human, it is normal to see him crack jokes as no human will ever live on earth without ever cracking a joke or laughing. It is recorded in the scripture that little children always went to Jesus when they saw him . In certain instances, they were too many that his disciples were blocking them from going to him (Mt. 19:14; Mk. 10:14; Lk. 18:16). Do children go to people who are always very serious? In Jesus’ daily discourses, he employs the use of caricature: in the manner he calls Herod a Fox (Lk 13:32.), epigrams: on the Pharisees and goes further advising them to take off the beam in their eyes before attempting to remove the mote from other’s eyes ( Mt 7:3-5), repartees: when he asked the people to give to Cesar what is Cesar’s (Mt. 22:21; Mk. 12:17; Lk.20:25),and hyperbolism as to when he says  “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God (Mt 19:24).”
Despite seemingly clear that Jesus joked, there are still modern day Christians who believe that jokes are the nature and works of the devil as they emphasize on Ephesians 4:29. The verse reads, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Would talking or chatting about the absurdities of life and humankind not minister grace to the hearers? The word grace there is that which affords joy or pleasure. The purpose of every conversation is to cheer people up and not to break them. There is a second passage, "Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks (Eph 5:4)." There is a difference between foolish jesting and laughter. Not everything on and for which people laugh is foolish jesting as some are there just to minister grace to the hearers. "Foolish talk" is what fools say, and the fool is the person who says there is no God. Jesting is for dirty jokes or what is generally called blue jokes. Don’t you know them?
Therefore, it is important to note that jokes and laughter are permitted amongst Christians and humankind in general. I mean; even animals who live by instinct do play, joke and show signs of happiness at times. People should only refrain from cracking foolish jesting (blue jokes), and Freudian slips as they easily offend people than achieve the intended purpose which is to cheer up the listeners.

Until then, jokes and laughter are medicine to the physical and spiritual being.

St Arrey of Ntenako.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cameroon: Investment Graveyard.

