Friday, November 4, 2011


MECA USA led by Dr Samuel Besong sues MECA USA led by Sesekou Philip Tabi, and Sesekou Solomon Egbe on 09/02/2011. The defendants responded on 10/31/2011. As a neutral observer, I want to predict the outcome of the suit and its ramifications thereof. It should be noted that this is not the first time that we are incurring a lawsuit. From 2007-20011, MECA USA has had two lawsuits with this making it the third in 4 years. One thing I want everyone to know is that in this lawsuit no one is going to jail because it is a civil suit. No one can go to jail in a civil suit even if you are guilty and cannot make restitution. You go to jail in a criminal suit. I know I have treated a similar case, but this case is different.

Now back to the case proper. Samuel Besong does not have the proper credentials to sue either Solomon Egbe or MECA USA led by Sesekou Philip Tabi because in 2007, Solomon Egbe’s term came to an end and new elections were conducted. The elections were flooded with irregularities as one illegal vote from Mrs Judith Ebini decided the outcome of the elections 72/73 and Tabi/Mondi lost by one vote to Ako/Besong. Many have asked me how I knew Judith voted for Ako/Besong and not for Tabi/Mondi. First of all, she has said it herself, and I know she is an honest woman who can tell all and sundry where she voted. It was the Ako people who registered her to vote in MECA Delaware; meanwhile, her own chapter: MECA DC had rejected her as being illegal. Tabi/Mondi team then sued MECA USA, but the case did not go to trial as it was withdrawn by the plaintiff to the satisfaction of both parties. They were to wait for the next elections in 2009.

On July 4, 2009, in DC, the elections did not take place contrary to the constitution, and it was the incumbent who annulled the elections from taking place. The Ako/Besong Team were hinging on fake absentee ballots and were trying to introduce them into the counting phase by their representative and head of the IEC: Dr. Anne Assam. As a member of the electoral committee, I requested to inspect every ballot as stated by the constitution before she could use them. She refused and kept them only in her handbag that she shuffled like a fortuneteller looking for cowries. We informed the Agbor/Ebini team of the maneuvers and insisted as members of the electoral committee that there will be no election until the idea of absentee ballots was rejected. The Ako Besong team continued with the election which was disrupted by the majority of the people. The hall was occupied by the objective majority and with every occupation by the masses, the Police were called in. The election ended in a total fiasco, but the people went to dance in the evening as if they went there for dancing. On Sunday, they took their bags and went to their different destinations. At the time that the meeting scattered, there was no more any leader because the AKO/Besong Team had burnt out their mandate.

On July 16, 2009, Council Of Chiefs or Council Of Crooks (COC) sat to hand over power to the incumbent team: Ako/Besong in total disregard and violation of the constitution. First of all, COC was illegal because it was partisan. Out of the 9 members of COC: Chief John Etta (MECA-Houston and COC Chairman) , 2. Chief Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai (MECA New England and COC Secretary), 3. Chief Elvis Etah Ayuk (MECA DC - Metro), 4. Chief Mme President Gladys Tambong (MECA Dallas Forth Worth), 5. Chief Mrs. Evelyn Mbi (MECA Tri-State), 6. Chief Peter Aiyuk (MECA Reno - Nevada), 7. Chief Ernest Tarkang (MECA California), 8. Chief Major Fidelis Agbor (MECA Georgia), and 9. Chief Kenneth Eyong (MECA Delaware), 7 were open supporters of Ako/Besong Team. In addition, out of the 6 subsection articles on Art 5/ sec F that dealt with elections issues, all were violated making their decision invalid because it was flawed, biased without evidence from which judgment was stayed. Furthermore, the article dealt with a scenario after elections had taken place and there were problems.

In the case of 2009, elections did not take place, and there were no provisions in the constitution in case elections did not take place. The constitution did not say what happens to the organization in case the elections are cancelled. It is only Art 5 Sec III line 5 that comes closer. It reads thus: “If there is a tie between two contenders in terms of the number of votes cast, the names of the contenders will be written and placed in a basket for any Manyu child under age ten (10) on the convention floor to pick. Whoever is picked becomes the winner.” Therefore, making the Ako/Besong Team governors of MECA USA was unconstitutional and a total miscarriage of justice.

Thenceforth, any group of people who assembled in the name of MECA and had their leader were doing so on illegal bases. The illegality was not against the law, but against the internal rules and regulations of MECA USA Inc. And if push came to shove, the side that retained the 501 C 3 documents would be regarded as the rightful bearers and leaders of the organization.

However, let us say in this present case where one of the defendants Solomon Egbe has accused Samuel Besong and MECA for operating an illegal NGO. The case could be referred to the IRS and the district attorney too could look into the accusations if there is probable cause to indict and bring forth charges. In the case where the Besong Team lose the case, then we can talk of imprisonment. During the civil suit, there will not be any accusations that is unrelated to the suit like character or how anyone filed asylum since it has no bearing. If the defendant objects to the plaintiff to talk about it and he does it, the judge could fine him for violation or contempt of court. That is why the witness for Michael Jackson’s defense was fined $1000 by the judge. So those threats that anyone could tell the court how the other person filed asylum may not hold here. Now, if the case goes to a criminal trial, it will no more be Solomon Egbe or MECA USA/ Tabi against MECA USA / Besong; it will be the State of Maryland vs. Samuel Besong and MECA USA. Solomon Egbe could merely be used by the state as a witness. The dynamics here are very technical.

Lawsuits like this will eliminate the kingmakers ideology and will permit skillful and legal leaders to rule the organization. There would be a fine line on sand or concrete that king makers have no place in modern society. It will also rid the organizations of individuals making their private vendettas the meeting property. If it does not eradicate, at least it will curb the culture of slander and libel that has bedeviled us for years. There would be a fine line on sand or concrete that making libelous or defamatory statements could cost you money or your freedom.

Nevertheless, my prediction is that in this case, it is likely that the Samuel Besong MECA USA will lose the case because they do not have the legality to sue, they have operated under false authority. In addition, Solomon Egbe had handed over power and MECA USA relics and artifacts which were confirmed by those charged with the responsibility of collecting them. Just like the COC that was attached to Ako/Besong team gave them the books of the organization to operate upon, Solomon gave to those who were legally holding the legal documents of MECA issued by the state of Maryland where the association was registered.

Until then, in the absence of wisemen in a community, the people go to court.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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