I saw a video the other day on youtube talking about Kribi and encouraging people to go and invest in Cameroon. They tell you what they are doing and how the economy is growing. This article will give you pointers to verify for yourself and show you why Cameroon is a graveyard for investment. Except those who have resurrection power should venture investing in Cameroon. Most banks have stopped giving loans because most of the loans were given only to the CPDM (the ruling party) apparatchiks which they never paid back[1]. You see at least seven reasons why the present Cameroon is a graveyard for investment. Since Biya came to power, he has failed to preserve existing employment and worst still even creating any. During his time, almost all the Parastatals he met have died or gone into private hands. The private sector is almost nonexistent. Family income has fallen acutely that rather than an average family making 600 FCFA ($ 1) a day, most are now making 300 FCFA (50 cents) a day.
Poor economy: In the absence of loans, the consumer and business sectors cannot grow. That is why the economy is stagnant. All the government is doing is manipulating the numbers because there is no concrete result on the ground. Energy and water prices have increased while the people have no money to pay for anything.  Poverty has made young people to all become doctors that those who cannot resort to scams. How much more the authentic and genuine drugs if even the fake Chinese and Nigerian drugs have become too expensive for them? Most of them disregard expiration warnings because in the absence of reality the losers should be contented with shadows. Ask any buyam sellam who is really selling if not of the Chinese who have now invaded the country like locusts with fake and imitation goods. How can an economy increase when there is no increase in buying power? Since Biya came to power, no new industries have been created and even the old ones have all died down. The port that would have been a source of income has made a few rich than the country.The UN even says that Cameroon is threatened with hunger.
Withcraft: The belief and practice of witchcraft has promoted violence and great tragedy. Many people live in perpetual fear and widespread panic of being cursed by some juju men and witches. As a result, many fluctuate into the freemasonry as a means of overcoming these attacks.   All of these encouraged by the state as government ministers are seen doing undoable things to get promotion or remain in their posts as their patron Biya. Witchcraft being from Satan ,will only produce evil acts. Because of witchcraft, the demand for human body parts has increases as those of motor vehicles.
Land Grab: The government has been grabbing land from some local communities and selling them to expatriates. It will only be for some time before the Oguni situation comes to Cameroon. Buea and other places have been possible although with ferocious resistance from the locals that create animosity for the new investor because of bureaucratic corruption which enables foreign nationals who want to do business in Cameroon to be able to bribe the government. The bribe enables them to avert regulations that would have prevented them otherwise. That is the reason for the land grab in the country.
Corruption: Corruption (non- bureaucratic) has stalled development: political, administrative, legal, economic, social, or religious because they actually reduce outputs. All types of unwanted projects have been invented and a classic example is the tractors abandoned in the southwest province. We have also seen a lot of them abandoned in the south west province after the elections. Those in power have turned government property into private ownership. Corruption has fueled nepotism as government officials divert projects meant for other areas of the country to their own area of origin. Corruption has created some hopelessness and apathy in Cameroonians especially the youths in proportion unparalleled to any other country. Poverty and dust do compete in the streets and amongst people, and the gap between the rich and poor is like the one between the earth and the sun.
The government has neither transparency nor accountability as only political opponents or those who threaten Biya’s existence as eternal king are incarcerated. Due to corruption, the country's resources have been siphoned by Biya and his henchmen and capital flown overseas. There are inflated prices for everything bought by the government as evinced in Centre de formation (CEFAM) Buea which bought four (4) normal desktops for CFA 25 millions[2]. Biya’s son has put down almost every tree in Manyu division up to a point where they call some trees “Les arbres de Frank Biya” (Frank Biya’s trees). Despite this depletion, the Manyu people have no roads. Hear me well; NO ROADS!
Bad roads are one of the reasons no one should think about investing in Cameroon.  Most roads linking one city or town to another are not tarred and those that are tarred seem to be competing in potholes. Bad roads do not only make driving very very difficult, they are costly for human lives too. Just this year alone, uncountable numbers of people have died from road accidents in Cameroon. During the rainy season, people cannot even transport cashcrops and foodcrops which could improve the general welfare of the people and country. The roads help cars to break down faster than the people could maximize their profits before the cars become skeletons. The people are constantly digging bigger holes to fill smaller ones by trying to put cars on those roads.  When you see some cars on the roads, you ask yourself if they resurrected them from the scraps or junkyards.
To say that there is insecurity in Cameroon will be an understatement.  If you want to know how, you just have to look at the tourism sector. Young white girls are dragged in the streets and their jewelry snatched away from them. Good tourism brings in money, but the absence of one thereof brings poverty. Such has been the portion of Cameroon now for so many years.
The absence of pure democracy as we see in other countries like Ghana, South Africa and Zambia has created a semi monarchy with President Paul Biya ruling the country for more than 29 years and creating 10,000 job opportunities. There is less freedom of speech as opinion makers are arbitrary jailed as Lapiro de Manga and Enoh Meyomesse or even killed as Bibi Ngota.  
One of the reasons why Cameroon is a graveyard for investment is because of the high rate in infant mortality and young people. They die due to excessive paucity and practice of the occult as young infants are deliberately murdered so that their organs will be used for sorcery for the rich. 
There are so many youtube videos of journalists saying hundreds of women lose their children. There are times that the fertility rate does not match with the work force due to certain factors as we use the Crude Birth Rate and Crude Death Rate to determine the growth or decline of a population and not infant fertility. Fertility rate is used when cetiris parabus to determine the work force and not the growth or decline of population. My arguments are developed based on the Laws of Causality. The CIA Factbook saying there is a decrease in mortality rate could be misleading because there are other sources stating that there is increase mortality rate in Cameroon. If the infant is not murdered, it is stolen from the maternity with no explanation given to the mother as was the case with a young mother called Vanessa Tchatchou[3]. There are no young people in the parliament or governed as most; consequently, there is no assurance for passing the baton and securing the future of the country. At a given time, there will not be a working force as the old people will be more than the young people.
By privatizing all the parastatals, Biya sold government obligations to the society to the profit making motive of the private companies.  Now there are no checks and balances as the government runs out of government control. 

Until then, it is prohibited to invest in graveyards.

St Arrey of Ntenako.
“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Monday, February 13, 2012

11 February: A wasteful Youth Day!

Every 11th February, youths from all over their different places with their different associations assemble in their sub divisional, divisional or provincial capitals to celebrate what is popularly known as Youth Day. It was a day to commemorate for the integration of youths into nation building for the great part they played during the 1961 Plebiscite. Thenceforth and hitherto, the youths of Cameroon have been marginalized and made to celebrate a perfunctory feast. Can anyone tell the world why Cameroonian youths still celebrate the Youth Day? The youths cannot set up businesses of their own because of corruption, and the government cannot provide jobs for them. I will make a case why the Youths should no more celebrate the Youth Day, and why it should be called Senior Day Instead because the Youths have been escheated of what was and is theirs.
How is 11 February in Cameroon a Youth Day when young people who graduate from college and want to even start a business must bribe to have permits, and tax enforcers harass them day and night? If they report the harassment to the police, the latter will team up and extort more money from them until they go out of business. Some people say the reason why there is still corruption is because there is no formal complaint. To whom should the Youths complain? To Paul Biya who has rigged every election since he came to power?
Many youths who are university graduates and dropouts will die without ever knowing the color of a job and will die in paucity. The youths cannot create jobs for themselves because Biya has destroyed the private sector and made them state beggars. They must rely on the government for survival.
Biya announced the creation of 25,000 jobs and more than 5 million youths applied.
Just the application fee alone was enough to sustain those hired. Unfortunately, there is no record of even 10, 000 hired and most of those hired were from his South Province. That is not the worst part of it. Many of these youths had to bribe to compile their dossiers, but they were not even recruited. Icahbod! So, can you tell them why they should be celebrating any Youth Day?
How many young people are in parliament? How many are in government? Most appointments are for their grandparents. So why are they really celebrating the Youth Day? Cameroonian youths should no more celebrate the Youth Day for God’s sake!
If they are sick and go to the hospital, they have to bribe the nurse and then the doctor too before they are being treated. Many have died for lack of treatment; meanwhile, their deaths are avoidable ones.
Those who go to school do not even have benches, toilets, a roof, and worst still teachers. If you complete primary school and even if you pass the Common Entrance List A, you must bribe to go into a secondary school. If you graduate from secondary school and want to go to high school, you must bribe the principals. When you graduate from high school and are in the university, you must bribe the professors. When you see an opportunity broad and want your transcripts sent there, you must bribe the dean and admission office. Is this how you protect the future of the youths? Are they then in charge?
Young people pay bribe to travel in the country, and they get extorted by the judiciary if they attempt to live right. Can a youth just make a passport without knowing anyone or paying bribe to a government official?
The youths of Cameroon should not be drifters, derelicts and eternal jobless when Cameroon is blessed with coffee, cocoa, cassava, petroleum, bauxite, iron ore, timber, bananas and aluminum. Most of the tax revenues and foreign aid that would have brought solace to the youths end up in private pockets of government officials who go with impunity.
Look, Biya is 79, but he is still trying to rule the country. He has no notion about passing the baton to youths else, he will be appointing young people in position of leadership. Why are the grandparents and parents still working while their grandkids and kids are joblessly roaming the streets as carriers of soukougou? Why should they be celebrating Youth days? Shouldn't they stay at home and mourn with sackcloth and ashes their sacrificed opportunities?

Until then, Cameroon Youths Should no more celebrate the Youth Day.

St Arrey of Ntenako.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

H.E. Foe Joseph Atangana Makes Embassy An Unwanted Tenant.

News broke out this morning by Foxnews that “Harvard wants Marshalls to evict Cameroon from embassy in Washington[1].” Initially, some of the Biya regime myrmidons and cronies cried that the news was mere canards from Foxnews to tarnish their government. Upon looking at the court transcripts, it is true that there is a complaint filed by the trustees of Harvard University (plaintiff) against Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon (defendant)[2]. This suit has serious consequences because it carries implications that affect directly the general Cameroonian public in the US. This act of noncompliance gives Cameroonians a bad name in the US as it becomes like the general character of the people. After all, the Embassy is the representative of the nation. The second reason is that, it hinders future diplomats who may be in good standing from obtaining better treatment and trust from landlords like Harvard or even others. It is like messing up the character of the people by a rogue embassy.

One thing that is even more worrisome is why the embassy decided to enter into private contracts by waiving its immunity. Was it because it wanted to have cheaper rents? How much do they pay now on that property, and how much does the embassy bill the Cameroon government for embassy rents? Cameroonians may need to seize on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to request for the information. If someone does not have a place to stay, they can patch up with a friend or relative, but if an embassy does not have a place to operate, are they going to be moving from house to house. So does the ambassador want to be moving the embassy from house to house? He should tell us!

The reason the Cameroon embassy moved to the Harvard building is because the former residence was being renovated since 2009, and until now in 2012, it has not been completed. Is the Cameroon embassy still paying rents in the other building; thus, renting two buildings simultaneously and wasting taxpayers money, or it made up its mind to scam Harvard University by going into the building and raising diplomatic immunity so that it will vamoose with the rents? The lease expired Jan 31, 2012 and it was not renewed. In paragraph 10 of the complaint, they had both agreed that the embassy will extend its lease only when with a written consent from Harvward.  This is not the case, for Harvard did not approve it. Why does Harvard want to evict her if the Embassy owes no rents?

It is erroneous to think that the embassy has the right or privilege not to pay and will not be evicted.

 Although there are serious legal complications to evict even individuals who waive their diplomatic immunities[3], it is possible to claim judgment as the same laws that govern diplomats in the United Nations have restrictions in the US according to the Foreign Service Immunity Act 1605(a) (1) governingexplicit or implicit waiver of immunity by the foreign state[4]”. Granting, the US is not party of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies, a 1947 treaty that the U.S. isn’t party, it is party of those governing states signed in Vienna[5] in what is called the Vienna Convention. Consequently, that immunity covers them even on civil proceedings in deals that concern the embassy. From the initial face value, they have immunity; therefore, they cannot be evicted or litigated in criminal or civil proceedings.  

However, At this juncture, only the State Department could step in to remediate the case to treat it at diplomatic cycles although it does not dismiss the case. The courts would then be informed of the decision of the State Department. If the State Department judges that the Embassy of Cameroon has been abusing its immunity privilege, it will ask the crooked Biya regime to lift the immunity of the ambassador because he is the one directly held responsible for not being in sync with the landlord. If the Biya regime refused to do that as we all know it will, since it lives on fraud and corruption, then the civil suit cannot really proceed. 

On the other hand, the State Department could base its arguments of frequent abuses of the ambassador like his fighting in the street, cronyism, repression of nationals in foreign land, and many others to ask the crooked Biya regime to take their ambassador back and send them someone else more responsible. This ambassador has been a failure both service wise and character wise. This is the same man who fought immediately when he came here. He quickly made himself an ambassador for a selected few as you can hear a few people telling you on Camnet how I just spoke with the embassy. Other Cameroonians have left messages in an attempt to see him, but he has averted them. He issues visas to a selected few and forces others to sign contracts before they travel. Even worst, the same embassy that cannot even keep its premises current by fulfilling its obligations with Harvard trustees. 

Therefore, the opposition should capitulate on weaknesses like this to flood the State Department with letters to show that this ambassador and the Cameroon government are very irresponsible. Because the embassy waived its diplomatic immunity, it is burdened on Harvard to prove to the Department of State that the said foreign entity had waived their immunity in a private contract to obtain the lease. As such, the Department of State could then authorize the civil suit to proceedings. If not of the waiver of immunity, Harvard would not have rented the property to them and also most certainly would have had a different price for the rents. Therefore, the Department of State should be tired of babysitting the Cameroon Embassy in mediocrity. 

Until then, Harvard should evict That Embassy!

St Arrey of Ntenako.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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